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How To Ask A Guy About His Feelings Towards You Over Text – 6 Easy Steps

Few men dare to open up about their feelings. It’s time for the girls to step in! Our guide will detail how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text.

Are you sick of your man sealing his lips about what he thinks of you? We are pretty certain you are not alone here. Men are more reserved when it comes to open displays of affection; hence, they are not as willing to address their sentiments and emotions.

Here is where we step in, delivering an extensive guide on how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text.

Why is Texting A Terrific Approach?

how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text
How To Ask A Guy About His Feelings Towards You Over Text - 6 Easy Steps

Modern technology has paved the way for numerous communication approaches, yet SMS still thrives as the most dominant one – especially in romantic relationships. There are tons of reasons why they would be your trusted allies.

A palpable facet is its time-saving efficacy. There’s no need to whack your head brainstorming a perfect place and date to set up you and the man in your dream. 

A casual “Hey!” via message is more than terrific to start a conversation. During the time gap between his responses and yours, you may turn to finish other immediate tasks – instead of sitting there like a fool waiting for an answer.

Most importantly, not many people are brave enough to tell you the truth face to face. Remember, we are talking about men – who call for lots of coaxing to reveal their hidden thoughts! 

Thus, giving them ample privacy and space to formulate their responses is a good tactic. Behind the safe barrier of mobile phone screens and away from your searching gaze, the man might finally disclose his long-awaited bravery to tell you what he truly thinks.

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Furthermore (though we certainly do not want such circumstances to occur), you can also spare yourself a means of escape if the outcome is not as favorable as you might have hoped. Change to other topics or find an excuse to delay the text exchange, saving yourself from further humiliation.

How To Ask A Guy About His Feelings Towards You Over Text?

Step 1. Ask For His Recent Updates

how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text
How To Ask A Guy About His Feelings Towards You Over Text - 6 Easy Steps

The first step is to inquire what he’s been up to during the last several days. The answers might reveal his current relationships (whether he has been spending time with another woman) and also tackle your unsolved query. 

In the unfortunate scenario that he is indeed going out with a girl, ask whether he likes her or not. Step back once he said Yes – after all, flirting with an unavailable man is never appropriate. But if the two of them have not proceeded that far yet, it is safe to move on to the next phases.

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Step 2. Delve Into His Latest Relationship or BreakUp

Once you have ascertained your man is single, find out the reasons: why did his last relationship come to a stop? Decide your next tactic based on his given replies.

If the reasons involve abuse or nasty conflicts, now might not be the suitable moment to ask about his feelings for you. Most people with barely-healed scars are not ready to enter a new relationship immediately. 

Instead, we suggest you listen to his rants or provide him a shoulder to weep on for a bit. Otherwise, you might place him in an uncomfortable position and throw your only chance away.

Step 3. Find Out If He Is Looking For A New Partner

Before making any bold moves, you should determine how he thinks about a new girlfriend. It would be amazing if he shows some interest in that, but when he does not, assess your strategies carefully. Is this man worth waiting for, or should you give up right away?

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Step 4. “Am I On Your Mind?”

Do not ask this question, though, until you think you are ready for the answers. His replies can have thousands of interpretations, so contexts play a vital role here. 

Also, pay attention to how long it takes him to respond. The awkward silence after your message might not be a good indicator. Chances are this man is struggling to find a response that does not hurt you, determined to let you down gently.

Step 5. “What Do You Think of Me?”

how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text
How To Ask A Guy About His Feelings Towards You Over Text - 6 Easy Steps

Now is the time for your attack! Ask how the guy thinks about you – in the most straightforward manner possible (otherwise, he might either not understand your implications or pretend not to). One plausible approach is to inquire if he has ever seen you as more than an acquaintance – or imagined you two in a romantic setting.

Brace yourself for the worst; sometimes, his reply might not be what you have anticipated. Do not feel shocked when your dream man starts talking to you less and less, since that’s a totally expected reaction.

But what if you value his friendship with you more than anything? Then tell him so; tell him you want no obstacles of any kind to go between you two. You may even act as if that disastrous question has never been raised in the first place.

But there are still lots of fortunate girls who receive promising reactions from their men. Move to the last step to seal the deal!

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Step 6. Confess and Ask Him Out

Asking him out on a date is a natural phase at this point; in fact, that is the easiest part of the whole process! Since both of you already acknowledge each other’s feelings, the success is within your grasp.

Still, the not-so-great news here is that not all men are that predictable. They may ask what you meant or why you sent such a text.

Your chances seem to become slimmer now, but all is not lost! The guy might either be oblivious to your desires – and need you to spell them out – or suffers from severe confidence issues. Be patient and slowly guide him through each phase.

