other words to say I love you

What Are Other Words to Say I Love You? Tips to Win Him Over

‘I love you’ is a universal expression – but not the only way to express your feelings. Our guide will explore other words to say I love you.

Love is such an overwhelming feeling that it will kill you from the inside if you refuse to let it out. But how can you tell the man of your dreams that he is all you ever want – without resorting to the bland and somewhat monotonous ‘I love you’? 

Though its meanings are undeniable, this expression has always been so overused, to the point that saying it again and again no longer has the intended effects. Hence, these guides will give you suggestions on other words to say I love you

Trust us; not all of them have the word ‘love’ – and yet, their impacts on your man will be much more long-lasting!

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Why Must You Let Him Know You Love Him?

other words to say I love you
What Are Other Words to Say I Love You? Tips to Win Him Over

1. To Confess

People from many countries, especially the U.S., have long normalized the culture of dating without loving each other. In such cases, both parties often have a strong mutual interest—enough to go out on many dates together, but not enough to say the big L word.

But what if your feelings only grow and grow over time, and the fact that this man might no longer be yours one day is so unbearable to you? Then it is time to stand up and take action. Tell him that this fleeting relationship is not what you need. Tell him you want him to be a fixed presence in your life.

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2. To Strengthen The Current Relationship

So let’s say you two lucky lovebirds have successfully expressed your mutual love to each other. But saying I love you already in the past does not mean you cannot do it again now. After all, your man is not a mind reader; he might toss and turn at night wondering if your feelings for him are still there. 

Sometimes, even you will get curious about the same thing: does he still love me? If I tell him I love him now, will he say it back?

Let’s free both of you from this silent and torturous uncertainty by telling him you are (still) burning for him. Such a move showcases your immense gratitude for what he has done for you and assures him that you will stay by his side forever. Not to mention, from whatever response he delivers, you may know for certain whether the man is still yours – or his heart has already belonged somewhere else.

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other words to say I love you
What Are Other Words to Say I Love You? Tips to Win Him Over

3. To Sort Through Your Emotions

In unfortunate scenarios, your established relationship might stoop to a new low – to a point where you are not even sure you still love him.

One immediate solution to cut through these clouds of confusion is to try saying ‘I love you’ to him (or any expression with the same meaning). If those words taste wrong on your tongue, maybe there is no hope of rekindling the old passion in your heart anymore. It’s time to consider moving on.

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What Are Other Words to Say I Love You? Some Terrific Suggestions

Are you ready for our whole library of love quotes? These sayings weigh a ton more than “I love you!”

  • I will be nothing, nothing without you!
  • I’m deeply in love.
  • I am all yours.
  • You are an angel.
  • I will forever be your woman.
  • You are the wings that help me fly higher.
  • I am so mad for you.
  • You are my crush.
  • Are you a thief? You have stolen my heart.
  • Your handsome face has driven me nuts.
  • You are the light that makes all the darkness go away.
  • I’m utterly lost in this world without you by my side.
  • My feeling for you is strong.
  • Your presence in my life has always meant so much.
  • You fill the burning hole in my heart.
  • You are my love.
  • I really cherish you.
  • I cannot imagine living without you.
  • I really need you.
  • I truly adore you.
  • I have fallen hard for you.
  • To me, you are the world.
  • No words can describe how much I’m grateful for your presence in my life.
  • I love your smile more and more each day.
  • I care so much about you.
  • I am really fond of you.
  • I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you.
  • You are the right one for me.
  • You are everything to me.
  • Every day, you make me fall harder.
  • Loving you is so easy.
  • You are the reason I smile.
  • I’m the luckiest girl in the world because I have you.
  • You have driven me crazy, and I miss you every second.
  • You have made me fall head over heels.
  • You are why I exist.
  • You are really what I’m looking for.
  • To me, you are better than coffee because I want to have you not only in the morning.
  • You can have my heart forever.
  • You have rocked my world upside down.
  • You are my sunshine.
  • Te amo (a Spanish phrase meaning I Love You).
  • You are really the best.
  • You brighten my day.
  • You are my favorite.
  • No words in the world can describe my love for you.
  • My heart skips whenever I see you.
  • I’m hopelessly, irretrievably in love with you.
  • You will always be the only one.
  • My heart stays where you are.
  • I miss you so much.
  • I am grateful that you are here.
  • I could not ask for a greater man.
  • You are the greatest man in the world.
  • Nothing could be the same without you.
  • Thanks for loving me.
  • Thank you for being so lovely.
  • You are so handsome/cute.
  • If I bet on you, I’m sure that I will win.
  • I love your eyes/smile/something else.
  • I love everything – yes, everything – about you.
  • I have so much fun with you.
  • I like being near you.
  • I like the way your eyes crinkle when you give me that lovely smile.
  • You are so attractive.
  • You are so lovely.
  • You are always on my mind.
  • Oh no! I am completely smitten.
  • Since our very first date, I have decided you are mine.
  • You are strange, but my kind of strange.
  • You are the OMG to my LOL.
  • You are the jelly to my peanut butter.
  • You are the coloring book to my crayons.
  • You are the taco to my guacamole.
  • We are like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly.
  • I cannot get up; I have fallen for you so hard.
  • We fit like gravy and biscuits.
  • My heart is filled to the brim with emotional emojis now.
  • You are more important to me than sweatpants, spice lattes, and chocolate combined.
  • I wish I could always fall asleep with you by my side.
  • You are better than pumpkin pies.
  • You are my Mr. Right.

