when you are not ready to date

When You Are Not Ready To Date: Reach The Latest Answer

How do you know when you are not ready to date? That also explains our presence today to give you some signs to help you answer the question. Read on. 

After leaving a deep relationship or losing your trust in love, you might wonder how you find it when you are not ready to date . It isn’t easy indeed to know the most appropriate time to be single and temporarily postpone starting a new relationship again since it might not be similar for everybody. 

That explains our presence today to deliver your top signs to help you learn more about yourself in some complicated things such as relationships. What are you waiting for? Join us.

when you are not ready to date

Top Signs Let You Know When You Are Not Ready To Date

1. You Are Afraid Of Staying Alone

Singleness can give us a sense of loneliness, yet that does not indicate that you have to enter a date sooner rather than later. When you become too comfortable in somebody’s presence, and suddenly that is gone, it isn’t hard to understand that you find it difficult to be alone. 

Jumping into a relationship just because you would like to get rid of loneliness isn’t alright. This might just make you feel more lonely and worse in the end. When you are in such a condition, it means you are not willing to begin dating again. This period of time will permit you to focus on and grow your compassion and self-love. 

Waiting until you feel just great on your own and care about yourself is the right time you can open your mind to enter someone’s life again. Bear in mind, “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.” (Carrie Bradshaw)

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2. Making The Same Mistake At Different Datings 

Some girls tend to join unhealthy dating styles. They prefer to have a relationship with the same kind of guy; they attract those who make their worst stand out and make the same mistakes with various partners. 

These risky dating options are normally based on unhealthy experiences in the past, such as their own dating experiences, their parents’ relationship, etc. 

In either event, a bad dating experience might bring some negative views to your future relationships. If you are also stuck in such love, it would be better to ask for professional help or your partner to step out of that suspended state. Let’s give more time for yourself to consider if you are really willing to welcome this relationship at this time or not. 

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3. You Aren’t Happy Or Satisfied With Yourself

All of us have some things we don’t feel assured about, some affairs related to our work or not satisfied with ourselves. So there is a quote: “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”.

Therefore, sometimes you assume you have low self-esteem and don’t feel confident about being on a new date. Someone who focuses on their self-esteem too much tends to take a main toll on perception and communication. Self-esteem might be the root of some bad aspects of a relationship. So if you would like to concentrate on merely fixing your view of yourself, it can take you extra time to balance that. 

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4. You Are Attempting To Become Another Version That Your Crush Wants

when you are not ready to date
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Let’s say you are in the middle of an effort to change your likes or your personality to appeal to somebody. Escape from this event at once. Stopping the budding love would be a wise choice because you are not truly prepared for starting a new relationship. 

There is a theory that can help you to explain this case. A former Canadian world record-holder Garapick shared some key ideas that if you tend to alter something, some personality aiming to add more attention to a guy, you lack confidence and have low self-esteem. Once you aren’t wholly certain you love yourself, how can you be willing to alter your personality just for a new crush?

Thus, don’t force yourself too much. You need to love yourself first and start a relationship with someone who accepts your real version.  So, once you keep trying to change your likes for a guy you just met, it means you are not ready for a date. 

5. You Are Trying To Find Something New About Yourself

Not all excuses about non-readiness for beginning a relationship are negative. Some are great like you are in the middle of trying something new for yourself. Something never entered your head before, like learning to play a new musical instrument, how to speak a new language, etc. 

You are in a zone where you want to focus more on developing yourself and don’t want the appearance of a beau who can take your time from studying and learning new things. Actually, a relationship is an important thing in our life, yet different points in time would decide how important it is. At this time, you suppose that your skill is your priority rather than others. 

If you are starting to dive into unfamiliar hobbies or opportunities, it would be better to put a new date off for a while. You are unsure where this new journey could lead you to, and you don’t want to let another one impact your decision. Allow yourself to be a bit selfish this time!

6. You Set Every Guy Side By Side With Your Ex-Partner

After leaving a relationship, it isn’t hard to encounter a comparison between every guy with your ex-boyfriend. There’s nothing new, especially when you are too familiar with being around a person. Nevertheless, keep in mind that each relationship has its own story. The things that happened with your previous relationship don’t mean that your next boyfriend will show up with the same thing. 

In case you intend to seek a man that has the spit and image of your ex-partner, then it is a clear sign that you need more time to let some old stuff go out of your life. It is alright to find a guy with some personality that you enjoyed in your ex, yet simultaneously you must always forget to compare all his qualities to other men.

