examples of what to text a guy you just met

Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met – Useful Tips

Are you struggling to look for the best examples of what to text a guy you just met? If so, this content is written for you. Read on now to get an answer.  

There is nothing more interesting than encountering somebody and being utterly magnetized by the charm of his appearance and personality. Though you are eager to make acquaintance with him,  you are afraid of or shy to reach him first. No worries! We are here today to bring you wise tips and the best examples of what to text a guy you just met.

Through this content, you might not get stuck with flirting messages with him anymore. Let’s follow now to get the details. 

examples of what to text a guy you just met
Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met - Useful Tips

How To Text A Guy You Just Met 

Be Yourself

Nobody prefers a girl who is plastic. Never attempt to conform your traits to make a great impression on him. Certainly, you could succeed in satisfying him through messages by being somebody different from you. Then when you two meet each other in person, he will find out your real self, which would create a terrible effect on your relationship later on. 

So stay true to yourself and keep your true version. Though you should not tell lies about yourself, it would be wiser if you would not unveil too much about you. Maintain all things lightly and reply only to queries that you’re comfortable with. And you also need to ensure that he shows his true version to you. 

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Limit Your Messages

It’s very crucial to understand each other before starting a relationship. Yet keep in mind never do this thing through messages. Don’t be breathless with excitement and share all your things via a screen. 

If so, you won’t have anything to share with him in person. Let your messages stay in simple things and make up a date.

Don’t Text Very Often Late At Night

examples of what to text a guy you just met
Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met - Useful Tips

You’d better avoid contacting a man you just encountered at night time. Don’t bother him all night and day. Let him have some room to face all his true feelings

And if the guy doesn’t reply to you, you don’t need to be worried. Be confident to drop some first texts to him. Men are often slow in the uptake of their actual feelings. Still, it would be better to wait 24 hours before sending him the next text. 

Be Bold

Ladies, be bold and confident to wisely reply to your man. If you intend to always be available to reply to his text, he could also begin losing interest in you. Yet if you let him wait for your text too long, he might suppose he isn’t your cup of tea. 

So you should end your conversation politely when it begins to get interesting. This step will push him to want to know more about you. From that, setting up a date in person will not be hard anymore. 

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Be Interesting

You have to avoid asking personal and sensitive questions about salary, age, weight, or height. Asking a new acquaintance these private questions will make you uninteresting and even charmless. Bringing him in jokes or funny stories is a great way to impress him and deliver positive vibes to him through your wise texts

If you are a girl with a great sense of humor, attempt to make your crush laugh. 

Don’t Spend Time Waiting For His Text

Don’t hesitate to contact your crush if you fall for him first. If you let him wait quite long, he might assume you are not interested in the new relationship. According to many dating specialists, it would be better if you contact him the next day, yet don’t show that in a rush. 

Another reason not to postpone is that he could even be spending time waiting for a message from you. In case both of you are looking forward to a first text from the other, this relationship might fade before its beginning. 

Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met 

Refer to The Last Conversation

This is a risk-free, basic approach to contacting a man you recently encountered. Attempt to recall anything you or he mentioned: a concert, a show, a shop, or anything. And utilize it to make a query to him and begin a conversation over text with him. 

This will bring a natural and familiar sense to the guy, which lets him feel you remember and pay attention to things he shares. Also, you might utilize it as an opportunity to see him at the concert/shop. 

If you happen to pass by those places both of you mentioned, take photos of yourself over there and then let him guess where you are. 


  • I have just seen the most wonderful rock band at the mall I was at. You would love them! [photo]
  • Hello, how was the concert this afternoon? I bet it was amazing.

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Start With Your Humor

examples of what to text a guy you just met
Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met - Useful Tips

You don’t need to try to be an amazing comedian to impress him. Still, by applying whatever humorous tips you have, you can make him laugh and give him chances to think about you as an interesting girl. This will enhance your opportunity of getting a friendly response. Also, being playful and lighthearted aids in building a solid foundation for your connection.


  • Hey, Mr. Gymnast, go shopping again. I need to have assistance with the super heavy stuff!”
  • Don’t suppose that messages can show off all my appreciation. How about a coffee with a beautiful taste for you 🙂 

Emoji Sentences

Those icons might be a great way to communicate with somebody you just met. Emojis are pretty fun and light-hearted, and you might say about anything you need by using them! 

With emojis, you can stimulate your creativity to send him a cute reminder that you don’t forget a date wisely. 

However, don’t try to make a habit of using emojis every time. This might make him feel you do not intend to be serious with him. 

Send A Good Morning/ Goodnight Text

This is a rough and ready method to let the guy know he still is in your mind. Bonus points will come if you send this before he gets up (morning texts) and almost his bedtime (night texts). 

Yet, according to many dating experts, you should prefer morning texts to the other in the first stage of a new relationship. Because your link is still quite new, don’t make him see you as a desperate and needy girl. 

Don’t forget to drop some cute words and emojis to make them more special. This will add more energy for him to start a new day or feel more lovely to end a day.


