mid day texts to send him

Mid Day Texts to Send Him – How To Make Your Man Happy

Cuddling with your lover is the best feeling in the world. But what to do when you two have to stay apart? Here are tips for the best mid day texts to send him.

We all know that you love your man to the moon and back. But here is the truth: sticking side by side 24/7 is practically impossible. There are days you two have no choice but to stay apart, which must drive you crazy with worry: Will the distance harm our relationship? Is he thinking about someone else right now?

No fuss; these straightforward guidelines will deliver the best tips for mid day texts to send him. Let’s dive in!

Tips for The Best Mid Day Texts to Send Him

mid day texts to send him
Mid Day Texts to Send Him - How To Make Your Man Happy

1. Give Your Boyfriend Some Compliments

Give the man your sincere praises and motivational words. Your out-of-the-blue message will certainly paste a lovely smile on his face! Remember to avoid generic and one-size-fits-all comments; instead, aim at unique attributes that set the man apart from others.

It does not hurt to get a little flirty: “This shirt shows off your toned arm. You must have been hitting the gym hard! What a gorgeous body.”

His personality should receive your keen attention as well. Touch that gentle heart of your boyfriend by mentioning how kind and lovely he is towards you: “You are always there for me whenever I am down. You know how to make me feel better!”

2. Get Your Guy Open Up

Texts also lend a terrific means to explore his hidden feelings. With you as a keen listener to his personal stories, your boyfriend will feel loved and cared for.

You may start easy by asking how his day went. And along the way, spice up the conversation with small questions to keep things moving. Let the guy share his fondest childhood memories, future ambitions, or simply his favorite lunch food – anything that paves the way for his intimate revelation of what he cares most about.

One thing to note, though: pay attention to the time gap between questions. Otherwise, the whole exchange will transform into an unwanted interrogation that suffocates you both!

To brighten up the overall atmosphere here and there, you may sprinkle in some random queries: “Suppose you could only listen to one singer from now on. Who would you choose?” or “Chicken or beef?”

mid day texts to send him
Mid Day Texts to Send Him - How To Make Your Man Happy

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3. Start The Conversation with Interesting Tidbits

Let’s throw away dull intros like “Wyd?” or “Hey” out of your dictionary; those monotonous greetings sound like you have nothing else to do and only text him to shoo away some boredom. Instead, it’s time for something more explosive! 

Jump right into the chat with impulsive and hilarious news – as if you have been waiting all day to tell your boyfriend about them! Use instant hooks to set up anticipation: “You will not believe who I met today!” or “Guess what I saw in Math classes this morning!”

But what if there happened to be nothing interesting going on recently? Then relating to your past exchanges can also work: “Remember our discussion about Korean food? Next week, let’s check this amazing spot I just discovered!”

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4. Laugh When Your Man Makes Jokes

There’s nothing excessive here; even a “lol” or laughing emoji will cheer up his tiring day. After all, who does not want to feel loved and appreciated? So if your man cracks some jokes, take a few seconds to tell him he is the funniest person you have ever met! 

Such a flirting strategy is actually far from brand-new (just ask your mom – or even your grandma!) The only difference is that this trick has now entered the digital era as well.

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5. Tease Your Man A Bit

Be playful, but do not overstep your boundaries. Some guys will treat these teases lightly, recognizing them as a signal of your affection, while some others might not. Most importantly, never veer into sensitive areas. Always keep things upbeat, positive, and fun.

The safest (and arguably the best) teasing is to relate to his personal strengths. Let’s say your man is a terrific basketball player. You might propose: “Wanna meet up at the gym? I will teach you to play some basketball games!”

6. Give Your Boyfriend A Shoulder During His Down Moments

mid day texts to send him
Mid Day Texts to Send Him - How To Make Your Man Happy

We are all in blue from time to time, and your boyfriend is far from the exception. Show your lover that you care – whether he undergoes terrible days at work, feels sick and tired, or copes with stressful issues. 

You might give an ear if he asks you to – but if he does not, do not force him. Simply let your man know you are always there for him, ready to do anything and help him feel better.

And no, don’t strive to fix his problems. Just listening to your partner is more than enough. Unless the man specifically requests your hand, never bombard his chatbox with ideas and suggestions of what he needs to do. Not everyone turns to other people for advice; they just wish for a safe place to vent their frustration and disappointment.

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7. Send Some Photos

Snap some pictures of whatever is going on with you. Selfies, of course, always work, especially for beautiful hairstyles or great outfits. But too much self-centeredness might be somewhat overbearing. 

Instead, turn your camera around to show off other things: an adorable cat next door, stunning views from a meeting, or cool graffiti art on the way to your friend’s parties.

These colorful pictures not only spark conversations, but also reveal your fulfilled and dynamic lifestyle – which only boosts his desire to be with you even more!

8. Something Reminds You of Your Boyfriend? Tell Him So

That’s the best way to inform your man he is always on your mind. If you go through sleepless nights worried he might be thinking about other girls, so does he. Then why don’t you make him feel more at ease? Grab your smartphone and send a message whenever something reminds you of your gorgeous boyfriend!

