songs for long-distance relationship

Songs For Long-Distance Relationship – List Of Best Romantic Songs

Are you in a long-distance relationship and want to share your love with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Follow our list of songs for long-distance relationship here!

Long-distance love often delivers very special feelings that not every couple can have. They often miss each other; even though they are far apart, their hearts always beat the same. 

Such a relationship is hard and rocky, but it is also interesting. Maybe, sometimes, distance and nostalgia will make us miss each other.

Below, we would like to share the best songs for long-distance relationship to help you confess your feelings to your significant other when you two are apart. These songs will increase your motivation and faith in your great love!

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List Of Songs For Long-Distance Relationship

Check out the list of love songs before the 2000s and after the 2000s here:

songs for long-distance relationship
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Songs Before The 2000s

Faith Hill – “Breathe”

This song is about a lady attempting to retain her man in her life, although she knows he intends to leave. 

Faith Hill sings about how the only thing that motivates her to go is the belief that she still stands a future with him and that they have time to sort things out. 

This song is ideal for long-distance partners who face difficulties being together but remain hopeful that everything will be fine.

Journey – “Faithfully”

This melody is about a man who is estranged from the woman of his life. Journey tells a story about how, no matter what, he will be there for her. 

This track is meant for dedicated lovers who will fight for their romance.

Linda Ronstadt And James Ingram – “Somewhere Out There”

The lyrics convey the connection of two people who are parted by a considerable distance but are buoyed by the hope that their relationship will finally reconnect. 

They will be able to be back together. 

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Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell – “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” is a confession of a couple who love each other very much. For them, as long as there is love, all the difficulties and trials are only temporary. 

Together, they can count on their lovers to overcome all.

Whitney Houston – “I Will Always Love You” 

This all-time immortal masterpiece is like a beautiful farewell of a couple. In the song, the person leaving understands that parting is painful but will open other better doors. 

Despite taking the initiative to leave, this person always carries with them the memories of the time together and hopes the other will continue to live a life full of hope and happiness.

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Carole King – “So Far Away”

This ballad melody is about a woman in a relationship with a man living in another country. Carole King’ voice bears the missing feelings and how her heart hurts when he reappears. 

This song can cheer up separated lovers attempting to withstand the journey until they can reconnect.

The Proclaimers – “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

The song is about a man’s loneliness without the woman he loves. He still remembers the joy of being near his lover, the time they were happy together, and the pain of being apart, and he is willing to travel 500 miles to her doorstep, just to see her.

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Westlife – “My love”

Westlife’s “My Love” is a must-have on this list. This song is about the loneliness of a boy. He is immersed in the nostalgia of his beloved in a faraway place and carries the hope of returning one day.

The song has a gentle melody, but the message is very deep and full of affection as he hopes that when the sky is blue again, he will see her again.

Richard Marx – “Right Here Waiting”

“Whenever you go, whatever you do, I will be here waiting for you” – These are the earnest words that every long-distance couple wants to hear, and the message echoed in the famous song “I’m here to wait”.

This recording is like an anthem for couples who are not close but still give each other the most sincere love and care.

Elvis Presley – “Can’t Help Falling In Love”

Over the past half-century, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” has graced many couples and laid the foundation for countless love stories. 

The song is called the “confession hymn” because the natural love language can “replace the words you want to say” with the heart-meated melody.

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Song After The 2000s

Charlie Puth – “One Call Away”

This cheerful melody and positive energy will light up your day! The song is about a guy, who can’t be with the girl, but craves for a call when he needs to. 

He will become a hero to save her from a bad day. And he also wanted her to know that, no matter what, he would always think of her.

Taylor Swift – “Love Story”

This Taylor Swift’s song about Romeo and Juliet loving each other despite difficulties will help you have more faith in love!

This is like a sure affirmation that if there are barriers, two of you need to look at each other and strive for your love, then you will receive a happy ending.

Ed Sheeran – “Thinking Out Loud”

“Thinking Out Loud” is about the deep emotions of love as it matures with a troubled opening. The music is as slow as the steady footsteps of time.

The lyrics bring thoughts and contemplation through simple images: “When my legs were not strong, I was old and weak, 70 years old, far from heaven and earth”. 

Those are all milestones that everyone will go through in life, but it will be better if you go through all of them with your beloved person.

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Taylor Swift Ft. Ed Sheeran – “Everything Has Changed”

The collaboration of two talented young artists created a wonderful love song. “Everything Has Changed” is about a couple’s journey to change their minds when they meet. 

Looking into each other’s eyes, they know this is love just by the first greeting, and they will get better around each other.

Mandy Moore Ft. Zachary Levi – “I See The Light”

In the movie “Tangled,” this song can be considered the masterpiece of a long-distance couple.

