How to know if a guy is boyfriend materia

12 Tips On How To Know If A Guy Is Boyfriend Material – Here’s The Answer!

If you’re wondering how to know if a guy is boyfriend material, this post is for you! Here we’ll give you signs to determine your dot-on guy.

Have you been stuck in toxic relationships? Experiencing such a relationship may lead you to constant suspicion every time a certain guy asks you out. But what if that guy is your Mr. Right?

Now, you should learn how to know if a guy is boyfriend material to take further steps for this potential relationship. Scroll down to get the signs and learn how to have a healthy relationship with him.

How to know if a guy is boyfriend material
12 Tips On How To Know If A Guy Is Boyfriend Material - Here's The Answer!

How To Know If A Guy Is Boyfriend Material?

1. He Listens To You

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, two high-level human needs are emotional exchange and esteem, associated with being heard and shared.

Sometimes you merely want to find someone who can patiently listen to all the fatigue or simple joys that you have gone through during a long day. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to do that.

At this point, boyfriend material will be the one you need. Instead of ignoring or roughly hearing what you’re saying, he focuses on listening to you.

Have you noticed that he gives you sympathetic looks and reassuring hugs or nods when you talk about your concerns? These small actions show that he truly listens and cares about your feelings.

So girls, learn to listen to that guy, as when both of you are willing to listen to each other, your bond will be stronger.

How to know if a guy is boyfriend material 5
He learns to patiently listen to everything from you

2. He Is Honest With You

For boyfriend material, honesty is essential to maintaining a long-lasting relationship. In other words, he takes the initiative to show you the “real” him.

He doesn’t hesitate to tell you where he’s going and what he’s doing. Sometimes, you might be surprised to hear about his secrets, such as a messy habit or a certain flaw.

He is even willing to say what is good or bad about you to develop a better relationship. More importantly, his honesty towards you indicates that he trusts you with all his heart.

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3. He Is Ready To Address Issues 

Conflicts in a relationship are inevitable, and the way a guy deals with arguments arising will tell you if he deserves to be your long-term partner.

In fact, when things go wrong between the two of you, guys who don’t love you enough won’t be able to tolerate your tantrums. They tend to avoid or even disconnect from you, leaving you in an emotional wreck.

On the contrary, a boyfriend material chooses to accompany you to solve the problems. He quietly cares about you by texts to remind you to eat on time, go to bed early, ask how your day was going, etc., and wait for both to be calm enough to resolve the fight.

This guy tries to stay in regular contact with you. He’ll go straight to you if you don’t pick up the phone. Your Mr. Right also makes up first even though it’s not his fault because he appreciates you.

Sometimes, when he feels the situation is going worst, he will choose to stay silent instead of trying to argue with you. Please respect the man who is silent at the right time to protect the relationship.

4. He Wants To Introduce You To His Family And Close Friends

A guy who desires a committed relationship wants you to be a part of his life. He creates many opportunities for you to meet his family and friends, with whom he comes in contact daily.

Also, the fact that the guy doesn’t hesitate to meet your family and friends is a good sign. Only when he intends to go further in this relationship will he learn deeper about your family and social relationships.

5. He Wants To Be Long-Term Committed To You

How to know if a guy is boyfriend material 2
Rather than leaving you to handle relationship issues alone, he chooses to be by your side

Not every guy is ready to commit to a lifelong relationship with someone he doesn’t truly love.

Yet, boyfriend material will be really serious in making this sacred commitment. Here are some signs you can refer to see if he is ready to take you to this next stage.

He is comfortable talking about the future with you.

When you’re together, you can naturally talk about naming your future children, where you want to build your dream home, where you both want to be together when you get older, etc.

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He is financially open to you.

Whether he is a wealthy tycoon or just an average earner, consider how he treats you with money. If he’s not afraid to disclose his finance to you, he’s ready to commit to you for a long time.

He is ready to forgive you.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time – it’s inevitable in life. If your “cool guy” isn’t ready to plunge deeper in the love pool, he’ll find an excuse to get out of the relationship by criticizing your mistakes.

Conversely, a person ready to be with you forever will know how to tolerate mistakes and let go of everything for you.

how to know if a guy is boyfriend material
The guy is committed to a serious relationship with you

6. He Speaks Your Love Languages

Everyone has a different way of expressing and feeling affection. “Language of love” is a way for us to nurture the bond of attachment and develop a relationship in a healthy and positive direction.

A boyfriend material will learn your love language to make you always feel loved and treasured.

If your love language is Words of Affirmation, he will give you compliments or sweet words full of his love.

Besides words, actions are indispensable in loving confession – Act of Service. He wakes up earlier than usual to prepare breakfast for a special occasion or help you with housework and other chores.

He is also willing to hold your hand in public or hug you every morning if you like that. 

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7. He Spends His Quality Time With You

Love is part of what makes this good life, yet we can’t spend all the time we have falling in love. Work, school, family, friends, or other social interests also need our attention.

That said, if a person loves you, he can still take a little time amidst the chaos of life to be with you and prove to you how much he loves you.

