his sectret obsession review

His Secret Obsession Review 2023: Ways To Trigger A Man’s Hero Instinct And More

If you are finding a book to assist you in heating up the love fire between you and your man, this His Secret Obsession review can be helpful. Check it out now!

There are numerous videos, articles, and posts showing a woman how to comprehend and maintain an ardent love for her mate. However, most of the guidance seems to be duplicated and barely brings promising results. This article will give you the His Secret Obsession review, which is a wonderful book for any woman in a romantic relationship.

What Is His Secret Obsession?

The “His Secret Obsession” book is a treasure for any woman on earth to acquire an ardent and long-lasting love with their significant others. No matter which relationship you are in, dating or marriage, this book can be a wonderful tool. 

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Evolutionary psychology is the key component for the author to reveal even the most obscure thought in a man’s mind, secret obsession, and desires when in a romantic relationship.

his sectret obsession review
His Secret Obsession Review 2023: Ways To Trigger A Man's Hero Instinct And More

What To Know About The Author

The father of this spectacular book is James Bauer. If this is the first time you have heard of his name, we would like you to know that Bauer is a relationship expert. His primary professions are psychology and relationship guidance. Besides, he has published many books about these two aspects.

James Bauer has had 12-year experience in instructing all people, regardless of sexes, to find, build, and maintain their desired love. Along with the practical relationship-guidance experience, Bauer also equips himself with knowledge about the psychology of both genders. 

For this reason, we can say that “His Secret Obsession” is a fusion of all the precious insights Bauer has achieved through years of commitment to his profession.

Why Should You Get This Program?

First off, it is clear that this book about men is written for women. However, it can still be used by other individuals as well.

The fact that most of the topics covered in the book are likely to be relatable to women makes it a fantastic choice for them. The following topics would also be of interest to you if you were to read this. They can be things that worry you:

  • Your boyfriend is beginning to grow distant from you.
  • He doesn’t prioritize spending time with you over other tasks.
  • You worry that he’s running away.
  • He no longer texts or calls as frequently as he formerly did.
  • He has become more irritable, aloof, and chilly.
  • He doesn’t speak as if he has plans for you in the future.
  • He no longer displays love the way he once did.
  • You broke up with him, but you still can’t seem to go past him.

You definitely need this book if any of the aforementioned descriptions of your relationship apply to you.

In addition to the topics above, His Secret Obesession will also give you deeper insights into:

Your Man’s Desires

This book claims to improve your relationship, but in order to do it, you must also be really interested in the ideas it suggests. In order to do this, you must have a strong interest in your partner’s needs and desires. Be prepared to adjust to whatever is asked of you in this book to truly understand what your spouse really wants and needs.

A Man’s Mind

This book is for you if you wish to comprehend your man better. You must be willing to enter his world and consider things from his point of view.

If what you have been concerned is the relationship’s outward appearance, you might learn something useful from this book that will undoubtedly help you make the most of your connection. Understanding a man’s mental makeup will assist you understand how to take advantage of it.

Is that a little bit manipulative? Maybe, then. However, you have to use what you have in order to achieve your goals, correct?

Strengthening The Relationship

If you want to improve your relationship, this book illustrates some useful actions and behaviors you should do. By following the recommendations, you can increase a man’s attraction to you, gratifying their desires and deepening their love for you.

You’ll discover how to leverage your so-called “hero instinct” to swoon any man.

In addition, Bauer goes into great detail to show women the triggers that can persuade men to behave in the way they want rather than just providing behavioral patterns and other general information.

Quick His Secret Obsession Review

Part I: The Hero Instinct

his sectret obsession review
His Secret Obsession Review 2023: Ways To Trigger A Man's Hero Instinct And More

What Is Hero Instinct?

“His Secret Obsession” consists of many interesting guidelines and terms, but the most outstanding must be the “Hero instinct”. You have to read throughout the book to catch the precise definition of this term. Generally speaking, if a woman can properly utilize this type of instinct, she can keep her guy always attracted to her and avoid a cold relationship.

