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Products We Love

Here at Hello Betty, we actually started blogging as a review site and still to this day after eight years we are still reviewing products and recommending products we love. We only recommend products that pass our standards and would be good for you and your family.

All opinions, of course, are our own but we highly recommend checking out this section if you are looking for products that would be a good fit for your family.

Smart Snacks For The Summer

If you are like me, I adore snacking. One thing that I have been focused on is snacking better this summer. Today I wanted to share with you some smart snacks for the summer season. These snacks can all be found in store or online, and are so yummy. So let’s get the snacking started. …

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3 Benefits of Having an iPhone

One of the questions that have been asked the most over the years since Apple has become increasingly popular is; Is an iPhone better than its competitors? To put it plainly, there is no simple answer. Each company has its own signature, look and feel, and key features that make it more popular under a …

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