Top Reasons For Couples Breaking Up

26 Top Reasons For Couples Breaking Up – Expert Shares

Here we share all the top reasons for couples breaking up from relationship experts’ opinions! There are some that will make you amazed! Check now!


Being in a relationship is the dream of several people. You have someone to share everything in life. You are happy, and you are even thinking about growing old together. But, then, out of all the fun, we choose to let others go, so what are the top reasons for couples breaking up?

The article today lists all the basic reasons that lead to the end of any relationship! Let’s delve into it now!

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26 Top Reasons For Couples Breaking Up

1. Cheating

The first and also the most common reason people break up relates to cheating. Having affairs or out of the blue, one person coming out, they are all putting an end to the journey together.

It is the simplest yet most hurtful reason for splitting up couples! If there are kids involved, it is much more painful too.

2. Lying

White lies do not matter in a long-term relationship. Sometimes, you lie because you want your partner to be surprised. However, constantly lying in a bad way makes it hard for any couple to continue living together. 

For example, lying about money and the truth about the colleague you date every night will be really disappointing to the other partner.

Lying once, you sow the seed of doubt, and that distrustful tree grows with your lies . In the long term, the communication has gone far away, and in the end, they choose to break up.

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3. Empty Nesting

If people choose to stay together because of the children, when these kids leave the nest, it is the trial time for their relationship.

That is why people divorce when their kids go to college or marry. When there are no reasons to stay and no tie to hold them back, they just leave.

4. Money Issues

Whether you are married or not, once being a couple, unclearly about money issues is a huge mistake. Whether earning or spending, if the point of view of two people is not always on the same page, there will be conflicts.

Money is not the problem, but the people are. So, when a couple starts to feel like the money they earn is not spending the right way, or they lose control of finances, that is a red flag of breaking up.

5. No Sex

In fact, having intercourse is what people need, especially when you are in a relationship. When the need is not satisfied, it is more likely people lose interest and become more distant. Gradually, it leads to trouble in any relationship. 

They seem to be insensitive. You even hardly look at each other or sleep in the same bed. One thing leads to another, and there may be affairs too. Therefore, after a period, couples choose to go on their own path instead of staying as couples.

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6. Bad Communication

Good communication will make any relationship easier because we understand each other more when we all pour our hearts out. As a result, we change to adapt, and we build more common goals. 

However, if you choose to be together but lack communication, you will lose the opportunity to get to know people around you. 

Consequently, you will never understand or be hard to empathize with any behaviors you feel uncomfortable tolerating. So, poor communication dampens your love spark.

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7. Not Compromising

A love tree does not thrive if people do not compromise. When you always put your personal interest first, you also push your lover away.

On the flip hand, when people minimize their egos and start to think about mutual goals, the relationship will work. Otherwise, they will soon be lonely on their life journey.

8. No Similar Interests

People said difference attracts. However, in a long-term commitment, if there is no common ground, you will not be a part of the other’s life. 

Inch by inch, you don’t talk anymore. That will bring you to the splitting up phase.

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9. Life-Changing Events

People can change 360 degrees when a turning point happens. 

The person you have lived with for a long time will suddenly change. Closed people’s death, disease, etc., are all events that might lead to breaking up scenarios. 

Once it comes, you don’t feel the meaning of staying together anymore. Hence, it is time you return to the single life.

10. There Is One Person Who Is A Complete Mess.

Laziness, being dirty, being alcoholic, not hard-working or taking care of other people, being selfish, spending most of the time for themself, you name it. They all depict a messy person that is hard for anyone to bear, let alone to live with. 

You can handle it for like a few months because of the love and hope that your lover will change. Still, there will be a time you feel you have no more energy to live that life. It is time you move out and start to live a worthy life.

11. Kindness & Generosity Problem

In life, give and take are important. 

There will be the requirement for kindness and generosity at a certain level since no one can live with a cold heart forever with their partner. 

When you sense the kindness from him, you will think that this relationship is worth it, which is why you can stay in it! 

Otherwise, when he is cruel & selfish all the time, you will surely be tired because you find no meaning in moving on with your partner, and breaking apart is just how the cookie crumbles.

12. Lack Of Romance

Romance makes relationships sparkle. It is small but mighty. 

Your relationship will be warmer and warmer after each romantic act that you are ready to do for your partner. Even if there is some silence, struggle, or disagreement, with some romance on a special day, the love finds its way back, and the long-term relationship is more secure. 

Without them, the bonding seems weak with insufficient energy to revive. As a result, you two are drifting apart.

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13. No Ambitious Career

For some people, having an ambitious career is a very attractive point to fall in love and be involved in their life. Without ambition, they are too boring to be with when the others are super ambitious and energetic. 