The “Hero instinct” includes three aspects:

  • Your man has a meaningful life, and he gets appreciation for his strive.
  • He is the main financial supporter of the house.
  • Everyone around respects your man.

Any man desires to be an important individual in this community, to be a hero, and get respected. The “His Secret Obsession” will show a woman how to satisfy this man’s need. 

How Is Hero Instinct Important?

When you can see through the secret thirsts of your darling, you can determine his mind and heart. Therefore, you can treat him according to his demands in daily life. Once you fully understand and treat your man’s hero instinct effectively, you can be sure about a long-term relationship. 

Although your soulmate never tells you, he always wishes for attention and appreciation from you. 

How The Book Helps You Trigger Hero Instinct?

The His Secret Obsession book will list some prominent tricks for you to arouse your man’s hero instinct.

1. Ask For His Help

his sectret obsession review 1
His Secret Obsession Review 2023: Ways To Trigger A Man's Hero Instinct And More

Making your man feel that he is helpful and more competent than you in some aspects is a remarkable way to emphasize his hero instinct.

Remember not to overuse this technique because your partner doesn’t want to find a useless Princess in his life. You should ask for his help in some minor tasks or the ones that you surely know he can complete for you.

The more independent you are, the more significant your ask-for-help means to your man. And then, your praise after he successfully does the job for you will contribute considerably to his self-esteem.

2. Congratulate His Achievement

Any male species wants to win admiration from females, so you should be aware of and praise your man’s victories or achievements, even the smallest one. Your recognition of his success will be an enormous encouragement for your darling. Your lover will feel that he is a special one in your life.

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You can imagine how disappointed a child would be if he didn’t get any congratulation after doing a good job. The same thing will happen to your big boy, but the difference is that he won’t express his sorrow.

For this reason, you need to be the first person to give your man compliments on all of his victories.

3. Focus On His Ego

his sectret obsession review 7 1
His Secret Obsession Review 2023: Ways To Trigger A Man's Hero Instinct And More

No one lives without their egos, especially a man. And, a decent and truthful compliment can boost your man’s ego and stir up his hero instinct. However, don’t mistake truthful praise for non-sense flattery. 

You can cheer his days up by telling him how great he looks in his new shirt. Or, you can mention how hard he has strived for his career promotion at a family or friend party. What’s more, don’t forget to make your man feel respected when you two hang out with his friends. 

Honestly, a long-term relationship can’t lack funny jokes or teasing about each other’s bad habits. Yet, you need to avoid using unsuitable mocking or criticizing when his friends are around. If the jokes go too far, they will bring adverse effects and hurt your darling’s egos.

4. You Shouldn’t Exaggerate The Compliment

His Secret Obsession has told you to congratulate your soulmate, but you should bear in mind that the compliment must be appropriate. 

Your man is not a kid anymore, and you can’t praise him for finishing casual and obvious tasks like cleaning the bed in the morning or organizing his stuff neatly. 

Besides applauding your partner on suitable occasions, you need to limit the compliment frequency. Your man will find no meaningful value in constant congratulation. Or, even worse, he may assume that your praise is fake and then lose his trust in you.

5. Let Your Man Know That He Is Your Happiness

his sectret obsession review
His Secret Obsession Review 2023: Ways To Trigger A Man's Hero Instinct And More

In a romantic affair, we all pursue to bring our partners the most joyful moments, and we are delighted when we see a bright smile on our darling’s faces. Your soulmate is not the opposite.

Don’t hesitate to show or tell your man that he has lightened your day. However, it doesn’t mean you have to conceal your anger about his improper behavior and express an ingenuine attitude. Believe it or not, the sentence “Happy wife, happy life” really makes sense.

6. Give Him Encouragement 

Honestly, almost every man lives with his own life or career ambition. You should be delighted to know that your man is striving for his goals because a person living with purposes won’t ever stop accomplishing himself. 

Furthermore, you need to accompany him on the path towards achieving his goals. Your man may feel lonely in his journey, and it’s time for you to give him appropriate encouragement. 

