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Is It Okay To Hate?

There is this famous quote that people love. “Hate is such a strong emotion to waste on someone.’ This, coupled with the judgment and the unsolicited opinions you get when you confess your hatred towards somebody or something, brings about guilt for experiencing the emotion of hate.

Yes, hate is a strong and ugly emotion, but it is not a decision. We don’t get to choose what we hate and what we love. The sources of this strong and ugly emotion are what make it unhealthy. It can be dangerous if it comes from not knowing enough, jealousy, not being able to control our feelings, or feeling insecure.

But some things that cause people to hate are fair. If you hate someone because of what they did to you or how they make you feel, that’s a good reason to hate them. Also, it’s not in our nature to love everything and everyone. We are not like that.

We don’t always know why we don’t like certain people or things. You can hate someone just by seeing them walk into a room. It’s okay that your energies don’t match up.

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It’s not okay to act on your hatred, though. You should never let this feeling get out of hand. You do not get the right to attack, defame or bully someone because you have contempt for them. You hate to control.

There are ways to stop being so mean. Also, once you realize you have hatred towards a person or a thing, be intentional about getting rid of that emotion. While you are validated to feel your hate, this is one emotion you wouldn’t want to carry with you all the time.

How to Win by Over Hate

Dealing with hate is a process. They are steps to be taken. Here are some of the steps you can consider taking to beat hate.

1. Identify the hate you are experiencing – The first step to dealing with this emotion is to recognize and be sure it is the hate you are experiencing. We can confuse some emotions with hatred. For example, jealousy, anger, or disgust can be confused with hate. Once you are sure of what emotion you are experiencing, you can look for ways to deal with it.

2. Identify the source of hatred – Knowing why exactly you hate someone or something is a significant step in beating it. Some kinds of hatred are not yours to carry. You do t have to hate people because other people hate them. And you cannot afford to hate people because of who they are and your insecurities. Sometimes, when realizing the source of our hatred is not valid, you can beat it sooner. However, when you have valid reasons to hate and are ready to get rid of the hatred, proceed to the next step.

3. Embrace it – Embracing our emotions is a significant step when trying to rise above them. Justify your reasons to hate and confess it. You do not have to tell another person how much you hate. You can say it out loud in your private space and then feel it.

4. Try to get rid of the hate. You can use many methods to get rid of the hatred inside you when you are ready. Do not force yourself to stop hating a person or a thing. Hate them for as long as you want, and try to get rid of them when you are ready. Here are a few methods you can employ to eliminate the hate.

1. Give the thing you hate: time and space- when you have much hatred for someone or something. The best thing you can do is give it or the people you hate time and space. Keep a distance, and focus on the things you love for as long as possible. After sometimes you will realize that you don’t hate them anymore or with the same intensity as you did before.

2. Confront the person or thing you hate – Confronting the person you hate is an excellent way to deal with emotion. However, before you do so, ensure that this person is in the right mind. Not everyone is approachable. When it is safe, let them know what they did to you for you to hate and hate them that much. Consider using a third party, a mediator, to try to solve this issue whenever you don’t feel safe confronting them alone. seek

3. Seek Counseling. Therapy is one of the best ways to deal with your emotions. Talk it out, and let a professional guide you on how to deal with this negative emotion.

4. Get in tune with your spirituality – Life is spiritual, and getting in tune with your spirituality is a great way to deal with hate. Whatever you believe in, pray to it to help deal with your emotion. Also, you can try things like yoga, meditation, and reciting some affirmations.

1. I release hatred and allow myself to love.

2. I release all the doubts and insecurities I felt about myself.

3. I feel no hatred for others.

4. I make wise choices that lead me to joy and happiness.

5. I have so much love to share with everyone around me.


Emotions are messages to us from us. We do not hand-pick which emotion to feel on a particular day. Hence, we should listen to what these emotions are telling us. The emotion of hate has been made to look so ugly for a long time. And while we agree it is indeed an ugly emotion, we also have all the right to experience and embrace it. Nobody should guilt you for feeling hate. However, if you let hatred get in the way of your actions, then you will be judged. So feel the hate but have it under control.

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