14. Not Getting Along With Family Members

Love him, love his dog.

Disagreements with your partner’s family will inadvertently strain your relationship as your husband or boyfriend has to choose which side to stand.

Once the solution does not work out for both, it is more likely that your marriage will be terminated.

15. P-rnography

Watching p-rn during a relationship means the bonding lacks necessary intimacy, or people in this relationship have a peculiar taste in intercourse. 

However, most of the time, it will shorten the relationship that you are involved in since it is considered cheating with the computer!

16. Long-distance Relationships

Sometimes, distance will be the reason the relationship does not work out. 

The real problem is your lack of secure and safe feelings, especially when there are no plans or dating schedules. The feeling will gradually fade after a long time of distance.

When you are vulnerable and look for support, no one is around. Consequently, you feel the relationship has no meaning, and a split-up is on the horizon.

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17. Excessive Jealousy

Some jealousy here and there can spice up your romance,  no doubt. 

Still, excessive jealousy will backfire when one feels like their life is like in jail with over-controlling. No privacy and respect can suffocate your love day by day. Finally, they choose to separate.

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Top Reasons For Couples Breaking Up
Source: Pexels

18. Abusive Behavior

The top reason people choose to get out immediately from a relationship is due to abusive behavior. Hurting deeply in the body and the soul will lead to the desire to be free from all attachments causing that pain.

No matter how long the relationship is, this behavior is unacceptable, and surely the person who did this will end up alone for the rest of their life.

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19. Childhood Trauma History

It goes without saying that childhood trauma history will affect the future behavior of people in relationships. 

They become more doubtful or excessive jealousy. In general, they lose trust and start to behave weirdly. Without understanding and empathy, the relationship with these people does not last long.

20. Mental Health Problems

Normally, mental illness will entail many difficult life situations. They require double compassion from their partners. It is not easy to find a person who has so much love to overcome together with special people. That is why when they choose to give up on a relationship, it is the decision that is good for both parties.

21. Being Unsupportive

No one expects that when you need the other the most, he will not be present. 

Or in other scenarios, they are the people who deny, disagree, or ignore your effort. That is the type of toxic behavior that ends any couple’s bonding.

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22. Misdirected Anger

If one of two people in a relationship brings a bad mood from work all the time, it will rot their bond. 

Everyone has problems, but negative energy to the person you love will gradually damage the love you have built. If everything is about negativities, where is all the fun?

The misdirected anger will surely make the relationship come to an end.

23. Unrealistic Expectations

High expectations put pressure on others’ shoulders. It makes one of them feel a burden, and the other is easily disappointed. 

They find it hard to find a common opinion, and the love they build will fade away soon as they pursue different goals in life.

Top Reasons For Couples Breaking Up
Source: Pexels

24. Love Fades

Undoubtedly, when there is no love, you can’t fuel the relationship. Couples deny communication, understanding, and empathy. They put more doubt, and it’s easy to get depressed.

Eventually, they choose to divorce.

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25. Inability To Solve Issues

People with unassertive problems or an inability to solve issues are hard to get on well with. They “cede” all decision-making power to others and do not participate in resolving the problem. Consequently, their partner will be the one who shoulders it all.

In the relationship, it means you expect to have a person accompanying you in ups and downs. 

However, when there is a problem and they do nothing, do not share the responsibility, or are not decisive, it will definitely point you to the splitting up path.

26. Overbearing Nature

If one party in a marriage controls all aspects of the relationship, the other member will undoubtedly feel insecure. 

In a detailed manner, you will not feel your freedom if your partner has an overbearing nature. You must have his permission to do anything and always need to follow his command. In the end, your love is full of tiredness, and it surely ends all the romance of being a couple. 

That is the final top reason why couples break up.

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What Telltale Symptoms Indicate A Breakup?

When you constantly think about breaking up, compromising, having more doubts, and not feeling the trust or the emotional connection anymore, that is the typical sign that you should return to single life.

When Are Relationships Most Likely To End?

The second year. By then, you’ve ply witnessed your partner’s physical and emotional highs and lows. If you can continue to the 5th year of marriage, it is more likely that your marriage will work.

Who Ends Relationships More Frequently?

Women are the ones who put the full stop on their love story the most. 

Final Thoughts

That is the answer to the 26 top reasons for couples breaking up. Relationships are hard. Sometimes, if you cannot stand it anymore, breaking up is the solution to give you a fresh start. 

Once you have tried your all-out effort to mend this bond but in vain, you have nothing to regret. Let’s wish each other well in a single journey and move on with our life. Breaking up is just a part of your life!

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