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Why Men Cheat: 9 Reasons Why.

Why men cheat?

There are many theories about why men cheat. One theory suggests that something biological causes them to stray from their partners.

The other says it has more to do with sexual dissatisfaction and their unsuccessful attempts to act on it in the past.

What is it that we know for sure? Men cheat because they generally want more intimacy, sex, and love in their lives; however, they often don’t know how to get what they want within a traditional marriage or relationship.

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In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why men cheat. Enjoy the read, and I hope you find some closure here.

Peer Pressure

Most men cheat to keep up with the standard of their peers. Never underestimate the ability of men to fall into peer pressure. Some men cheat on their partners to fit a certain status quo.

Men Cheat To Prove Masculinity

Men with bruised egos will cheat to feel more like a man again. Men not appreciated, praised, or rewarded enough by their partners are more likely to cheat.

Also, unhealed childhood traumas such as bullying may cause a man to cheat. Now that they have the chance, they want to show themselves and the world that they are not the weak boys’ they used to be.

Of course, this does not excuse cheating, but sometimes we cannot help but feel compassion for men who cheat.

Men Cheat To Seek Adventure

Men are chasers in nature. Once a man has his woman at home, he gets this urge to want to pursue other women to satisfy his nature.

It takes a lot of maturity and discipline for a man not to cheat. However, one should have enough self-control not to cheat and hurt the person they love.

Men Cheat for Revenge

Like women, men cheat to get revenge on cheating partners. Being cheated on hurts. And when a person deeply hurts you, you instinctively want to hurt them.

When They Want To Break-up

Some men don’t know the best way to end a relationship. So, they move on while still with their partners. This is not recommended.

Men Cheat For Sexual Pleasures

Some men cheat to experience sex with different people. Some people don’t call this cheating, but it is.


Regardless of the reason, cheating is never okay. It can destroy a relationship, cause great emotional pain, and have long-term consequences. If you struggle with cheating in your relationship, it is important to get help. Many resources are available, including counseling, group therapy, and self-help books. If you are considering cheating, you must talk to someone about your feelings.

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