15 ways on how to make him fully commit to you

15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

So you’ve been dating a guy and you think he is the one. The thing is he’s shown no sign of commitment. Are you wondering how to make him fully commit to your relationship?

Dating in today’s world is a little more complicated than it used to be. There seems to be a rise in people with commitment issues as a result of the development of dating apps, social media, and the way our society functions.

I can’t say I blame them though. Many men struggle to make a decision because there are so many possibilities for meeting women. As a result, we frequently find ourselves in situationships, dating someone for months, only to find there’re no signs of commitment from them.

In this article, we will go over 15 ways on how to make him fully commit to you without pressure.

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How to make him fully commit to you

1. Have self-confidence

have self-confidence - how to make him fully commit
15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

Being confident in yourself is a powerful way to encourage a man to commit. Finding someone who understands their worth and refuses to accept anything less is appealing. This also gives you the impression of being a stronger, more independent woman, which will draw a man closer. Overall, developing self-confidence is a critical component of attracting a man.

2. Develop an emotional connection primarily

If you’re learning how to make him fully commit to you, my advice is to focus on creating an emotional connection before a sexual one (is he only physically interested in you?) This will give you and your partner time to get to know each other’s values and goals before focusing on your bodies. Also, this is something you don’t see very often these days, which will undoubtedly capture your man’s attention.

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3. Make him feel special

make him feel special - how to make him fully commit
15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

Men, like women, want to be treated with respect. As a result, if you’re trying to persuade him to commit, it’s crucial to understand what he truly wants and make him feel special. Basically when you compliment a man, you’re telling him that you value what he does or who he is. This will make him feel important and encourage him to commit fast and readily.

4. Keep your appeal

If you want to learn how to make him fully commit to you, keep in mind that when it comes to attracting women, men are very visual. The issue is that once a woman enters a serious relationship, she may forget to put effort into her beauty.

Yes, your boyfriend may still love you regardless, but most men adore it when their lady goes out of her way to look great all of the time. Also, don’t forget to flirt with him as if you have just started going on your first dates.

5. Be fun and mysterious

be fun and mysterious - how to make him fully commit
15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

It takes time and effort to get your man to commit. You can have a sense of fun and excitement in your relationship by trying different things together, going out on dates, or attempting something new in the bedroom. Allowing your boyfriend to miss you once in a while can help keep him from feeling bored.

You can also demonstrate your worth by being skilled in areas such as knitting, DIY, or having a successful career. If he’s constantly uncovering new facets of your personality, it’ll pique his interest and make him want to spend more time with you.

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6. Keep his privacy in mind

You must remember to respect the privacy of the man of your dreams if you want to get him to commit. We all have a past, we all have prior lovers, and we all have a history. This isn’t something to pass judgment on or pester him about. Keep in mind that you’re a part of his future, not his past. Respect a man’s privacy in all of its manifestations, and he will respect you back.

7. Have your own life

have your own life how to make him fully commit 1
15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

Don’t forget to keep doing what you’re doing. Learning how to make him fully commit may appear to be a difficult effort, but men admire women who know how to truly love themselves, are self-sufficient, and have a life outside of him.

Make time to spend with your family and friends, as well as do the things you enjoy. He’ll go insane and want you more if you take the opportunity to focus solely on yourself.

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8. Don’t go out of your way to please him

While it’s always nice to do things for your man, don’t be the girlfriend that babysits him and acts like his mother. This might make you appear as a desperate, clingy girlfriend who likes domineering. Not to mention, this can cause a man to look at you as if you’re his mother, which isn’t healthy for a developing relationship.

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9. Love yourself

love yourself - how to make him fully commit
15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

My favorite piece of advice for how to make him fully commit to you is to love yourself first before you go out looking for your boyfriend. When you love yourself, you won’t feel clinging, depressed, and controlling. Loving yourself will help you have a higher chance of finding Mr. Right and will keep you feeling confident and secure in yourself throughout the process.

10. Have faith in him

Nothing is more unappealing than a jealous woman. You should take a step back and examine your relationship if you become angry when he goes out or covertly check his phone in the restroom. If you don’t trust a man, he will not want to go further with you. So, before you attempt to make something more official, make sure you feel safe.

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11. Increase the value of his life

Increase the value of his life - 15 ways on how to make him fully commit to you
15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

Men are also less willing to commit to a female if they don’t think she will contribute value to their lives. That’s why it’s critical to show the guy you’re courting how much better his life will be with you. Be a listener, a lover, a buddy, and a cheerleader at the same time, and you’ll successfully learn how to make him fully commit to your relationship.

12. Make him work for it

Remember that he has to earn your commitment just as much as you do. Men love a bit of a challenge rather than a lady presented to them on a plate with a red ribbon on it. Let him know that your commitment isn’t easily won either. Let him show signs of love by being a good listener and supporter, making you feel like a million dollars, and doing things for you.

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13. Never forget sex

Sex is important - 15 ways on how to make him fully commit to you
15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

Physical intimacy is a huge motivator for guys. Many people believe that if they commit to a monogamous relationship, it will become dull. You can blow his mind and put his fear to rest by displaying a sex drive that matches his and a prowess between the covers. Also, try to be open-minded. Sex is essential for bonding, and it will help him grow closer to you.

14. Be his home

Learning to be a safe place for your man rather than a battleground is my next suggestion on how to make him fully commit to you. In the end, you want to establish a space where he can be himself around you or come to you when he’s depressed. Nothing beats coming home to a woman who can listen and soothe you after a long day of work, rather than a nagging wife. Learn to be his safe haven and you’ll never have to worry about him going away.

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15. Let him show his masculinity

Let him show his masculinity - 15 ways on how to make him fully commit to you
15 Ways On How To Make Him Fully Commit To You

Let’s face it, men enjoy flaunting their manhood. Allowing your man to play the manly role on a regular basis is the secret psychology of what makes a man fall in love. Men want to feel needed in your environment, whether it’s opening a jar for you or retrieving something from a shelf you can’t reach. This will make him feel like he’s contributing to your life, which will increase his likelihood of long-term commitment (something that triggers his “hero instinct”).

How to make him fully commit to you the fastest way

While all of these 15 tips are excellent and will help you gain his commitment one day, there is one approach that is the quickest and most certain to succeed. It’s about arousing his inner hero instinct, which I have just mentioned earlier, but what is it?

This is a term coined by relationship expert James Bauer, who explains how it revolves around a man’s three natural drivers. Men desire usefulness. They want to feel useful in your life. Unfortunately, many women don’t know or forget this.

It makes no difference how frightened he is of commitment, or how much he hides his feelings. He’ll run into your arms once his hero instinct has been awakened. Exactly where you want to be. But how do you do it?

Simply watch this free video to learn what the hero instinct is and why you need to activate it in your man, as well as some helpful actionable strategies to do so.

While every man is unique, they all have similar wants. It’s a biological drive that many men are unaware of. They have to be desired and needed. It’s not about donning a cape and saving the day; it’s about feeling like he’s a significant part of your life.

If you are still in doubt, here is a review of how James Bauer’s expertise can actually help your romantic life flourish. You will be surprised in the end.

Final thoughts

I hope you have gained some useful tips on how to make him fully commit after reading this post. Finding the right man with whom to share your life takes time, and getting him to commit to you might also take a little more effort.

Just keep in mind, though, that a man will only commit if he truly wants it. If things don’t work out with this guy, remember that there’s always someone else who will treat you like the queen you are. Have fun and be yourself! I’m sure you’ll never fail in any relationship if you’re honest and know your priorities.

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