How to know he's the right guy - How to know he's the right guy

How To Know He’s The Right Guy – 18 Signs You Should Marry Him

You’ve been dating this guy for a while now. How to know he’s the right guy for you?

Love is something everyone desires. You meet new people and go on dates, after all, to seek your other half, a soul that fills your heart and walks alongside you for the rest of your life. Does he have to be perfect? Probably not. But he should be the right man for you.

If you’re in a relationship with a man and wondering how to know he’s the right guy for you, there are a few telltale signs you can pay attention to. If your man possesses traits among those listed below, then congratulations! He is Mr. Right, so hang on to him tight with both hands.

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How to know he’s the right guy

1. He makes you feel cherished, safe, and loved

He makes you feel cherished, safe, and loved - How to know he's the right guy

If you’re asking yourself how to know he’s the right guy for you, here’s a sign: he tells you he loves you on a daily basis. You know it’s true because he does things like take you out for a romantic supper or cook you a meal at home. He gives you the feeling of being “at home.” And “home” is someone or somewhere you always want to go back to.

2. He genuinely cares about you and your well-being

He wants to know about your aspirations and dreams, as well as how your day went. He does it because he wants to be a part of your life and is truly excited to do so. You feel safe telling him anything because you trust him and know he is looking out for your best interests.

3. You have a perceptible physical chemistry

You have a perceptible physical chemistry - How to know he's the right guy

The chemistry is so much, even others can see the answer to the question of ‘how to know he’s the right guy for you’. People have complimented you on how wonderful you are as a couple. There’s no speculating or questioning whether the chemistry between you is genuine. Even after many years of being together, simply holding hands fills your heart with joy. You know he’s the one.

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4. He allows you to have your own personal space

He has no desire to have any kind of influence over you. He lets you dress however you like, pursue your other interests, and simply hang out with your buddies in peace. That’s because he recognizes the importance of personal space and wants you to do the same. How to know he’s the right guy for you? This is one important sign that shows his respect for you.

5. You share some common interests

You share some common interests - How to know he's the right guy

It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s crucial that you and your guy share some similar hobbies. Both of you enjoy doing these and love how you spend your time together. Cooking, painting, or hiking, for example, are some of many activities you love doing together. Even if one of you didn’t like it in the beginning, you were willing to try it out with the other.

6. He is honest and open

He is entirely open and honest with you, especially when it comes to sensitive subjects like telling you that his ex-girlfriend called him. That’s his faith in you. He loves and trusts you so much that he would never intentionally deceive, cheat, or betray you. You also have a great deal of faith in him.

7. He’s a riot to be around

He's a riot to be around - How to know he's the right guy

How to know he’s the right guy in your life? He has the uncanny ability to make you laugh till your ribs hurt. Between you two, there’s a lot of odd dancing, singing, and way too many inside jokes that others don’t get. When you’re with him, you’re always having fun.

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8. He is well-liked by your parents and close friends

Your parents have known you since you were born, and they have always kept an eye out for you. They want what’s best for you and are in a position to notice things that you might not be able to perceive on your own due to lack of distance or objectivity.

According to psychologists, what your friends and family think of your partner can have a significant impact on how a relationship develops. If your parents and long-term friends dislike him, tread carefully.

9. Your long-term objectives are comparable

Your long-term objectives are comparable - How to know he's the right guy

Even though you don’t agree on everything, you’re on the same page when it comes to the important stuff. For example, you want the same things in the long run, such as a country property, two to three children, or international trips. Your general objectives, aspirations, virtues, and values are in sync.

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10. He recalls even the smallest things about you

Secret fetishes, how you still chew your nails when you’re scared, and major relationship milestones like anniversaries and birthdays are all topics that can be discussed. He recalls almost everything you’ve ever said about yourself and treasures the memories you’ve made together.

11. He has made a positive impact on your life

He has made a positive impact on your life - How to know he's the right guy

He’s changed all you thought you knew and desired, and he’s introduced you to a whole new (and better) world you didn’t know existed. If you hadn’t met him, for example, you would never have realized how fulfilling travel is. His presence has such a great impact on you and that’s how to know he’s the right guy.

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12. He is a fair fighter

He never resorts to any form of violence or abuse. That means you can tell him what’s on your mind without fear of him calling you names or abusing you physically. He has the ability to criticize and correct you without causing you to misunderstand his motives.

