How to flirt and drive a man crazy

How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy – 10 Ways To Do It

Is there a stunning guy you can’t get enough of? If the answer is yes, get ready to learn how to flirt and drive a man crazy right now.

You have a huge crush on this guy. You can’t get his charming smile and deep hazel magical eyes out of your head. The thing is you have no idea how to flirt with him.

Some women might be too direct or forthright when they want to attract men. They think it will help them avoid wasting time or playing games. Unfortunately that doesn’t work all the time.

Flirting involves creating sexual chemistry, which usually doesn’t come from big gestures. It’s best to pay attention to the tiniest clues and nuances that one person can show.

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So trying a few guidelines on how to flirt and drive a man crazy can be a great idea. If you’re without fear to take risks, make sure to send out the right signals as some suggestions below.

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Do you know how to flirt and drive a man crazy?

1. Intense eye contact

Intense eye contact - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

Making eye contact is an excellent place to begin if you’re learning how to flirt and drive a man crazy. Researcher Monika Moore examined eye look and discovered that most males require three distinct gaze signals to “get” being flirted with. Keep it a few seconds longer than a casual glance before turning away and repeat. It’s a tried-and-true strategy that works.

This flirting method shows you’re a confident woman, and it’s fun too when there’re other people or distractions in the room. He’ll read your glance as he’s the only thing on your mind right now. It’s a cool ‘silent flirt’ that can pique his interest. Just don’t look too much, no matter how hot he is.

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2. Small chat

Small chat - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

Now you should make a small chat with him. Why? Small talk is a skill that will greatly assist you in flirting. Although body language plays an important role, not knowing how to start a conversation will make it difficult to use flirty gestures and make him like you.

Don’t talk about serious topics or some deep secrets that you rarely tell anyone. The important thing is to create an atmosphere that you can both relax and feel safe to share a bit of your personal lives. Do this with a welcoming, friendly, and fun manner. Just as if you’re on a first date, listen attentively more than you talk. Show you care by asking him questions. It’ll help if you’re a good small talker.

3. Happy smile and laughter

Happy smile and laughter - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

The ‘secrets’ of how to flirt and drive a man crazy can come from very simple things. Smiling is an easy way to use body language in flirting. Many men prefer women who smile. It makes you appear pleasant, upbeat, positive and worth knowing. You don’t have to be extremely sensual or suggestive with your grin. Once you’ve mastered eye contact with him, simply tilt your head and smile. Any guy will be eating from your hand if you do it correctly.

Men desire to make an impression on women they like. Making a lady laugh is one of the ways a man impresses her. So if he cracks a joke, laugh at his jokes if winning his heart is what you want. Let him see that you’re having fun. Then, he will feel safe and secure around you, which heightens his sexual attraction to you.

4. Casual touching

Casual touching - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

I know you want to swoop in and devour him, but don’t (not yet). Stand just close enough to feel intimate while talking with him. Then ‘unintentionally’ touch his arm or shoulder. Men always go weak in the knees and open up when women know how to flirt and drive a man crazy like that. He’ll feel more at ease talking and perhaps flirting with you.

Saying “hi” with a hug can be a subtle way to convey a guy a message that you like him. Don’t squeeze too hard. Hold him tight and then let the hug linger for a few seconds if you wish to hug him flirtatiously. The guy will appreciate the hug and will hopefully understand that you want to be more than pals.

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5. Mirror of his energy and actions

Mirror of his energy and actions - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

Ensuring you don’t come on too strong is an important component of flirting (you don’t want him to think you’re only seeking for sex and not a date). Mirroring him is the finest approach to keep an eye on the level of flirting. Start with small gestures like sitting in the same position as him. This is the pinnacle of flattery.

Just be aware of boundaries. Pull back if you brush his shoulder and he jerks away and doesn’t touch you after that. Pull back if you make a joke and he doesn’t laugh or becomes uncomfortable. You want to see what he has to offer and strive to remain on his level.

6. Playful teasing

Playful teasing - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

It can be incredibly hot to tease or make fun of a guy in a friendly way. The only thing to watch out for is going too far with it. If you push him too hard, you’ll come across as a bully rather than a friend. You’d like to know how to flirt and drive a man crazy without upsetting him!

One strategy to do it is refraining from repeating the same joke. If you make fun of something, attempt to do so only once. Also, perhaps slightly combine with a compliment. You want to stay on the nice side of the teasing and make him like you, right?

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7. Compliments

Compliments - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

One of the best ways to start a joyful flirting discussion is by complimenting the other person. Don’t forget to complement a guy on his good qualities. Your compliment means a lot to him. His pride would be swallowed to have a flirting talk with you.

Thank him for his courtesy and chivalry. However, don’t do it with a straight face. A friendly grin is a must! Men love to be chivalrous with their female partners. He’d try harder to please you if you acknowledged that.

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8. Revealing vulnerable body parts

Revealing vulnerable body parts - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

Do you know that revealing some certain body parts can be part of ‘how to flirt and drive a man crazy’? But no -it’s not the “sexy” parts in your head. Instead, they’re the wrist, underarm, and neck. These are all highly sensitive parts of our bodies that are normally only accessible to lovers or close friends.

Women expose their wrists to make others feel dominant. A limp wrist is like a tiger sighting a limp deer on the prairie—it signals an opportunity to overtake and control. Flipping our hair back exposes our underarms. Our underarms emit tiny pheromones that entice a potential mate. Tilting the head to the side exposes the neck. A small left or right tilt helps us appear more engaged and vulnerable. Neck exposure is a submissive “come closer” cue.

9. Showing body curve

Showing body curve - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

When you are very much into someone, lean back and stick your butt out in a curve. A flirting woman can push her chest out, emphasizing her chest, while simultaneously pulling her buttocks out in the other direction, elongating her buttocks. The curvature that runs down the back is shaped like a S.

You can show this off on the dance floor too. Allow yourself to be carried away by the music as you dance. Think not. Move. Twerk, twerk, and twerk some more. Make him want to join you on the d-floor, even if he doesn’t have the courage to do so right now. Your sexy body curve will lure him sooner or later.

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10. Being feminine

Being feminine - how to flirt and drive a man crazy
How To Flirt And Drive A Man Crazy - 10 Ways To Do It

You don’t have to act like a schoolgirl to capture a guy’s heart. However, you do have to make him feel like he can save you and protect you because, ladies, that’s how to flirt and drive a man crazy. Throughout history, men have always been the hunters and protectors. Show your feminine side amd allow him to lead for a few minutes if you want him to be pulled to you.

When it comes to asking a girl out or flirting with her, men prefer to take the initiative. So relax and wait for him to begin flirting with you. After all, you don’t want him to think that you’re striving to make him like you before he flirts with you, right?

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Final thoughts

Women, no matter how easy or hard this is, don’t let it deter you from being self-assured, powerful, and content. I hope you found this list of how to flirt and drive a man crazy useful and interesting!

Have you seen any flirting practices in your recent interactions, in the meantime? What kind of flirting advice would you give me? I’d be happy to see your comments in the section below!

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