  • I just got up, and you’re already on my mind.
  • Hey! Hope you have a delicious dream 🙂

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A Funny and Interesting Picture Still Works

examples of what to text a guy you just met
Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met - Useful Tips

Letting him enjoy some interesting and funny photos with you is an excellent way to warm up a conversation with a man you recently encountered. Try a weird dress? Share with him how you look in that outfit. Or cook some meals and send him a picture of your dirty apron or messy kitchen. 

Any photo that could make him smile is good to be closer to him. Similarly, you can ask your crush for a photo of him in similar situations.


  • My cupcake turned out wonderful! From now on, let’s call me Jane Child! [picture of the cake you made].”
  • Hold on! Did you forget to remind me to keep my purse? Where is it? [picture of you at a mall with full shopping cart stuff].”

Attention-Drawing First Texts

In the first text, please forget to send some boring texts such as “Hi” and “Hello” and wait for him to respond to that kind of dull message. Catch his attention with intriguing and charming messages by sending something funny and special in the first impression through text. 


  1. Morning! How have you traveled so long without mentioning me?
  2. Hey there! I’m buzzed
  3. Do you know I like your eyes above your nose? They are extremely lovely

Make Plans Which Are Too Hard To Deny

This is 2022. Guys today prefer their girls to be blunt and bold. They also want to be flirted with and asked to have a date. Let’s be confident, make a clear plan, and send it to him at the right time. 

Once you are plain assertive and a girl who persuades whatever she is interested in, he will give you bonus points for your personality.  


  • I found a restaurant that has excellent salads; then it promptly made me think of you. Wanna check it out? 7 pm tomorrow has just popped up in my mind.”
  • There is a vintage coffee shop near my home that just opened up. This style reminds me of your start-up. Let’s take some new views that will bring you more creative ideas for your dream shop. 

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Shower The Guy With Compliments

examples of what to text a guy you just met
Examples Of What To Text A Guy You Just Met - Useful Tips

Perhaps, your crush is a volunteer for charity activities, very nice to animals, or knows much about traveling. Take advantage of these to see him again. 

Share with your crush that you are into learning at society, traveling, or animal shelter. Drop some compliments for him, and then ask for his help to plan your next journey. 

No matter how shy the guy could be, no one can resist the charm of compliments. Still, attempt not constantly to over-praise him and admire him since keep doing that makes things a bit excessive and sound like cliches. 


  • You are of great build that encourages and inspires me to do more exercise. Any exercise tips you can share with me?
  • I love the T-shirt you put on that day. You can share with me the shop where I can order that. I want one for my brother’s birthday. 

Use Pickup Line

Don’t ever think that men are not interested in pick-up lines. 

Actually, men will also be impressed by using the flirty texts properly, neither desperate nor shy. Your duty is to keep a correct line between being a total miss and a complete hit. 

Furthermore, pick some wise lines from your crush’s perspective. Don’t choose some cheesy ones in the first text. So, pretty ladies, it’s time to woo your crush by sharpening your skill with witty pick-up lines. 


  • Bananas are yellow, roses are red, wanna hang out with me, great fellow?”
  • Hey, I am pretty, and you are pretty cute. Together we would be double pretty cute^^

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Be Direct

In the last resort, why not open and be direct about your thoughts about him? Men love a woman who knows and understands what she needs and chases for it. 

So do not be afraid to share what’s in your mind and let your crush know wisely through texts.  


  • I am not the type of girl who spends time waiting for a text. So here I’m, asking you to hang out with me.
  • I like your vibe and hope to see you again. 


Should I Text a Man I Just Encountered First?

You could have a feeling of hesitating about texting a man you just encountered and consider an array of idiot rules that push you to keep quiet for a few days. 

Yet suppose you have already met him in person, and he actively lets you know his contact. If so, there is over a 95%  opportunity that he hopes you will message him.

In our experience, you ought to reach him the earlier, the better, and no need to wait for the first text from him. How come?

Because if you persist in waiting for his message, the sweet guy you encountered might neglect you or suppose you aren’t into it. Is that what you want?

We suggest you contact him soon to maintain his initial affection. Otherwise, he might spend some time tearing his hair out to recall who this strange girl is. 

What Things Texting Do’s And Don’ts You Need To Know 

To become  a charming girl via texting, you need to follow some unwritten key rules.


  • Actively contact him via text first
  • Send him some interesting questions, then give the guy some time to reply


  • Send him a text with one-word
  • Respond to him promptly every time.

When Should I Text A Man I Just Met? 

Bear in mind every case comes in slightly different. Just trust yourself and apply your common sense to decide the right time to contact him. 

If you are contacting him based on anxiety, fear, or worry, it isn’t the right time to start this relationship. It is really hard to push him to make an appointment with you or keep his interest in you. 

Final Thoughts

It seems like we have just unveiled some wise secrets to approaching your crush with the best examples of what to text a guy you just met. From now on, making acquaintance with a new guy will not be a challenge for you anymore. You not only successfully keep a chance to be closer to him but also not lose the value of a lady. 

Sharing is caring. Don’t skip spreading these great tips to other girls in the same boat as you. 

Lastly, thank you, and hope you build a good relationship with your guy.

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