how to make an ex miss you badly

How to Make An Ex Miss You Badly? Astounding Tips to Follow!

Are you still burning for someone who seemingly lives well without you? It’s time to learn how to make an ex miss you badly. Click here for more guidance!

Do you sometimes regret the decision to part ways with someone? If yes, then rest assured; you are not alone. 

Many girls realize what a precious man they have let go of – but have no courage to ask him back for fear of rejection and sounding desperate. It’s time to step forward and be brave; otherwise, another dazzling woman might steal him right before your nose! 

This inclusive guide delivers excellent tips on how to make an ex miss you badly. Regardless of how much time you two have broken up – a day, a week, or several years – you can be confident that following these guides will ignite the lost fire inside his heart, making him yearn for your presence.

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How to Make An Ex Miss You Badly

how to make an ex miss you badly
How to have him back – Source: Wiki. 

Give Him Time to Mourn Your Absence

1. Do Not Call Him First

The rule of thumb is never to initiate contact, especially in the first stages of the breakup. You must wait at least two weeks (sometimes a month is recommended) before reaching out to the man. 

Making contact too fast will give off the messages that you are missing him, which, strangely enough, will turn off your ex and make him lose interest

If you always stayed in touch and chatted with him, there would be no room for the man to truly let the breakup sink in and realize he might be losing. After all, in his eyes, nothing seems to change! 

So let’s adopt our suggested strategy, and you will see the results immediately. The man may stay cocky at first, believing you would be the one to give up first and call him. After several weeks without any news from you, he will wonder about your lack of response and even get incredibly angry. 

You will become the only thing that fills his mind, to the point he has no choice but to admit that, yes, he is missing you so much. 

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2. Even If He Calls First, Do Not Answer

If things go well, you will receive the first post-breakup message/call from your ex. Should you pick it up? Should you answer? Again, we recommend you WAIT.

Why so? At this point, it’s uncertain whether he’s finding you for a band-aid for his hurt – or is truly craving you. You must drag his waiting period more and more, creating a stronger nostalgia for him.

Another method (though it might sound a bit extreme) is to leave the town for a vacation. It’s among the best ways to cut ties completely with the man, ensuring you two will never run into each other anywhere. Not to mention, after so much heartache and pain, that’s the break both of you need! 

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3. Take Time to Get Healed

What’s the reason we suggest you cut ties with him – other than making him crazy for you? Well, it’s because you must give yourself some time to rest, too. 

Feeling desperate, upset, and disappointed in yourself is natural – all the more reason to step back and learn to live without him for a while. After all, you planned to return to him later, right? Do that when you are in peak condition – both physically and mentally! 

During these periods, go out with your friends or loved ones and do things you like. Always stay positive and independent, which can bring new, unexpected perspectives to your relationship.

And here’s the important part: men tend to miss their exes more if these women live a healthier and happier life. 

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Talk With Him Again When The Right Time Comes

how to make an ex miss you badly
Step into his life again – Source: Wiki

Sure, we just said above that you should not make the first move or respond to his messages or calls. But you can never give him the cold shoulder forever. After a while, he might truly believe you have completely moved on and start finding himself a new girlfriend!

So when the right time comes, slowly step into his life again. Remember these tips to seize your success:

1. Be Your Usual Self. When you two cross paths, always smile, be polite, and talk to him warmly. Remind him of all your good characteristics, suggesting that the breakup no longer affects you that much. 

2. Start With A Text. Texting is a great way to spark the relationship again. Without the usual pressure often found in most phone calls, your ex will have more time to think of a good response!

3. Avoid Awkward Matters. Your messages should have substance and genuineness, mentioning trivial things comfortably without sounding awkward. 

For instance, you may say: “The sequel to this movie is coming out next month. I remember you liked the first movie a lot! Will you go see this one?” 

Or “I’m listening to the radio, and guess what? Your favorite track is being played! Its melody is so comforting”. That way, the conversation can roll more naturally while reminding the man of good old times with you!

4. Talk About How Good It Used to Be. Now that we are in nostalgia land, let’s step up the game further. 

Whenever you find it fit, mention a lovely memory in the past that makes him recall how you two used to be the best match. The man cannot help but remember why both fell head over heels in love, which only boosts his desire for you! 

Consider these lines “Remember this fancy restaurant we planned to go to but eventually got lost? I’m happy we never got there; eating snacks on the street with you is far better!”

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How to Ensure Your Second Relationship With Him Is A Success

how to make an ex miss you badly
How not to waste your second chance – Source: Pexels. 

Have you been successful in reuniting with the man of your dream? Congratulations, but things do not end here. Past problems between you two still exist and clearly haven’t been fixed. How can you guarantee this second chance does not end up in screams and tears like the last time? 

