Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating

Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating? 9 Signs To Tell You Why

Why does my ex want me back after cheating? We know you have this question in mind, right? Click here, as we will tell you the reasons why!

Our romantic lives do not always go as planned. Broken promises, misunderstandings, and betrayals may all stand in the way of progress.

When you’ve had enough of him playing with your heart, he turns around, leaving you wondering, Why does my ex want me back after cheating?

Hence, you need to learn what he means when he returns to you again after betraying you. This is not the time to be a fool for phony love. 

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So, keep reading this guide. It exposes the most prevalent indications that your unfaithful ex-lover is attempting to infiltrate your life.

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Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating? 

Pay close attention to his demeanor to determine whether he wants to reconnect with you or enjoys playing with your emotions. These omens can assist you in deciphering the significance of his reappearance.

Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating
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He Regrets Hurting You

It’s devastating when someone you once trusted breaks a commitment and lets you down by cheating on you with another girl. But then, when the two of you meet again, he expresses his pain for having hurt you. This is one of the signs that your unfaithful ex wants you back.

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He Misses The Good Old Days Together 

He brings up flashbacks to remind you how fantastic you two were together. The major reason he’s trying this is to convince you that he still has the same feelings as he did before, even after betraying you. 

In this case, you must watch to see if your old lover attempts to win your attention again by telling you that he still remembers all the good times you shared in the past.

He Realizes That You Are The One

Now that he’s tried to tell you he still loves you and is attempting to convince you that you’re the person he loves, not the lady he fooled you. Your ex wants you to understand that he was better when you two were still together.

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He Thinks You Look Better

He appears to be more pleasant than previously. He compliments you on how much better you look, which can make your heart skip a beat. You can tell whether this guy wants to make you reconsider your relationship with him by how he stares at you.

Making you have a feeling for him again is a strong indicator that your unfaithful ex wants to rekindle their relationship with you, and you should be cautious.

He Confesses That It Was A Big Mistake 

After tearing you apart; he returns and wishes you to understand that he cannot forget you and that breaking up with you was incorrect. In this manner, he hopes to get you back once again. 

Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating
Source: Unsplash

He Says That He Is A Better Person Now

He wants to be a better man now that he realizes he used to be such a nasty guy who wounded and misled you. 

Your ex longs for you seeing whether he’s improved so that you can stop hating him. Here, your sense that he desires you back grows stronger. You’ll have a far increased potential of opening up to him once you quit blaming him for lying to you, which might have been his intention. 

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He Makes Promises 

He expects you to think he will not betray you again because he claims to have evolved into a better person. If he vows not to harm you once more, he probably asks you to give him another opportunity.

This is the sign that the dishonest ex who wishes to win you back will attempt to earn your trust so that you two may begin again.

Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating
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He Calls You Every Time

It is difficult to reclaim your heart when someone has injured you. Your ex will not pass up this opportunity if he truly wants you back. He won’t give up on you lightly; therefore, he keeps in touch with you all the time.

He Does What He Couldn’t When He Was Your Man

Let’s say that old boyfriend didn’t quit even though you won’t appear to allow him to enter anymore. 

He shows you that he still thinks about you to give you the impression of sincerity, and keeps doing things he couldn’t do during his time as your man. 

Now that he’s returned, he’s transformed into the one you need. For example, he gave up smoking now, which he couldn’t do in the past.

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How To Build Your Trust After Being Cheated

You are concerned that you may be unable to be trusted due to your cheating. A healthy relationship is built on trust, so what happens when that trust is shattered?

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Let Yourself Live With Your Feelings

When a person is cheated on, they may try to hide their sentiments within, believing that this is some “taking the high road.”

We do not advocate shouting at your partner, but you must take care of your heart and let your partner know precisely how you feel about their deceit. Don’t be afraid to cry and sorrow, and discuss your feelings with your old partner.

Allowing yourself to be completely emotionally vulnerable in front of your old flame will assist you in breaking down obstacles to communication with him.

Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating
Source: Pexels

Don’t Ignore What Happened

What’s even worse than concealing your emotions is disregarding the issue entirely.

If you do this, sadness will always be present, and you won’t ever be able to regain your trust.

Moreover, you will never address the fundamental issue in your relationship. This is not to say it is your fault when your boyfriend cheats. However, there may be an issue that, if resolved, will make your connection a million times greater.

Furthermore, understanding the fundamentals might help determine whether your affair is worth staying with. For example, if they say they betrayed you because you did something or attempt to blame you totally, it may not be worth battling for your love.

Don’t Be a Helicopter Partner

Helicopter parents are well-known. Partners can, however, also be helicopters.

Many couples buy into the notion that gaining trust entails closely monitoring their partner’s actions. As appealing as it may be, doing so weakens respect in the long term.

You are not creating trust if you are reading your partner’s emails and texts, checking in with them hundreds of times every day, following them on their phones, or indulging in any other conduct that keeps a tight watch on them. You’re just repeatedly telling them that you don’t believe in them.

