texts to make him think of you all day

Texts to Make Him Think of You All Day – A Complete Guide

Who says long-distance relationships are doomed to failure? A few messages can drive him crazy. Click for the best texts to make him think of you all day!

Texting seems like such a no-brainer task, to the point that we rarely give it any second thought. Yet, mastering this tactful skill is the key to a long-lasting romantic relationship with your man – especially when you two cannot get together in person. Our guide will deliver practical tips for the best texts to make him think of you all day!

Best Tips for Texts to Make Him Think of You All Day

1. Text Your Boyfriend Less Often

texts to make him think of you all day
Texts to Make Him Think of You All Day - A Complete Guide

There is no need to cut him off completely. (Otherwise, the poor guy might assume you are no longer interested!) We only suggest you slow down the texting frequencies to foster his craving for your presence.

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Instead of a daily schedule, now only send him a message once or twice per week. The man will be dying of curiosity as to what makes you so busy these days – and seek any given opportunity for an in-depth chat with his girlfriend.

2. Let Him Start First

Who is usually the conversation starter among you two? If you find yourself taking this role a bit too often, it is time for some fresh changes. Throw the ball at his feet and let your boyfriend make his first move! 

Ensure that you have some patience for such approaches, though. Even after no signals within days, do not give up or hurry to text first. Trust our words; your efforts will pay off! 

Once the man finally acknowledges your absence, he will miss how fun it was to chat back and forth with you – and shoot a message right away.

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3. Use Vagued Details

Any guy would love to learn as much as possible about his girl. Still, spilling all the beans at once is not a smart move; what fun would it be? No challenges to overcome, no mystery to debunk, and the relationship would soon lose all of its appeal. Rather, you should rely on your aloofness to draw his curious mind closer.

Never disclose all the story details; know when to seal your lips. One of the best techniques is cliffhanger endings, which will leave your boyfriend hungry for more. 

Here is an example: “I had lots of fun with my friends last night. The party got quite wild afterward, though…”

4. Prioritize Your Other Relationships

texts to make him think of you all day
Texts to Make Him Think of You All Day - A Complete Guide

Do not center your mindset around one man; life encompasses much more than that! 

Devote some time to your passions, hobbies, careers, and establish close connections with other people. After all, charismatic ladies are those who can manifest the best version of themselves, and which foolish man has the heart to refuse such charms? He will yearn to be with you more than ever.

So the next time your man asks you out, it is alright to turn him down gently with a few harmless excuses: “That sounds lovely, but I already planned to play volleyball with my BFF. Let’s hang out another time!”

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5. Compliment Other Guys

Your boyfriend would be much more active in the relationship if he sensed some fierce competition. 

Feel free to mention another guy, send a photo of you with others (or even leave a somewhat flirtatious comment on social media!). The messages to your man are clear: “Want to claim back my attention, huh? Then step up your game!”

Nevertheless, to say it is a risky move will be an understatement; nasty breakups might be around the corners if you happen to take the jokes too far.

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6. Never Text Back Until You Get A Reply

texts to make him think of you all day
Texts to Make Him Think of You All Day - A Complete Guide

Shooting several texts at once may reveal an overeagerness that most guys find quite unattractive (and not to mention, it is also quite annoying). Upon no replies, keep yourself back from urging an answer or asking where he is. Chances are, the man might actually be busy. Be a considerate girlfriend and allow him some time for responses.

And once the guy finally replies, refrain from engaging him right away. Make him wait just as long (or even longer). 

Why so? Lending some time gap between texts might boost his desire for your company, a terrific tip for new relationships. Your lover will realize how much he wishes to talk more with you.

7. Leave Some Non-Urgent Messages On “Seen”

The more unpredictable you seem, the more excited he is whenever you choose to reach out first. This strategy is applicable to all relationship phases!

Hence, unless his texts are somewhat time-sensitive, do not feel obliged to deliver instant responses. You may turn your phone off or put it in silent mode, holding yourself back from contacting him. Some impatient guys will even try to message you again, determined to snatch your attention.

Still, giving him a sense of abandonment is not advisable in the long run. Remember to tell him that your sluggish reply rates are due to overwhelming deadlines, for instance, to inform your boyfriend that you did not try to ignore him.

8. Give Extra-Positive Reactions to Messages That You Like

texts to make him think of you all day
Texts to Make Him Think of You All Day - A Complete Guide

Texts with barely any effort or information do not give you lots of material to work with. Thus, it is advisable to react enthusiastically to messages you like, lending him some hints on which type of text he should hit Send. Those messages should showcase his consideration and genuine interests – ones that keep you from busy tasks to linger with him a bit more.

Receive a heartfelt question asking how your day went? You might say: “I cannot wait to tell you! I have just planned to go hiking with my classmates. Still, I wish you could join us.”

Be updated on what he has been up to these days? Tell him: “It’s so lovely to hear something from you! I’m happy that things are going so well.”

Or upon his request for a romantic date: “That is so sweet! Of course, I would go with you!”