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Classic movies and Shakespearean plays are also great sources of inspiration. These beautiful words will stir even the most stone-hearted man!

other words to say I love you
What Are Other Words to Say I Love You? Tips to Win Him Over
  • You are the stars, the moon, and the sun of my life.
  • Do not marry anyone else but me. 
  • You are flawless in my eyes.
  • You seized my heart from the first Hello.
  • I hate how you talk, how you drive my car, how you stare. I hate your stupid boots and how you can read my mind. I hate how I laugh and cry because of you. But most of all, I hate that I do not hate you. Not at all, not even close.
  • You are my air.
  • No one out there is worth dying for as you are.
  • Can’t you realize it? Every step I took was to get closer to you.
  • I will do everything you want
  • It does not matter that you are not perfect or I am not perfect. The important thing is that we are a perfect match for each other.
  • Your hiney is breathtaking.
  • I love how you pretend to like my favorite movie.
  • I love you because you accept me for who I am. Pretty, ugly, bad mood, good mood,…  and you still think I am beautiful regardless. That’s why, to me, you are worth it.
  • The future is not going to be easy, and both of us might have to try hard every day. But I am not afraid because I need you so much. I want you, every day, forever. Me and you, every day.
  • I need you forever. I hope that is okay.
  • When a good man comes, you have to keep him. That’s why I’m holding your hand now.
  • Wherever you are, that is where I also belong.
  • All of us are made from particles. They have always been existing since the very first moment of the universe. Maybe these atoms traversed 14 billion years across space and time to make us so that both of us can be together. The universe wants us to complete each other.
  • Eight letters. Three words. Say them out loud, and I will be yours.
  • I met millions of people, but none touched my heart. Then I met you, and my life changed forever.
other words to say I love you
What Are Other Words to Say I Love You? Tips to Win Him Over
  • I’m far from smart. But I still understand what love is.
  • I fell for him like the way I fell asleep. Gradually, and all at once.
  • Whenever you look at me, you never take in your eyes my flaws and weaknesses. You simply see me as who I am and what I am.
  • Whenever we are together, I feel as if I were on drugs. I do not actually do drugs, you know, but… well. Everything around you always seems a bit brighter. 
  • I have found someone I may love. I will never let you get away.
  • You know, I can still survive without you. But my life will be less mundane if you are in it.
  • We are different, but that does not make my feelings less strong. I actually love you even more.
  • I will wait at home for you, every day, at 5 p.m. 
  • I do not just wish to spend my Friday nights with you. I want us to share all Saturdays with each other, too.
  • I want us to be friends. And a little more than that will be terrific. I love you.
  • My friends told me I was crazy to fall so hard for a guy I barely knew for a few months. But even back then, I knew this would be my future husband.
  • Are you a warlock? You have captivated me, my soul, and my body.

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other words to say I love you
What Are Other Words to Say I Love You? Tips to Win Him Over


He Loves Me But Refuses to Say It Out Loud. Why?

Here is one thing you should always keep in mind. Love languages comprise different things to different people.

Some love to showcase their emotions with verbal and strong words of exclaim. Meanwhile, others are more comfortable with actions. Hence, a person who keeps saying ‘I love you’ over and over again does not necessarily love you more than those quietly caring about everything you say and do.

What we want to say here is: Don’t listen to his words too much. See and feel what he did for you.

How Should I Express My Love Through Text?

Texting back and forth is actually much easier than in-person confessions. After all, there is no need to brace yourself for his immediate reaction; not to mention, both parties also have ample time to think of a proper response.

All in all, adopting all our suggestions above are more than enough for any text message. One caution, though, is to make sure the man has time for a quick chit-chat. Do not drop the bomb if he is in the middle of a huge project or workload!

Also, some men might not like discussing important things via text. Waiting till you two meet face to face will be better.

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other words to say I love you
What Are Other Words to Say I Love You? Tips to Win Him Over

Is There Any Word Stronger Than Love?

No fixed answers are available, as your perceptions are also at play.

Let’s take “trust” and “devotion” as two instances. For some, such phrases indicate an overwhelming sense of loyalty and passion, much greater than “love”. On the other hand, other people believe these words can also apply to family members or friends – meaning they are not exclusive to lovers and, therefore, not as special.

Final Thoughts

These guidelines have offered terrific suggestions for other words to say I love you.

Of course, there is no 100% guarantee that your guy will reciprocate these sentiments – especially if you two have not yet entered into a serious relationship. We are not Cupids, after all! 

Still, at the very least, the man will truly understand how you feel about him, which is enough to make all of these efforts worthwhile. Otherwise, one day, you might regret not saying anything to him in the first place.

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