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Stay Present and Future-Oriented

When your ex-boyfriend cheats on you, it’s common to fall into the tendency of dwelling on the occurrence and feeling sorry for yourself.

Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating 1 1 1
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This, however, is not how you rebuild trust after cheating. To re-establish trust, you must work hard to concentrate on the current and future. 

Rather than looking at what you or your ex can do to avoid infidelity, consider what you can accomplish now and in the future to strengthen your relationship.

Go to Counseling

Counseling is a highly practical method for regaining trust after a toxic relationship. Sometimes, all it takes is an objective third person to assist you in determining how to get your romance back on track. 

While interacting with friends or family might be beneficial, it can be detrimental in one way or another. This happens because they care about you and don’t want to see you suffer. As a result, they have personal prejudices that will distort their judgment in this case.

It is also useful to have somebody other than your mate listen to your feelings. Many couples that have good, healthy relationships need counseling as well. There’s no need to be bashful about seeing a professional.

Trust Yourself

When you don’t trust yourself, you will not have faith in anyone else.

Usually, the cheated-on companion begins to mistrust themselves. 

If you wonder, “Should I have been different?” or “Should I have expected this?” – you could consider taking a step back.

Tell yourself that you are intelligent, can rely on your instincts, and it will be OK moving ahead. It’s also important to remember that even when your boyfriend cheats again, you can still make it through the path forward. 

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Ways To Find Out If You Should Get Back With Your Old Boyfriend

Hundreds of causes for a breakup, ranging from bad timing to adultery. If you’re debating whether or not to reconcile with your ex, examine the following five factors:

Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating
Source: Pexels

How Do Your Family And Friends Feel About Your Ex-Boyfriend?

People that care about you and respect you may have strong feelings toward your ex. 

Whether you were the one who ended things or was left behind, your buddies will most likely be delighted to express their thoughts on whether you and he should get back together.

Acknowledge it or not, your loved ones may better understand your personality than you do. They see characteristics your former lover may have that you’re more likely to miss.

Although it may be tough to hear their possible harsh criticism, try not to become defensive. Your social circle is full of individuals who want the best for you, so don’t discount their concerns.

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Do You Feel Confident?

You probably understand your old boyfriend like the back of your hand.

You know what he likes and dislikes, and so does he. It’s hardly strange that you miss them with that degree of comprehension.

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship might feel like going on a roller coaster of emotions. Some days you feel fine, while on others, you can’t stop sobbing. On the more difficult days, you may be prepared to go to any length to halt the emotions.

If you’re thinking about giving the connection another shot, be sure you’re not settling and desperate, so you don’t have to feel apart. You should not make a selection simply because having someone is better than no one, which is a major mistake.

Remember that whatever you are experiencing will not endure forever, no matter how long you believe it will. You are undergoing a time in your life in which you will heal. 

If you choose to give your former partner another chance, don’t settle just because it’s simpler or more convenient than attempting to move on.

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Why Does My Ex Want Me Back After Cheating
Source: Pexels

Make A Pros And Cons List

Deciding whether to reconcile with or avoid an ex might be difficult. In your mind, a battle occurs between your head and your heart. 

Your mind tells you what to do, perhaps cutting all ties, but your heart begs you to give it another chance.

This is why making a list of benefits and negatives might be beneficial. Writing down your responses can assist you in being sensible and logical during decision-making.

Be Wise

Don’t let your bodily demands overwhelm you. Everyone enjoys a solid physical connection, but if that’s the only thing going right in your romance or the only thing you’re lacking, it won’t suffice. 

Intense sex isn’t enough to keep a strong bond, so be careful if your emotional demands in connecting with your ex only because your physical wants are addressed.

Life With Or Without Your Ex – Which Is Better?

Be truthful about this: Has an ex benefited or harmed your life? If you’re deeply upset and alone, this might be a difficult issue to answer. 

Feeling anything other than sadness and loneliness may be a nice change, but you should consider whether there are more happy times than rough moments when you’re still together. 


What Counts As Cheating?

Adultery, often known as deceit, is lying to a partner. It mainly refers to participating in romantic or sexual relationships with others rather than one’s significant spouse and violating a commitment.

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What Are The Rules Of Getting Back With An Ex?


  • Rekindle your relationship because you’re lonely.
  • Make future arguments based on previous experiences.
  • Be passive-aggressive when others wonder why you chose to get back again.


  • Be forceful in expressing your requirements
  • Find time for your particular interests and hobbies even after you’ve reconciled. Keep your uniqueness.

Why Would Someone Who Loves You Betray You?

People may betray their dear ones for various reasons, including desertion, low self-esteem or commitment, a lack of closeness, or even retribution. 

A guy who has lied once is more likely to do so again, although this is not always the case. 

Infidelity does not indicate the conclusion of a relationship; sometimes, a couple can rebuild their relationship after an affair.

Final Thoughts

Why does my ex want me back after cheating? There are a lot of signs to tell you why he desires you back after betraying you. Whatever the reason is, you should remember to put yourself first and think wisely before making any decisions!

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