A boyfriend material will always know how to organize work and spend as much time with you. Remember that this priority comes out of his willingness, not because you nag or demand.

He can spend his quality time with you traveling, watching movies, shopping, cooking, or helping you clean the house. 

Should you two be in a long-distance relationship, he will always say words of love to make you feel warm and appreciated.

How to know if a guy is boyfriend material
Boyfriend material always wants to spend his free time with you

8. He Makes You Feel Comfortable Being Yourself

We are all flawed individuals when it comes to love. Yet, every Jack has his Jill, and you will find someone who accepts and loves you unconditionally.

Boyfriend material always wants you to be the best version of yourself. Instead of forcing you to be someone else, he gives you advice on how to live in such a way that you can still be yourself and progress positively.

When you’re with this guy, you don’t have to give up your interests or even hide your identity to suit your partner anymore. Here, you get to be yourself!

If your current relationship has these characteristics, never let go of that person.

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9. He Gives You Space

Since falling in love, surely everyone wants to text, call and stay with their lover all day long.

However, similar to other relationships, love needs “breathing space” when you have more time for yourself, thereby rebalancing the relationship.

Each has different expectations about personal space when in love. Genuine boyfriend material is willing to communicate to understand your needs. From there, he gives you the space you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t worry that you’re selfish when asking for space, as when he gives you space; he can also enjoy time for himself.

For example, when you want to hang out with your friends on a Saturday night, he’ll make plans to meet up with his colleagues.

How to know if a guy is boyfriend material 3
He lets you enjoy your personal time

10. He Respects And Supports All Your Decisions

A man who is supportive of whatever you do shows that his love for you is sincere. No matter what you do or how you feel, he is always there to praise your efforts and find ways to solve any problems you have.

If you’re too busy to spend time with him, he’ll never take that as a reason to object to your work.

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Though he may be very worried when seeing you overworking, he is still by your side to encourage you mentally. Of course, if he can do something for you, he will be more than willing to help you accomplish your goal.

Such a man is also the supporter of all your dreams. Rather than holding you back, he allows you to do everything that makes you happy. Being with him gives you the freedom to grow into a better you!

11. He Strives For Self-Development

The crux of love is self-improvement. No matter how much you love each other, if both of you don’t grow together, the relationship is very likely to stall.

A boyfriend material will constantly strive to develop himself day by day to become more suitable to you. For example, the guy gives up bad habits you don’t like, such as smoking or drinking.

More than that, he puts more effort into his work to achieve certain achievements. That guy knows that only with hard work can he guarantee you a happy and worry-free life.

So, forgive him if he is too busy from time to time. Alternatively, give him lots of encouragement and focus on developing yourself.

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12. He Doesn’t Ask For Physical Intimacy When You’re Not Ready

When in a relationship, every guy wants to cuddle the person they love. However, the boyfriend material won’t expect the both of you to get too intimate when you’re not ready.

For him, when both are willing, physical intimacies happen. He doesn’t feel annoyed or upset every time you refuse when he asks. This shows that the guy loves and respects you a lot.

how to know if a guy is boyfriend material 1
Properly triggering the hero instinct in your man helps you build a better relationship

How To Build Up A Healthy Relationship With Such A Guy?

You might be the luckiest girl if you get a guy having these traits. So, how to develop a lasting relationship with him? Here are the tips.

1. Learn To Listen

To gain his love and trust, you must first be someone who cares about him.

Whenever you are with him, always listen to him. Never think you are central and only talk about your desires. Instead, give him some space and let him share his thoughts. 

2. Know How To Support Him At The Right Time

Your guy certainly has times of weakness and needs your encouragement in some moments. When you see him in trouble or in a bad mood, stay by his side and help him.

3. Trigger His Hero Instinct

The hero instinct is really about the basic biological urge that causes the “true” man to appear strong in front of the weaker sex.

The fact is that your boyfriend material doesn’t necessarily want to be a hero to the world; he only wants to be your hero.

Hence, rather than doing everything on your own, allow him to do it for you, as this makes him feel useful and always “needed” by you.

If you are looking for perfect love, do not hesitate to watch this video about hero instinct by James Bauer to understand this concept better.


How Do I Know If A Guy Likes Me Or It’s Just A Fling?

A person who wants to be in a serious relationship will notice everything about you, such as how funny you are, what dreams you have, etc.

Rather, a person who comes to you with flirtatious intentions will only care about complimenting your body and nothing else.

How Long Will It Take A Girl To Realize A Guy Is Indeed A Boyfriend Material?

For girls, it doesn’t take them too long to figure out whether they have feelings for a certain guy or not. 

Thus, you need to rely on the guy’s actions and consider if those actions have met what you want in a relationship. As a result, you’ll know if it’s a potential relationship worth the investment.

Final Thoughts

How to know if a guy is boyfriend material? The above 12 signs might probably help you out.

Don’t hesitate if a guy with these signs wants to be your long-term partner. You both deserve to love and be loved!

At the same time, you need to learn how to love properly so that your relationship can move to the next level. We believe you will be happy with your choice.

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