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9. Thank Your Boyfriend for His Favors

Appreciation for the smallest things he did for you shows him how much you care about your boyfriend. Do not let those nice favors go unnoticed, even if they seem to barely matter. Basking in your attention, your man will like to chat with you more.

Some simple illustrations might be:

“Thanks so much for texting me last night. Those words meant the world to me! I love to read them again and again in the morning.”

“I appreciate that you decided to drop by today. I am dying to see you again!”

“Thanks for supporting me and my goal! I feel much more special now.”

10. Turn to Your Boyfriend for Advice

texts to make him think of you all day
Texts to Make Him Think of You All Day - A Complete Guide

The man will jump in immediately to lend you a hand! Ask for some recommendations, life tips, or anything you probably need some help with. 

“I am making a playlist. What songs should I include?”

“I’m planning to buy a new laptop, but I don’t even know what I want! Any recommendations?”

This simple approach is a transparent indicator of your unwavering trust in his experience and opinions. With his ego stroked and hero instinct triggered, the man will certainly strive to engage in longer conversations with you.

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11. Tell Your Lover How You Miss Him

Leaving his messages on “Seen”? Alright. Waiting for a few days to reply? No problem. But at the end of the day, don’t forget to tell the man that you are burning for his presence – and he might tell you how much he wants you, too.

So send your man some quick reminders whenever something makes you think about him. “I just want to tell you I have been thinking about you today.” or “If only I could hug you now!” are some lovely options.

Open up about your feelings and give him some ideas on things you two could do together on a date. No matter how busy the guy is, he will try to make some room for you amidst his hectic schedules, prioritizing you above all else.

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12. Set A Specific Timing for Your In-Person Reunion

texts to make him think of you all day
Texts to Make Him Think of You All Day - A Complete Guide

Give your man something to look forward to. With anticipation built up, he cannot stop fantasizing about the moment you two could finally meet face to face. Show him your eagerness with the upcoming date, and throw in a bunch of amazing spots you could visit together!

“I am so excited for this week’s date! Remember to wear something nice!”

“Where should we go next after dinner? I’m thinking of this newly-opened aquarium…”

13. Be Your True Self

We cannot deny that some smartly-applied tips could spice up your relationship. But a true boyfriend should respect you for who you are – no matter your texting habit. 

So before you adopt any of these given approaches, ask yourself whether any of them goes against your personality or values. If the answer is Yes, take caution. Instead, allow your man some chances to see a real you.

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14. Move On Once There Is No Longer Connection

Some distance between you two might open your eyes to an absence of strong connections that should have been acknowledged long ago. Upon a lack of initiation from him – or a significant change in your feelings, it is best to call things off and move on to other people. You are a gorgeous woman, after all; guys are queuing in lines waiting for a chance to be close to you!


1. Reread Before Hitting Send

Before reaching for that fateful “send” button, proofread what you have typed at least several times to ensure no knowledge gap. Any powerful message you wish to deliver to him will lose all of its bites if you have to send another clarification text to rectify spelling mistakes and other errors.

Do not devalue yourself in front of your man that way! Double-check the text’s spelling, tone, and clarity to avoid such catastrophes. You might be surprised at some of the most obvious mistakes that, for some reason, you have seemed to overlook!

2. Adopt Visual Language

Women should note that both genders differ in terms of preferred vocabulary choices. While their female counterparts count on descriptive and abstract languages that evoke emotions, men are visual-oriented. They most likely respond to visual terms that lend the best overview pictures of what you are trying to convey.

So avoid general comments like “I miss you.” Be more direct and specific: “I cannot wait to kiss you now.” See how they are different? 

Some girls might say that this distinction is barely there; but in fact, not only will these straightforward texts minimize misunderstanding risks, but they also showcase your man the exact level of your desire and burning.

3. Supply Reasons for Each of Your Replies

All the answers must be brief and unambiguous. Your boyfriend has probably responded to numerous messages from his peers or families. Chances are he might not immediately recall certain things you said in previous conversations. Thus, clarification statements are always a must.

Never turn to one-word responses like “I agree”, “Yes”, and “No” without giving any specific reasons. You have to attach modifiers or supporting arguments to your responses: “Thanks for calling me.” “Yes, I am free on Saturday nights”, or “No, Sundays do not work. Is it alright to move our date to Tuesdays?”. 

That way, your boyfriend does not have to dive among previous messages just to find out what you are referring to, keeping confusion and misinterpretation at bay! 

Any time you think of him is a good place to start. But evening should be the prime time for a romantic talk since you two are free then, after a day of work or study. Also, texting him too early in the morning or too late at night might be out of line, unless you want to wake him up and fill him with annoyance.

There is no cut and dried answer, yet the average frequency should fall somewhere between 1 to 3 times a day.

Final Thoughts

This article has shed light on tips for the best texts to make him think of you all day. Still, keep in mind both his boundaries and your personality while applying our suggested approaches. There is no need to turn into a different person just to capture one man’s interest!

For more support, feel free to contact us. Our team is more than ready to lend you a helping hand.

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