Hearing a song with similar love stories to you two’s? Inbox a link with your cute caption: “It’s us!”

Passing by a familiar restaurant both of you used to dine together? Take some pictures and hit Send: “Remember this restaurant? That night was so fun! Let’s eat there again.”

Or you may pull out a chuckle from your man with a few hilarious inside jokes. Shoot a photo of some frogs with entailed text: “Isn’t this the singer at our bar a few weeks ago?”

9. Ask for Your Lover’s Recommendations

mid day texts to send him
Mid Day Texts to Send Him - How To Make Your Man Happy

Show your man how much you appreciate his perspective and input. He will know that his preferences are respected and valued whenever you count on his support during hard decisions. What a flattering display of affections!

Still, make sure you are ready to go along with whatever suggestions he offers. The poor guy might feel insulted if you purposefully seek his advice only to do the exact opposite!

A simple instance is to send two photos of two different shirts, asking which one is better. Or request a few singer recommendations  if you want some new music to enjoy!

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10. Recount Your Current Plans and Goals

Your intimate recounts of personal goals and plans will shorten any physical distance between you two – as if he has always been with you in the first place! 

The stories do not have to be unique, different, or ground-breaking. Just tell the guy anything that makes him feel more engaged in your personal life. Once the exchange settles, turn to something more flirtatious to keep things heated!

A safe starter might be, “I will have my salary increase in a few months!” or “We are going to the cinema tonight with my new coworkers. Our upcoming project is near.”

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11. Share Your Passion with Him

And no, we do not talk about outfits or hairstyles. Think of a topic you feel particularly excited and passionate about. Let your lover peek into that colorful universe and bring up any interesting issue you wish to share with him. Happiness and enthusiasm are quite infectious, after all! 

Let’s say you are super into paleontology and just read a brand-new article about some freshly-discovered dinosaur species. Forward it to him immediately, and supply some contextual info in case he is unfamiliar with the topic, “This news is huge! It is the very first fossil in almost half a decade!”

12. Share Fun Ideas for Dates

Explore some interesting concepts or ideas for your dates. Tell him about every place you want to visit and what you like to experiment with.

Why is this simple strategy so effective? First, you have just lifted some pressure off his shoulders; there’s no need for boys to brainstorm date ideas all the time. The guy will gain critical insight into your interests and preferences – and not to mention, your clear excitement and thrill reflect a burning need to see him again!

Suppose you have just heard about a band coming to town. Forward the event link and tell him: “I am going to buy tickets for this concert. Wanna go with me?” 

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13. Be More Sensual

mid day texts to send him
Mid Day Texts to Send Him - How To Make Your Man Happy

It does not hurt to jazz up the atmosphere a bit (of course, when both of you are comfortable). Who says textual flirting needs to be tame? 

If you are in a more steamy mood than usual, drop some hints to see whether your man feels okay with that. Sending flirty emojis or sexy song lyrics is also a common approach to grease your dialogue in a more mature direction. 

Another way is to tell him instantly what is on your mind. “I cannot stop thinking about you all day. Last night was incredible!” Still, not all men like to receive provocative messages. That’s alright. You can wait for your next in-person meetings!


Today’s world demands more texting than in any other era. Hence, the needed question has to be raised: how much texting a day will be appropriate? 

Our answer is straightforward: it depends. Depends on what? On your partner and what he is comfortable with.

Everyone has varied preferences. Some will respond within seconds, while others wait for three days to send a short “Oops, I forgot!” Certain people even fall within both types, depending on each of their weeks’ schedules. 

Yet, the main take here is that he is the one who decides what should and should not be alright for him. Once you take that basic right away from your boyfriend, the relationship has shifted to more problematic corners. 

Do you ever get mad that your lover fails to reply immediately? We recommend you put a stop to that toxic habit; it showcases an alarming lack of respect for his time and boundary, which is certainly not a signal of healthy interests. Conforming to that unrealistic expectation is exhausting and takes away his precious time with family and friends.

And do not forget that the vice versa also applies here; if the guy texts you a bit too obsessively, feel free to invite him for open negotiations. 

Suggest that you would love to have long conversations through in-person meetings rather than texts. Harsh words are not advisable, but you might need to exploit them if the situation calls for that approach.

Similarly, this issue is a matter of negotiations. Engage your boyfriend in open talks and inquire how many texts he would love to receive from you within a certain period. If such approaches seem too straightforward, call on your instincts for accordant adjustments.

Final Thoughts

This article has lent you the best guidelines for mid day texts to send him. Keep in mind our tips for the most engaging and unforgettable exchanges! 

On another note, do not neglect his boundaries with incessant text bombarding and unrealistic demands for immediate replies. Rely on your instincts (and his preferences, obviously) to establish the most comfortable texting schedules!

For more support and clarifications, reach us via our comment section or emails.

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