8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit

8 Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid To Commit – Do You See Them?

So you’re dating an incredible man. While everything is going great, you’re a little confused, because there are signs he likes you but is afraid to commit.

It’s often a little stressful to start a new relationship. Even if things are going well, it’s still hard to tell what your partner really wants unless he says it directly. Now you don’t want to lose your cool by asking too soon about where this is headed.

You may feel as if you don’t know what he wants since, on one hand, he can start really deep conversations, but on the other hand, he only wants to hang out once or twice a week after months of dating. If that sounds familiar, I might be able to help you find out what’s going on.

You might be seeing someone who wants to be in a relationship with you. However, he’s hesitant to take the plunge. Fortunately, there are several important signs to look for when determining if he likes you but is afraid to commit. Keep reading for these indications.

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8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit

He’s constantly hot and cold

He really cares about you sometimes, yet he doesn’t seem to notice you at other times. Perhaps he doesn’t want to appear overly enthusiastic about you, but it’s also possible that he’s sending you contradictory signals that show he’s not ready for a relationship -or a marriage, as in this Katy Perry’s song.

He’s giving you both hot and cold signs, which is one of the most telling symptoms that he likes you but is afraid to commit. Perhaps after months or years of dating, he’s bound to have figured out how to show you some signs of interest in order to keep you by his side.

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He doesn’t answer your messages, calls, or texts for days

he doesn't answer your texts calls messages - 8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit
8 Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid To Commit - Do You See Them?

He might go silent after 9 p.m. before bed, or not respond to you at all during business hours. If you’ve been dating this guy for a while, do you see a pattern in his reactions? Unless you know he’s busy for some reason, it’s common and normal in a relationship for one person to communicate back within a day.

You should bring this up in person if you consistently don’t get responses, especially when you’re attempting to make arrangements, or if you get half-replies that don’t fully answer your question. It’s likely that your significant other hates texting. This, on the other hand, could indicate emotional inaccessibility. He might not be able to commit to anything else, whatever the reason is.

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He distances himself from you

he distances himself - 8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit
8 Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid To Commit - Do You See Them?

If your partner is terrified of commitment, he may be emotionally unavailable or at the very least inconsistent in his feelings for you. It’s not uncommon for some guys to draw back, become a bit more aloof, and start doing things like taking longer to reply calls or texts when they start to feel like a relationship is starting to get a little more serious than they expected.

He may make more plans without you or spend more nights out with his friends. Maybe you stop seeing him or, he leaves town without informing you. It’s great to be self-confident in a relationship, but when you’re dating someone, you also want to merge your lives. Someone who is uninterested in commitment will place a higher importance on independence than monogamy.

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He can be overly judgmental

he can be overly judgmental - 8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit
8 Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid To Commit - Do You See Them?

A guy will begin to over-analyze every single element about you when he likes you but is afraid to commit. You’ll see there are little disagreements about the tiniest flaws between you two. That’s when simple things in your relationship — minor stumbling blocks — become major impediments all of a sudden.

Have you ever had a boyfriend declare that he’s not sure he can be with someone who doesn’t enjoy scary movies? Have you ever been in a position when a small fight over putting out the trash escalates into a relationship-ending argument? If that’s the case, it’s most likely simply because your significant other is afraid of commitment, and little things are irrelevant.

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He doesn’t try to fit your schedule

he doesn't try to fit your schedule - 8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit
8 Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid To Commit - Do You See Them?

A man who is serious about being in a relationship with you will go to great lengths to see you. On Saturday, for example, he usually watches football. If you ask him to help you go and pick new furniture that day and he agrees, that’s great. However, if he says “no”, even on a different day, that’s not a good sign.

Real relationships are founded on seeing each other in person. If a guy really wants to see you, he’ll make an effort to change his schedule. He might think you or your relationship are not worth the bother if he makes you feel like a burden or he doesn’t want to put effort into you.

He’s been hurt before

he's been hurt before - 8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit
8 Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid To Commit - Do You See Them?

According to research, bad experiences might link love and fear. A man who has previously experienced rejection in his dating life may be hesitant to give his all in his relationships. When he finds himself in love, it may be difficult for him to reverse his ingrained behavior. He can’t help but put up walls to protect himself, even if he knows you’d never hurt him. That’s why he likes you but is afraid to commit, and he may try to hide his feelings from you.

You’ve probably been hurt as well. Knowing his past relationships may help you understand why he is reluctant to express his romantic sentiments. You may be frustrated because you believe that if you can move on after a breakup, others should be able to as well. But everyone’s emotional agony is different, so patience is essential.

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He doesn’t make the relationship official

He doesnt make the relationship official 8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit
8 Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid To Commit - Do You See Them?

Relationships develop at different rates, but if your possible partner is moving too slowly, it could be a subtle way of saying he likes you but is afraid to commit. Has he called you his girlfriend? Is he scared of falling in love? Maybe he’s simply afraid of rejection?

He may continue to play you for a fool, with no clear indication of what he wants or where your relationship is going. Whatever his motivation, he should be able to explain what’s going on between you two at the very least. You can’t continue to see him for months not meeting any of his friends any longer.

He doesn’t make a future plan with you

He doesnt make a future plan with you 8 signs he likes you but is afraid to commit
8 Signs He Likes You But Is Afraid To Commit - Do You See Them?

He’s open to meeting your family. He’s joined you and your friends for a night out. He even encouraged you to keep your belongings in a drawer in his flat. At the same time, he goes silent when you bring up the subject of the future.

When you say the word “M” as in “marriage”, he can even flip out. When you mention going on vacation in a month, he might squirm. His fight or flight response indicates that he has some issues to work out.

There are indicators that say he likes you but is afraid to commit to you. Men who are committed will feel more at ease talking about the future and making preparations for it.

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Final thoughts

Hopefully after reading this article, you can take away some ideas to answer the question of why he likes you but is afraid to commit.

It’s true that commitment phobia is a touchy subject. It can be caused by a variety of circumstances, which can be different for everyone. While commitment concerns may make dating more challenging, they do not rule out the possibility of having an intimate, long-term relationship. It may only take a little extra effort and open communication, and you can do it.


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