13. He talks about you with pride

He talks about you with pride - How to know he's the right guy

He’s the one who thinks about you a lot, and his friends and family hear about you as well. Perhaps everyone at a nearby business know about you because of his profession.

Whenever he stops there, he’ll rave about you to anyone who would listen. He tells you and the rest of the world how lovely you are, and he’s not ashamed to say so.

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14. He enjoys spending time with you and your family

If you’re trying to figure out how to know he’s the right guy for you, look at how he treats your family. If he loves spending time with you and your family, and his family appeals to you, then that’s a great sign.

Even if your relationship with your in-laws has no bearing on whether or not your marriage will succeed, having the approval and blessings of each other’s family makes life so much easier. The majority of the time, everyone just gets along better.

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15. You came out of “friend zone”

You came out of friend zone - How to know he's the right guy

It’s great if your relationship grew from your friendship. Friends enjoy being together. They are your life support. Friends may be apart for years, but can keep in touch through ups and downs.

He may have been your college graduation, helped you move furniture, guided you through a stolen car, for example, and so much more. Those are the guys who will always be there.

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16. You have effective communication

A healthy relationship requires effective communication. How you and your guy communicate is a good predictor of whether he is Mr. Right. Whether it’s simply small talk, a seemingly inconsequential experience or a more serious argument, both of you take the time to listen to the other’s opinions and feelings. That’s a sign of good communication.

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17. You’d marry him again and again

You'd marry him again and again - How to know he's the right guy

How to know he’s the right guy for you now and forever? Despite the blowouts and difficult times, you know in your heart that this is the man with whom you were destined to spend your life. There’s no other option, you realize. In a moment, you’d marry him and do it all over again. You are proud of him because he is Mr. Right.

18. You discover who you are

Some think a relationship is a 50/50 deal, with each partner contributing half to the whole, but it’s actually a 100/100 deal. You are both 100% in love, 100% involved in the relationship, and 100% yourselves.

You must first be alone and accept who you are before you can be with another. When he is the one, you don’t have to adhere to his expectations; you can just be yourself. Plus, he helps you find yourself.

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What if he is the right guy for you?

Hopefully, after reading these 18 indicators, you’ve realized you’re with the one. Or a fantastic man. It’ll be absolutely wonderful if he feels the same about you.

For men, it’s all about bringing out his inner hero. Is this the relationship where he brings out the best in you?

The hero instinct taught me about this. This fascinating notion, coined by relationship expert James Bauer, is about what really drives men in relationships and is imprinted in their DNA. And it’s something that very few women are aware of.

When these drivers are activated, men become the heroes of their own stories. When they find someone who understands how to activate it, they feel better, love harder, and commit more.

You might be wondering why it’s called “the hero instinct“. Do men really need to feel like superheroes to commit to a woman?

Not in the least. You won’t have to play damsel in distress or acquire a cape for your man.

The truth is that it comes at no expense to you. You’ll tap into a part of him that no woman has ever tapped into with only a few tiny alterations in how you approach him.

In this James Bauer’s great free video, you will find the answer. He offers some simple advice to get you started, such as sending him a 12-word text that will immediately activate his hero instinct.

That is the allure of the hero instinct. It’s just a matter of knowing what to say to make him realize that you are the only one he wants.

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Final thoughts

When you’re looking for indicators he is Mr. Right, be honest with yourself. Make no excuses for him if he isn’t doing his part. You should understand each other and be able to communicate freely. You should feel joyful and safe with him and never doubt his words. He should also be a man who will stick by you no matter what happens.

It is preferable if you were all of the above to him. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, and you must be sure you are making the proper choice. It’s fine to daydream about your wedding, but keep in mind that it’s only one day. You will spend the rest of your life with the man you marry, so choose wisely.

Thank you for reading the article of How to know he’s the right guy. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or want to share your stories. See you in our next post!


You feel tense and uneasy when you see, or even just think of, the personyou love. Your palms start to sweat, your face gets hot, and your heart starts to beat. 

Perhaps you’re a touch unsteady. Your speech could appear to come out of nowhere.

When a man’s first attraction to a woman develops into attachment,  you can presume he is passionately in love with her. 

The elements that lead to a guy falling in love with a woman are physical allure,  sexual compatibility, empathy, and an emotional bond.

You can only assume that they think highly of you and want to spend time with  you. However, this is a certain indication that you are not meant to be with them if you feel like you must change yourself or you’re worried that being who you truly are won’t be enough for them.

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