Sit Down and Talk

Studies have discovered that communication issues are the top 1 cause behind most breakups. Hence, both parties must work harder than ever to ensure their communication lines are always open. Once getting back together, it’s time to establish and negotiate expectations – particularly areas you two used to fight over in the past. 

Also, make plans for tackling unmet expectations. Suppose you parted ways with the man because he spent most of his free time with his friends. Then talk with him openly about the solution: How many times per week should be acceptable for friends-meeting? How should you two negotiate when he needs more time than that? 

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Don’t Be Harsh

On-and-off relationships like these can be emotionally unstable. Of course, you should never ignore old issues and problems, but that does not mean you should attack them viciously, either. 

Tread as lightly as possible to avoid digging up old wounds, especially if the problems involve serious mental struggles like control issues, family issues, lack of self-esteem, or jealousy. Otherwise, your newly reignited romance will end up even worse than the first time! 

Treat This Relationship As If It Was New

how to make an ex miss you badly
Treat this relationship as if it was new – Source: Pexels

Okay, some of you might think we are contradicting ourselves here. Didn’t we just ask you not to forget old issues? Why did we suddenly change our minds and give you this advice now?

Our reason is simple: while fixing past disagreements is a must, this second-time relationship is supposed to open a new door for both of you. 

Here is when you start learning to trust and forgive and discover the other party in a new light. So try your best to embrace it – and do not let old grudges remind you of how ugly the first relationship used to turn out!

The main takeaway is to proceed as slowly as possible. There’s no need to pick up what your previous relationships have left off if both parties are not ready. You don’t have to sleep with him or force yourself to say the L word. Let things build up naturally until the right time arrives. 

Also, spend more time investing in his hobbies, interests, and ambitions – which is important for couples that have not been together for a while. He might have changed dramatically since the last time you saw him. Never assume you know all about the man – or worse, act without thinking based on that foolish misbelief! 

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When Should You NOT Get Back With Your Ex

how to make an ex miss you badly
Do not get back with an abuser – Source: Pexels

We understand and respect your strong feelings, but sometimes, it’s a must to admit to yourself that there’s simply no compatibility between you two. Some relationships are toxic beyond saving, which means you should spend time moving on instead of striving to win him back. 

Here are some signals from the past relationship that screams a big NO:

  • Abuse (whether mental or physical). If the man ever hurt you, forced you to have sex, or did anything that put you in major discomfort, then he’s an abuser. Do not get back to that monster!
  • No mutual respect from both sides. If you two used to belittle each other, call names, or say terrible things about their friends or families, you two are beyond repair. 

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Instead of sinking into such emotionally traumatizing relationships, why don’t you find another guy who treats you how you deserve it? And, of course, you should remind yourself to give him equal treatment as well.

  • Long histories of cheating/unfaithfulness. Sure, there are still people who are willing to forgive infidelity. However, it’s super challenging to build and repair that broken trust – and even if you can, it can easily break again. 

Not to mention, you might have to count on a lot of counseling/therapy services if both parties want the relationship to last long. 

Last but not least, try to listen to what your families and friends say. Deny it all you want, but those who care about you may have incredible insights into all your relationships. So if your BFF (or anyone you trust) does not have good feelings about your boyfriend, take that as a serious indicator of trouble.

Ask that friend why they do not like your ex. Assess whether that hatred stems from how your old flame treats people, some info your friend has but you do not, or any other meaningful evidence. 

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how to make an ex miss you badly
Source: Pexels

How Can I Know If My Ex Still Has Strong Feelings for Me?

Although some men hide it better than others, there are still clear signals that you can sometimes take advantage of. Some of them are:

  • He keeps texting or calling.
  • He does not return stuff that you left at his house
  • He tries to make you jealous
  • He runs into you often (at work or school)

Is There Any Couple Who Gets Back Together More Than Twice/Multiple Times?

Yes, and there’s a term for it: on-and-off relationships. Though they are not uncommon, we do not recommend you get into them. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are examples of an on/off relationship, and look how it turns out now!

What Should I Do If My Ex Refuses to Get Back To Me?

That’s a scenario no one wants, but sadly, it can still happen. In that case, politely ask him why he decided so, end your discussions in peace, and move on. 

Avoid nagging, screaming, or begging; such desperate acts only shatter the last pieces of good memory he has about you! 

Final Thoughts

Our expert teams have discussed smart strategies on how to make an ex miss you badly. They are neither complicated nor demanding; just the right amount of sensitivity and proper timing will make them work like magic. In a blink, you two will find yourselves lost in each other’s arms!

And also, remember to treasure this second chance. Deciding to get back to someone means you have to tread carefully more than ever and avoid past mistakes that rifted you two apart in the first place. Sit down, discuss things properly to ensure no misunderstanding is lingering, and promise to change yourself for the better! 

For more guidance and support, you can turn to us as always.

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