7 Fun Ways To Decorate Your Home With Wood

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Wood is an incredibly versatile material that has been used in homes for millennia. While it may not be as strong or damage-resistant as some modern synthetic materials, wood can provide a much more natural calming feel to a room. A rise in sustainable timber farms has also made it one of the most eco-friendly materials you can use. This is why wood remains a popular choice of material in homes. If you’ve been thinking of incorporating more wood into your interior decor, why not consider some of these fun decorating ideas.

Embrace hardwood floors

Nowadays, most homes contain laminate flooring instead of natural hardwood. Laminate is cheaper and easier to clean, but it has its downsides – it’s not as long-lasting and does not add value to a home the same way hardwood does.

Investing in some hardwood flooring could be a great way to add character to a room and give it an earthy touch. Check out this guide on how to lay a hardwood floor

Create an accent wall

Wood panelling on walls was popular in the 60s and 70s. It’s recently seen a bit of a comeback – when used as a single accent wall in a room, it can add a dramatic burst of texture. 

A wood accent wall is something you can install yourself. Peel and stick wall planks make the job easy – check out this guide to find out how to install peel and stick wall planks

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Paint wooden furniture

While some people love the natural color and texture of wood, it’s possible to paint wood to add new colors and textures. From matte to gloss, there are all kinds of paint you can use to achieve a variety of finishes.

Painting can also add a layer of protection to wood. If you have lots of items of furniture in different wood tones, painting them all the same color could also be a great way to bring uniformity to them. 

Want to paint your wooden furniture but keep the texture of the wood? Diluting paint with water can create a wash effect that allows the grain to show through the paint. This guide explains more on how to achieve this effect

Don’t fear dark wood

Dark wood was once very popular in homes. Nowadays, it has a reputation for making homes look gloomy and dated. However, dark wood tones still have their place.

In fact, dark wood furniture can look great when contrasted with white walls or white stone flooring – it can instantly make a room feel sophisticated. If you want to play around with bright colors in a room, contrasting them with dark wood can also help to maintain a level of seriousness.

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Add wood to your bathroom

Water and wood tend not to mix well, and so putting wood in a bathroom is often seen as a big no-no. However, you can still add wood to a bathroom, providing the wood is treated and the room is well ventilated.

Adding wood to a bathroom can make it more peaceful and relaxing and make it feel more like a spa. This could include wooden panels around vanities and tubs or wooden wall panels. Alternatively, you can focus on smaller accessories like wooden bath trays, wooden toothbrush holders, wooden soap trays and wooden toilet seats for a more subtle touch of timber. 

Have fun with reclaimed wood

Using reclaimed wood is great for the environment and it can provide a charming rustic farmhouse quality to rooms. Such wood can be used to create countertops, coffee tables, shelves or even cabinets.

You can make your own reclaimed wood furniture, or you can buy furniture made out of reclaimed wood. Objects like pallets, crates and barrels are fun for turning into furniture. You can find plenty of inspiration online when it comes to reclaimed furniture ideas. 

Grow a tree indoors

You could even consider adding some living wood to your interior by growing a tree indoors. Yes, that’s right – trees aren’t just for outdoor spaces. Lemon trees, Norfolk island pines, olive trees, rubber trees and yuccas can all be grown indoors in pots. This post lists a few examples of trees you can grow indoors

Such trees can literally breathe life into a room. Just make sure that they are placed somewhere that receives plenty of sunlight – they are often best positioned next to large windows or glass doors. 

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