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7. You Have A Date And Suppose It May Go Wrong

when you are not ready to date

That’s when you’re obsessed that once your old relationship goes bad, there will not be any relationship that can satisfy your wish. When starting a new relationship, you should permit yourself to have a positive attitude and an open mind. You should not predict negative views, which can push you to do something wrong on your real dates. 

When you keep a pessimistic view about entering a new date, it’s bound to affect your behaviors and your feelings, which take a major toll on the result of the date. 

Perhaps you need to solve your own previous pessimistic dating story first. So hold off on your new romance here and wait when you are ready to welcome a new guy to your life again.

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8. What Others Think Of You Decides Your Mind And Your Self-Worth

when you are not ready to date

Do you start to have some thoughts of budding negative ideas about yourself when a guy ignores your avowal of love or when one of your colleagues doesn’t respond to your question? 

If so, you need to have second thoughts about your dating intentions. In addition, you have to set your priority to care more about yourself: you are amazing and beautiful just the way you are. If somebody doesn’t realize your self-worth, he isn’t worth being with you right from the beginning. Understand yourself, see your worth, and get what you deserve!

9. You Often Cancel Dates And Even Ghost Him (The New Guy)

If you constantly cancel dates without reasonable excuses, it is obvious proof indicating you are not willing to open your heart again. You are still afraid of meeting up with someone new and don’t give yourself any opportunity to make new friends. You just stick around some old acquaintances and have not yet been ready for something new in your life. 

Another clear sign that you can find yourself in the situation – removing all dating applications on your phones and rejecting most invitations from your friends. 

10. You’re Seeking Somebody To Make You Feel Better And Heal You

when you are not ready to date
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After passing through some sorrow with your heart, you are prone to find a new crush to stay by your side. In the first place, he can listen, share, and understand your traumatic story, which makes you feel better because you still have someone who can sympathize with you. 

Though entering a new relationship can make you enjoy it in a short period of time, in the end, you will also find that feeling is just transient. Your “temporary boyfriend” will discover the “insecure you” sooner or later. Some of them might comprehend you and decide to stay with you, but some will leave feeling angry and deeply hurt.

So it would help if you only jumped into a new date when you’re feeling good emotionally and ready for something fresh in your life. 


How Do You Start Dating Back After Many Years Of Being Single? 

  • Don’t focus on dating too much: Neglect dating applications to explore and flirt to find an appropriate relationship. Just enjoy your experience, and don’t set any serious targets when beginning the relationship. This can help you get your confidence back and what will be. 
  • Hang out with friends: Outing with your friends will add more opportunities to see your future significant other. Meeting up with friends or acquaintances and savoring your nights would be a wise option to enjoy this tip. 
  • Ask around: perhaps your friends or relatives acquaint somebody that might be suitable for your ideal style. Once your friends know about you and your crush, the two of you will have a good chance to understand more, starting a relationship as normal friends. 

How Do You Know When You Are Willing To Start A Date Again?

In order to answer this query to yourself, you need to answer some below questions: 

  • Do you believe that you will ultimately find the guy you want?
  • Do you think that you are a worthwhile lover?
  • Do you believe that you will have an ideal relationship in the coming days?
  • Do you think you can overcome the pain of your old relationships?
  • Do you think your ex-guy did bother you?
  • Do you trust you have found what you need to be clear to date again?
  • Do you feel confident finding what needs to be done differently in the future?
  • Do you think that you will get out of an unhealthy relationship wisely as soon as possible?
  • Do you trust that everything happens the way they are supposed to?

If your answer is “yes” to around over seven of these queries, then the perfect reply for the earlier question is that you are well prepared to start dating again.

Why Don’t You Have Any Desire To Enter A New Relationship?

There are a wide range of reasons to explain why you don’t feel good about allowing someone new to enter your life. One of the prevalent roots is low self-esteem. The fear of rejection is beyond someone’s strength, so they wouldn’t like to take any opportunity of losing their self-esteem anytime.

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Final Thoughts

Once we have succeeded in keeping your company until the last words, it means our blog brought some great value for you regarding when you are not ready to date. Actually, each individual has a different point to accept somebody entering their life again. Some signs mentioned earlier are based on the majority of girls who experienced some love affairs. 

Being ready to start a new relationship with a guy or not depends on your feelings, your experience, and how much you care about your crush now. We would like to emphasize that you should love yourself and care about your true version before considering meeting someone.

Well! Now is the right time to say goodbye. Hope you have a great romantic relationship after accompanying us throughout the content.

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