Tips to Secure Your Deserved Success In Texting

1. Keep Everything Simple

how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text 1
How To Ask A Guy About His Feelings Towards You Over Text - 6 Easy Steps

Text messages are a notorious source of misunderstanding. It’s easy for both parties to misinterpret the implications behind each message. Use direct and straight-to-the-point vocabulary to minimize such catastrophes.

Examples: “I’m simply curious about your feelings towards me. Are we moving in the correct direction?”

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2. Make Sure Your Crush Has Time For Talks

Do not initiate any serious discussion if your crush is busy to the ears with all deadlines, schoolwork, socializing, and the like. Before making any move, verify he has time and headspace to engage you in any type of topic. 

In the first text, tentatively ask whether he is free. Inform him that you have something to tell him in the next 15 minutes. Any gentleman will reschedule to spend some private time with you.

Examples: Hey, is it alright if we talk a bit in the next five minutes? I have an important question to ask you. If not, please let me know when you are available.”

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3. Avoid Cliches

“I’m in a terrible mood” or “I don’t want this” are such tiring and vague cliches that might put any oblivious man away. Conventional expressions indeed make it impossible for the guys to take you seriously. 

Instead, opt for positive and descriptive language to recount the exact level of desire and need you are harboring for him.

Examples: “I’m always nervous around you. I want to make sure we are on the same page.”

how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text
How To Ask A Guy About His Feelings Towards You Over Text - 6 Easy Steps

4. Listen First

Before answering his first response, allow him a few minutes to send several more. The man will feel more relaxed and at ease – without being pressured by the timing and your demand for immediate reactions. Be a good listener and provide insightful feedback that relates to what he just said and showcases your keen attention.

Examples: “Okay, thank you for clarifying. I understand what you mean clearly.”

5. Be Patient

Have you already sent him the first message and received no instant response? The last thing to do is to send a second one. Rather, we suggest you calm down and allow him some time (hours or even days). Then contact him again to ascertain his stance on the current matter.

Most importantly, do not blame yourself if things do not go as planned! The man might battle with fear and discouragement that holds him back from any intimate revelation about himself. Try to be empathetic and understanding.

Examples:  “It’s been a long time, and I’m just dropping in to see how you’re doing. Let’s speak soon!”

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6. Accept Your Failures

how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text
How To Ask A Guy About His Feelings Towards You Over Text - 6 Easy Steps

There is no such thing as 100% success; he might not feel the same about you as you have hoped. Do not put yourself in denial and discomfort him. Acknowledge his sentiments, give yourself a pat for your courage and bravery, and then move on.

In the same vein, some guys refuse to open up despite your best efforts. No worry; at least you have saved a lot of time. The longer you spend wondering what he thinks, the less time you have to discover someone more compatible.

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Such men tend not to give you enough attention. Rather, he hides from the issues by spending more time with peers or families than with you – or always makes reasons not to hang out together. 

Your man often expresses self-consciousness and vulnerability, having immense difficulty believing that anyone in the world can have affection for him at all.

His “hot and cold” strategy is also a transparent signal, in which the guy opens up in some areas and withdraws from others. These random moves might seem to make no sense, but at a closer look, it indicates a vicious emotional battle within. 

The nicest thing to do now is to give him your unconditional support. Things might get simpler for both of you, especially now that he knows you are always there for him.

Sometimes, you might get conflicting signals from a man and feel quite skeptical about his emotions. The most effective strategy is to tell him right away how you feel (both in person or through message is alright).

First of all, let this man understand that you are clearly harboring feelings for him – and that you wish to explore which directions they might take. Next, inquire about his thoughts and perspective on a potential relationship with you.

The guy may still appear puzzled – or claims he does not know how to respond. Chances are he is still assessing how he should feel about you. It is alright; be a big person and give him space to weigh the situation. 

But do not be too generous with your time; remember to set a deadline for his response. For illustration, if there is nothing but silence after another week, tell him you need more reciprocity from him. Still no development? Then simply move on. 

As per psychological experts, this guy seems to be afraid that there is no reciprocation from you. He either tries to avoid being played like a fool, or feels terrified of what would happen if he expresses actual emotions.

Ego is also another possible factor here. The man believes he is not on the same level as you, which propels him to conceal his level of interest in relationships. Regardless, open communication is the key; coax him to leave the comfort zone and ensure no ambiguity might occur between you two.

Final Thoughts

This article has discussed how to ask a guy about his feelings towards you over text. 

Despite our best tips, remember that success is not always guaranteed (men are pretty unpredictable, after all.) Give yourself huge applause for your bravery, recover from this blow, and go on your way to seek more compatible partners! 

Feel free to contact us in the comment section for more support. We will strive to assist you the best we can.

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