how to know guys like you through text

16 Signs How To Know Guys Like You Through Text

A guy keeps texting you day and night, and you question his intention. Read our guide on how to know guys like you through text to find out the answer!

You have an unknown relationship with a guy, or your crush is texting you, but you don’t understand his intention. How to know guys like you through text? We’ll give you 16 signs to help you clear your doubt. 

Since the communication method between you two is texting, it’s harder to guess what is in his mind. You can’t rely on his body language or tone of voice to conclude. The below tricks can somehow assist you in figuring out if he likes you or not.

How To Know Guys Like You Through Text – 16 Signs

1. He Texts You First

How to know guys like you through text
16 Signs How To Know Guys Like You Through Text

It’s a norm that men are the ones who start everything first, including texting. However, they have a choice to decide who is the starter. If he chooses you instead of himself, it’s not a positive sign. 

So, if the guy usually texts you first, it can hint that he’s interested in you, or at least he’s interested in talking to you. He does not only respond to your message but is also the one to bring out the conversation

2. He Sends, “Good morning.”

How to know guys like you through text? When you receive messages like “Good morning”, “Have a nice day!” or “How did you sleep?”, it shows that he’s concerned about you, and you are the first person he thinks of when waking up. Maybe he even dreams of you at night, making him want to text you.

Morning text is a good indicator that you have a chance to grow a love tree with this guy. After a hello in the morning, the conversation can continue the whole day till night.

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3. He Messages You Before Sleeping

How to know guys like you through text 6
16 Signs How To Know Guys Like You Through Text

A similar positive clue as the above one is the good night message. He sends you “Good night” and “Have sweet dreams”, meaning that you are the last person in his mind before drifting off. 

Sometimes you can receive something like “I’ll dream about you” or “See you in my dream”. There’s nothing else to clarify that he’s really into you. If you have the same feeling as he does, the day you two become a couple may not be so far.

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4. No-End Conversation Throughout The Day

Does he keep messaging you all day? Do the conversations seem to go endless? Does he text you even if the topics go nowhere? If so, you can say that he has feelings for you.

Your guy may not be the one that likes texting, but to blur the gap between you two, he doesn’t mind spending time to remind you that he’s around. On his most busy day, he still can donate his time to your message, showing how important you are to him. That’s a sign!

5. His Response Is Quick

Do you usually need to wait long to get the next message? If the answer is no, the guy cares about you and doesn’t want you to wait. In other words, he cannot wait to let the conversation flow.

Quick responses signify that he wants to keep you in the talk and keep it interesting. In contrast, when he replies to you after days, something more important than you is on his mind, or he tries to avoid you.

6. He Spends Time On Long Text

As mentioned above, some guys don’t like texting. They just do it when they have a purpose. If his aim is you, he’s willing to type long words to develop the talk with you.

Instead of “yes”, “no”, or “ok”, he responds to you in detail to try to have you stay longer on the topic. Prolonging the interaction is a way of showing care and interest. However, you usually get one-word answers; he’s not for you

7. He Likes To Give You A Nickname

A “Hey babe” from a stranger can scare you and make you run away. However, when you two get to know each other better, a sweet nickname is what a romance brews with. 

It can be a sweet name or a pet name that makes you feel you are small and cute, and he loves to care for and protect you. If it’s not the sign that he’s falling for you, at least it means he’s trying to flirt and get your reaction.

8. He Wants To Know More About You

How to know guys like you through text
16 Signs How To Know Guys Like You Through Text

Being interested in you makes him want to know more about you. He will ask many questions to figure out your hobbies, favorite food, job, childhood, etc. He will start to talk about himself first to make you feel comfortable and not make it become an awkward investigation.

Nobody’s willing to spend time and energy to know about the other thing or person that they don’t feel interested in. His purpose is to enhance the bonding with you, and he’s ready to open himself first for that.

9. He Remembers Your Little Things

After asking questions and getting what he wants to know, he will not just leave it like that. He cares about you and wants to know your information. Once he gets the information, he will remember it even in small details.

You will be surprised when the guy who cares about you remembers the random things you said in the last conversations. He implies he’s there and ready to be involved in your life anytime.

10. He Compliments You

Quite often, you may receive a compliment such as “You’re a beautiful girl”, “Chatting with you is so fun”, or “You’re so smart” from the guy who is into you. They can sometimes compliment in a flirting way, such as “I like your hair” or “I like the way you move your shoulder”.

