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Products We Love

Here at Hello Betty, we actually started blogging as a review site and still to this day after eight years we are still reviewing products and recommending products we love. We only recommend products that pass our standards and would be good for you and your family.

All opinions, of course, are our own but we highly recommend checking out this section if you are looking for products that would be a good fit for your family.

Spruce Up Your Routine

Ello, folks. Long time no chat, right? Today I am starting to share with you items that will be featured in the holiday guide as well, but let’s chat about how you can spruce up your routine. I tend to find myself always looking for better products when it comes to my body and hair. …

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Fall Comfy And Cozy Guide

I just adore the fall season and today we are going to chat about some products that help you get the fall comfy and cozy vibe. I know that I am totally digging everything pumpkin this season and not only doing some Dollar Tree Crafts to share but also working with a couple of amazing …

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Must-Have Dorm Room Guide

Can you believe in just a few short weeks college will be starting up again. I really don’t know where the time goes. Today I wanted to share with you some must-have dorm room items. These items are functional for dorm rooms and really are a great way to start the year off great. I …

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Summer Fun With BIC

Hey guys! I do hope that you are having a wonderful summer so far? Today I wanted to share a couple of fun products from BIC that can make your summer a memorable on. This should have gone up weeks ago but in light of everything going on in my life, let’s just say I …

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