Don’t neglect even his smallest progress. You have to praise him for his step-to-step success. Or, sympathizing with his sorrow when things don’t come out as expected is enough to embrace your guy’s soul. 

A supportive woman will mean the world to a man conquering his ambitions.

7. Expressing Affection Towards Your Man

Not only this His Secret Obsession, but other love-guide books also give you this method to trigger your man’s hero instinct. 

Firstly, you can skip this step if you have started your relationship. On the contrary, once you have had many anniversary occasions with your darling, you need to follow this trick. Your man’s love for you will diminish when he can’t receive your proper treatment and affection towards him.

It doesn’t have to be fancy ways like presenting him an expensive gift on special occasions or constant loving posts on social networks. You can opt for more subtle methods like a kiss before he goes out, a hug when upset, or a loving look in public. 

8. Show Him Your Gratitude

his sectret obsession review
His Secret Obsession Review 2023: Ways To Trigger A Man's Hero Instinct And More

Have you ever seen the impact of gratitude on a person’s transformation? The gratitude’s power will set off your darling’s hero instinct because he can sense your appreciation for everything he does for you. 

According to several studies, true gratitude can work as a “social glue” for many relationships, especially romantic ones. It will contribute to the mutual bond by encouraging couples to keep carrying out actions that make the other feel grateful.

Part II: The 12 Word Secret Signal

In the book, there are 12 words the author states that can help a woman to maintain her attractiveness toward her beloved. But, this His Secret Obsession review won’t list all the words. We will let you discover them by yourself.

We would like to highlight some remarkable methods beneficial for keeping your man’s affection for you, such as the Ex-back signal, Glimpse phase, Private island signal, Fascination phase, and IOU signal. You need to read the whole book to find more practical ways to maintain the love fire between you and your soulmate.

Pros And Cons Of “His Secret Obsession”

This His Secret Obsession’s advantages and drawbacks can be summarized with the following information:

Pros Of The Book

  • You will hardly find the knowledge provided by His Secret Obsession in any other book. This advantage is due to the author’s actual psychological experience. You won’t have the sense of reading a massive-produced love-guide book on the market.
  • His Secret Obsession stresses the role of communication in building and maintaining a relationship. Plus, the book encourages couples to be open to each other. Therefore, they can deeply understand what their half wants to satisfy their desire. 

Cons Of The Book

  • You won’t have a physical version of this book. Only a digital version is available. This may be a hindrance for people who enjoy the sense of reading a “real” book.
  • The author sometimes refers to complicated theories that are not suitable for the common comprehension of most readers.



Who Should Read This Book?

His Secret Obsession is a perfect item for a woman who wants to have complete control of her own relationship, and everything must go as she expects. On the other hand, this book is a wonderful guideline for a woman who has had her first love and been inexperienced in a serious relationship. 

Can “His Secret Obsession” Work?

The His Secret Obsession review can’t affirm that this love-guide book can 100% meet your demand. The efficiency when you apply His Secret Obsession to your man will depend on how properly you follow the instructions from author James Bauer.

Yet, there is tons of positive feedback from women who have stepped out of their romantic chaos thanks to James’s advice.

How Does ‘His Secret Obsession” Work?

The author James Bauer declares that men always desire to play an irreplaceable role in their lovers’ lives. Men want their other half not to care for any other male partners except for them. 

Your hubby or boyfriend won’t tell you about this wish, but you should be aware of making him feel like the only man you need in your life.

Interestingly, James Bauer also confirms that only a man’s love can fulfill this desire for him. As a result, if you can soon recognize his need and bring him the sense of being the most important man in your life, he will be addicted to you.

The book points out that the demand to be the irreplaceable man in a soulmate’s life is one section among many other “hero instincts”. Imagine that you can totally meet all of his needs and how considerable the impact would be on your love. And that is how His Secret Obsession works.

Final Thoughts

Finding true love has never been easy, but keeping it ardent is much more challenging. His Secret Obsession review has showcased the meaningful and beneficial sections of James Bauer’s book to let you decide to pick the book or not. We bet that His Secret Obsession will be a considerable sidekick for you on the way to maintaining your man’s affection for you.

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