Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You

Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You – Tips For Amazing Text

Here are the best samples for messages texts to make him miss you and advice to spice up your lines. Let the texts improve your relationship. 

Are you looking for messages texts to make him miss you? You should not miss this writing as all suggestions are available below. 

Besides diversified samples to meet your demands, there are also tips to improve your texting and further information about this habit for women to consider. Knowing which type of messages and how to send them is important to prolong your relationship. 

Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You

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Basic Tips For Text Messages 

1. For Starters

Ensure that you do not put 100% of your attention on him. Or else, it seems like your world rotates around that guy.

Firstly, do not reply to all the messages within a short time. Besides, you should not be available every time to respond to his calls as being too clingy makes the man take your enthusiasm for granted.

Meanwhile, you must spend time on other relationships and improve your mental health. Once you are independent and confident, you will know how to make your life happy on your own. 

2. Not Too Much Texting

Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You
Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You - Tips For Amazing Text

Texting messages has made communication in romantic relationships more flexible compared to the past; yet, it is not a good idea to send a man numerous lines in a row.

Constant texting may suffocate the receiver and even annoy him in some cases; thus, leave the guy time and space to reply. Thanks to that, he will not be worried about how clingy you are in your future romantic relationship.  

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3. Have Fun Together

Do not consider talking to the man you are in love with a chore. All relationships, including romantic ones, have ups and downs, so do not take it seriously when there is tension or nervousness between you two. 

However, if you find the hard time longer than the relaxed time, you need to re-evaluate your current connection with that guy; maybe he is not the one for you.  

Meanwhile, there are some minor tips for you to make your texting more interesting.

  • Add emojis to text to express your feelings more clearly; besides, emojis also make your lines more poetic or sweeter.
  • Spice up by telling him your memories about you two and ask him for the reverse.
  • Texting can help you express thoughts that may be hard to tell in words. It’s advisable to talk through messages when you are too shy to speak in person.

Recommendations For Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You

Texts To Make Him Smile

  1. I can’t help falling in love with you more. Ugh, as you’re so hot.
  2. I have been waiting for you to reply for so long, I saw your account active last hour, but you haven’t answered me.

There is a great difference between the attitudes from the two messages above. If the first one would immediately make the guy feel happy and encourage him to reply, the second one would annoy him, and you have to wait longer for the response.  

Thus, you should consider the samples below to make your man happy whenever he sees your text; some of them might make you blush, while the others would make the guy blush. 

Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You
Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You - Tips For Amazing Text

Remember to be authentic and honest instead of pretending to be someone different from you. Meanwhile, don’t use these suggestions for trapping or tricking. 

  1. I am tired of counting the time left before I can be in your sexy arms.
  2. Do you remember our first kiss? It’s the best moment ever that I felt such electricity.
  3. I appreciate your everything.
  4. You should know that you are special to me, maybe the one for my life.
  5. Just wanted to say goodnight to you and tell you that I wish you were beside me so badly.
  6. New day, dear. My day would even be better if I could see your face when I wake up.
  7. I admit that I always have fluttery feelings whenever I see your text.
  8. Thanks for your help. I am proud of myself to be with such a genius man.
  9. I have never expected to be in such a great relationship like ours. I appreciate every second with you.
  10. I think I am the luckiest girl as I can meet you and be with you now.
  11. I am preparing the dinner, and the smell is amazing. It will be perfect if you come over and enjoy it with me.

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Texts For Long Distance Relationship

Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You
Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You - Tips For Amazing Text

On the one hand, numerous couples work well in preserving their long-distance relationship and even make it greater day by day; on the other hand, you and your man may find it hard not to see each other in person for a long time. 

Texting cannot satisfy your love, and some people would stop sending messages. However, don’t worry, as there is a solution when you think your man is losing his interest in you. Go for flirty texts to make the guy think of you more and create new memories between you two. 

Here are some typical samples to make your boyfriend miss you badly:

  1. Babe, I have been thinking about you for hours, and the only thing to stop me is seeing your gorgeous face. Give me some minutes for Facetime, won’t you?    
  2. I appreciate each day having you in my life. No matter how far away you are, no matter how long I have to wait to see you, receiving your texts every day makes me feel loved. That’s enough.
  3. My dear, you got a reminder: There is always a girl loving and missing you; it’s me. And I am grateful that you are doing the same.
  4. Babe, are you still working? Here is a new picture I have just taken with our dog. We both miss you a lot, but I miss you more than him, so come here with us soon.
  5. Your flirty words make my whole heart melt. They also blow off my tiredness after a harsh day at work. I have a secret gift to send you tonight, wearing nothing but a smile on my face.
  6. I have just come back home from work. How was your day? Have you finished yet? I am waiting for your reply and waiting to see you ASAP.