Perhaps, it can urge you to wonder more than be happy, but think about it positively that you are really attractive in other people’s eyes. There’s nothing wrong with being confident.

How to know guys like you through text
16 Signs How To Know Guys Like You Through Text

11. He Uses Flirting Emojis And Words

The guy texting you uses a heart eye emoji, wink emoji, a hug, or a kiss; you can assume that you turn him on. He expresses himself as a humorous and pleasant person to talk to and, of course, to attract you, as women tend to adore funny guys.

Some guys may not like or have a habit of using emojis, so if you don’t see them there, it’s still too soon to come to a negative conclusion. You can guess his feelings through his words as well. His words are somehow flirting; it’s an indication of his feelings.

12. He Tries To Make You Laugh

The guy who likes you is the one who wants to see you smile and be happy. Creating something fun between you two is a good base for building a relationship

This sign is similar to the previous one since some guys try to flirt by joking. Besides showing that he has a good sense of humor, he wants to impress you and make you remember him. If there are some moments when you suddenly remember a joke he made and laugh by yourself, he’s made a step closer to your heart.

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13. He Doesn’t Let The Conversation Incompleted

You know you are important to him if you never notice your guy disappears during an ongoing conversation without reason. He doesn’t leave you with doubt but tells you that he can’t text now and informs you of his available time. 

It’s not good when he is trying to show his concern to you but at the same time acting like he is pushing you away. That’s why he thinks the explanation is inevitable. He also will explain why he replies late.

How to know guys like you through text
16 Signs How To Know Guys Like You Through Text

14. He Tells You Important Things

Did you get the message from him when he passed the exam or got promoted? If your guy shares with you an important event in his life, he wants you to be part of it. You will be the first one he informs and receives the first congratulation.

It’s the same when he tells you his secret. He’s into you, trusts you, and you will help him to keep that secret. You should be glad as it signals his feelings for you. 

15. He Texts You When He’s Drunk

It is a very useful trick to know if guys like you through text when your guy seems to be into you but hides it or is scared to show it for some reason. He’s drunk, and it’s hard for him to control himself. In other words, you can say that it’s the moment he’s brave and dares to face his true feelings.

When people are drunk, they usually tell the truth. If you receive a message from the guy telling you he likes you, there is a high chance that it’s true. If he doesn’t text you like this but something else, you can still be happy as you are in his mind.

16. He Talks About Things You Two Would Do Together

After quite a long time of knowing each other through texting, he usually mentions things you two could do together. “I wish you were here” is a guarantee that he misses you and needs you. When he is doing things, he feels it’s better to do it with you.

When the word “we” appears more and more in the messages, you can believe that there’s something romantic happening or going to happen soon. He may ask you out and do things couples do on their first date.

How to know guys like you through text
16 Signs How To Know Guys Like You Through Text


Texting the guy in the morning and waiting for his response is also a way to know he likes you through text.

If you’ve built some relationship and get along well with each other, he will laugh when you send “Morning, dork”. He replies to you and asks for your plan for the day; you can say he’s falling for you.

You can try a flirty way to send such a message “I think I saw you in my dream last night”. If he likes you, he will be curious and ask about the dream. 

There are many ways to sense if a guy is not into you. In general, men should be active and start first. However, when he doesn’t initiate the conversation and it takes hours to days to reply to you, he might not see you as girlfriend material.

Another sign to consider the relationship is he doesn’t ask about you but talks about himself. He accepts your help but doesn’t give you a hand when you need him. He doesn’t text you what is going on or what he is doing. In short, he just doesn’t bring you into his life. 

It can happen that you receive messages from a guy that often end up in changing the shift for him or lending him money. This kind of person doesn’t care about you but just his business. All he wants is your help with his problems. 

If you face a similar situation without any of the 16 signs above, it’s easy to say that he doesn’t like you. He may understand your feelings for him and try to benefit from it. You’d better not spend time and energy on someone who doesn’t care about you.

Final Thoughts

Our guide on how to know guys like you through text has already given you a general idea of how to read your guy’s message. Everyone is different, and so is his way of texting and expressing himself. Since he can’t perfectly fit the frame signs, you should combine it with other factors to find the answer.

Based on how well you know him, how long you two have known each other, and how you feel after texting, you can conclude what his typing means. However, if you fall for him, you can choose to say “I like you” straightforwardly and wait for his reaction, rather than having a headache because of doubt. The choice is yours!

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