This song is like a message from you to your lover that he is like the light of your life, and he helps you understand how big and lovely the world around you is!

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Christina Perri – “A Thousand Years”

It seems that fans of the Twilight romance series get hooked on the sweet song A Thousand Years in the Twilight.

A Thousand Years perfectly fits the film’s meaning, in which Edward must wait thousands of years to meet the love of his life.

Perri’s deep melody and melodious voice will help Twilight fans return to the series’ best moments, like the scene of a couple lying in the middle of a flower field.

Jesse McCartney – “Right Where You Want Me”

The song lyrics are about a man flirting with a woman and asking her to get to know each other slowly. 

This track will probably remind you of the new days of falling in love, why you both started, and what you should try for. Whenever down in the dump, just turn this song on to get motivated again.

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Katy Perry – “The One That Got Away”

The lyrics express regret over a sad but hopeful love story. The song reminds us of the famous play about a love affair, based on a true story about Romeo & Juliet.

We believe that you cannot forget the first moments you fall in love with him because, thanks to it, you have grown much more. 

At some point, when you relive the memories of your first love, you will find some peace in your soul.

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Michael Bublé – “Home”

This song tells the sad story of a man who falls in love with somebody he can not have. Michael Bublé sings about how badly he wishes to be with this woman and live a regular life. 

The track is particularly suitable for couples who want to feel at home together no matter where they are.

Avril Levigne – “When You’re Gone”

“When You’re Gone” by Avril Lavigne paints a picture of the different emotions people often experience when they are abandoned or separated from their loved ones.

In the first verse, the narrator does not fully feel the pain of separation from the lover until a certain time when she feels lonely. She then admits in the following verses that she will remember the moments they shared, especially now that he has gone. 

Her despair grows as she is constantly reminded of this person due to some of the things he left behind.

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Justin Timberlake – “Mirrors”

It turns out that “happily ever after” love affairs are still precious, perhaps even more so in an era when people live in a hurried world. You have to love someone so much to believe that this is the person you will be with forever.

Justin wrote this song for his wife, Jessica Biel, as a promise: “You are the love of my life”, as she was the comparison and a continuation in memory of Justin’s grandparents – William and Sadie. They had been in love for almost 70 years.

Simple Plan & Natasha Bedingfield – “Jet Lag”

If you are in a different time zone than your significant other, this is the perfect song to listen to. It’s about the reality of living in different parts of the world and missing each other.

Although the world is in a hurry, and the work is tiring, we still miss each other dearly. 

What could be more precious than flying to the place of your partner when you are in a long-distance relationship, right?

Jason Mraz – “I Won’t Give Up.”

The sweet melody and sincere lyrics of “I won’t give up” make Jason Mraz’s song so attractive to music fans. The song expresses a boy’s deep love for the woman he is obsessed. 

No matter what, he will not give up and patiently wait for her.

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How To Make A Playlist For Long-Distance Couples?

First, choose a music platform you often use, Youtube, Spotify, or Soundcloud. Then choose a great title for your playlist. Together, choose and include songs that are special and reminiscent of each other. 

Note that you should put songs related to the memories of the two of you or songs that you want to convey to that person so that every time you turn it on, you will overflow with emotions.

Finally, share the playlist and enjoy it with the other.

It will be more wonderful if the two of you share the same taste in music because music also speaks a part of each person’s mind and personality. So let your sweetheart listen to your favorite songs!

songs for long-distance relationship
Source: Pexels

What Is The Advice On Dealing With Doubts And Facing The Unknown In A Long-Distance Relationship?

Our most honest advice is to avoid overthinking or forcing anything. You wish your long-distance romance to evolve naturally, just like any other. 

Successful relationships can be difficult, so don’t attempt to address all of your problems at once.

The fun of romances is not knowing how far they will take you. Life is lengthy; don’t expect to understand everything while young. 

If your long-distance romance fails, take the lessons learned and move on. When the time comes, you will discover a person who is the right match for you.

songs for long-distance relationship
Songs For Long-Distance Relationship - List Of Best Romantic Songs

Are Long Distance Relationships Becoming More Common?

In 2005, there were 839,000 more long-distance engagements than in 2000. Long-distance marriages climbed by a significant 23% from 2000 to 2005. This trend includes greater exposure to distant individuals.

The expansion of Internet dating platforms may contribute to the creation of “in love couples” – people who live in different parts of the world and who meet on the internet but have a genuine, rather than a virtual, connection. 

Long-distance romances are finally being accepted as a realistic option by society.

So, besides the fact that many long-distance sparks are flying nowadays, people are more inclined to nurture the flames of these love interests rather than dismiss them.

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Final Thoughts

Songs for long-distance relationships – this list of the best romantic songs with sweet and tender melodies will make our mood flutter. Let’s relax to the song’s tune to feel the best of love with us!

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