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I Miss You Messages

Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You
Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You - Tips For Amazing Text

Whether the man is your husband or boyfriend, whether you have just fallen in love or been married, telling him that you miss him is essential to water your love tree. There are some samples of “I miss you messages” for you to consider:

  1. Though there are numerous ways to say “I miss you”, no word can tell how much I miss you and want you to be here.
  2. I am looking at our old photos from our first days of dating, and until now, I still find myself lucky to meet and love such a gorgeous, talented and heartwarming person like you.
  3. I missed the moments when I was in your arms, and your voice was beside me. Can’t wait to see you and feel safe with your hug.
  4. My friends asked me to take care of myself as they can feel how much I miss my man. Don’t worry, as missing is another way to show how much I love you.
  5. You are the most special gift that God has given to me, and I appreciate our relationship and manage well when we are apart as I know you are “the one” of me. I miss you a lot, much more than I can express.
  6. You make me and my life better with joy and care, and I just want to let you know that I miss and love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
  7. My home is not a place. My home is where I have the people I love, especially you. Missing is not pleasant, but it means I always have you in my heart.
  8. My dear, no words can express how much I want to see you. It would be great if we could meet this weekend, or else I might go crazy because of missing you.
  9. Babe, I think I have a health problem as I cannot stop myself from thinking about you, the most attractive and genius man that has ever appeared in my life.
  10. The best moment of this year would be the day when we can meet again. I am counting down on it and looking forward to seeing your face. You are my everything, love!

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Flirty, Sexy, And Encourage Texts

Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You

Here are some suggestions for flirty and sexy texts:

  1. I don’t like eating too many sweets as they may cause sickness. However, since the first day I met you, your texting has been the sweetest thing that I have ever had, and I want to have them in my life forever.
  2. Do you know that you have purchased a ticket to my heart? A one-way ticket.
  3. Hope that I will appear in your dreams the way you do in mine – every time I go to sleep.
  4. What do you have for dinner? Let’s have a similar meal and pretend we are eating together.
  5. Seeing your face every morning is better than any type of coffee.
  6. I have sent a hug and a kiss to you; have you received them?
  7. I’m so excited about what we can do if I were in your bed right now.
  8. Miss you so much. Do you want to Facetime before going to bed? I have something to make you blush.
  9. Wish you could fill my bed’s empty side right now, and it is just left for you.
  10. I am in my bed. Can you guess if I am wearing anything or not?
  11. I wish I could teleport to your bed right now.

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Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You
Messages Texts To Make Him Miss You - Tips For Amazing Text

Besides, there are samples for encouraging your man should you find those sexy ones are boring or too much for you.

  1. I’m addicted to the way you handle your work.
  2. I wish I could tell how inspiring you are every day.
  3. I appreciate your dedication to our relationship. You are such a treasure of my life.
  4. Good luck today. You are always the best!
  5. Until now, I still can not help being surprised by how incredible you are.

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Does Silence Make A Man Miss You?

Yes. Shortly, silence has a great effect on male mental conditions and encourages them to think about you more.

In most cases, if you suddenly go silent, the man tends to miss you and think of ways to connect with you more. Furthermore, silence after a breakup also confuses the guy.

Normally, the male instinct will push him to look for you or your information after a while without hearing from you. No matter how much you love him, sudden silence will haunt him with numerous questions. He will then think of you and attempt to find you. 

Is It Important To Always Send A Goodnight Text?

The answer depends on how frequently you text your partner. A goodnight text is appropriate if you have a habit of sending messages every day, including morning texts. 

Keep in mind that sending goodnight wishes is not annoying or does not provide any issues, as in most cases, the guys are into reading these lines before sleeping.

In case your partner is not used to sending texts, it is normal not to receive his goodnight messages every night; the same goes for the man who is too tired after a harsh day. However, if wishing goodnight is a norm in your relationship, it might be abnormal when he stops. 

Should I Text Him Every Morning?

If you find it necessary, just do it. In fact, how you text your partner is more important than the frequency of morning texting. 

Sending messages can either prolong your relationship or lead to a breakup, given that the content is not positive and healthy; thus, be cautious of what to send your guy at the beginning of his day. 

Try to connect with his interest or daily habit when saying good morning through texting; then, you will leave a positive impression on him once you send the right content at the right time he wakes up. 

Final Thoughts

Ladies, that’s the fundamental information you should have to get effective texting. Dear all the women that are looking for messages texts to make him miss you, the investment in your romantic relationship is worth appreciation. 

Hope that you will have a more happy time communicating with your guy through positive and healthy lines.

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