How Not To Be Dry Texter

How Not To Be Dry Texter – 15 Tips For Great Conversations

Finding it difficult to learn how not to be dry texter? Read the article below for awesome tips to have unforgettable talks with your beloved.

In any relationship, especially a romantic one, a conversation plays an important part in the strong connection between you and your other half. That’s why it is important to learn different ways of how not to be dry texter while chatting online with your partner.

Unlike face-to-face conversations, the online text will not allow you to show all your feelings or let you know the reaction of the other. It can lead to unwanted misunderstandings between you and your beloved if you don’t master all the secret tips of texting.

The following article will give some excellent suggestions for great conversations that will help you have a wonderful time talking with your significant other. Let’s get started!

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15 Helpful Tips On How Not To Be Dry Texter 

1. Text With A Clear Purpose

How Not To Be Dry Texter
How Not To Be Dry Texter - 15 Tips For Great Conversations

The first thing you need to consider whenever you are starting a conversation with a clear purpose for texting. No matter what your final goal is, you should initiate a comfortable conversation first.

When you set a clear purpose and prepare the idea you want to develop while chatting, you can always keep the mood up during the conversation. It will help you reduce the risk of not knowing what to say or saying the wrong things that affect the romantic vibe.

2. Ask Interesting Questions

Asking interesting questions is a good idea to keep your talk going, especially when you want to prevent a dry conversation. A suitable question can lead to different answers that will add more flavors to your text exchange.

In addition, you will have a chance to get to know more about your partner through the act of asking questions. Generally, how a person reacts and answers can tell a lot about their manner, knowledge, and personality.

However, it is recommended to avoid asking generic questions since they can affect your partner’s impression of you. Questions about hobbies or lifestyles will be a good start for you to have a great time chatting with each other.

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3. Send Photos Or Selfies

How Not To Be Dry Texter
How Not To Be Dry Texter - 15 Tips For Great Conversations

It will soon become boring if you only send texts to your special someone. How about trying something new, like sending a photo of scenery or your selfie?

Sometimes, you don’t need to text everything to let your other half know what you are doing. All you have to do is send a picture, which will help you do the rest. It can suggest the place you are visiting, the activity you are joining, or the companion you are going with.

This action also suggests that you are having a close relationship with your partner, and you want him to know more about you as well as your daily life. Oftentimes, images can say more things than words do, so give it a try to see its efficiency.

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4. Show Your Sense Of Humor

Should you have a humorous personality, don’t be shy and try to hide it. You had better learn that being funny is a good way to make your conversation more interesting.

Not only does humor help break the ice, but it also helps you make a good impression on the other half. You can show your humorous side by sending funny videos or memes to make the person receive them laugh happily.

As long as the jokes or memes are suitable and don’t offend the other, your conversation will continue smoothly.

5. Use Emojis

How Not To Be Dry Texter
How Not To Be Dry Texter - 15 Tips For Great Conversations

If you wish to turn boring text conversation into a fun chat, consider adding emojis as a brilliant way to get rid of dry texts. You will be taken by surprise to find out how powerful emojis are during your talk.

It is a perfect alternative to show your feelings since you don’t get to see each other’s facial expressions. However, you should be careful while using emojis to send the most suitable icon for each occasion, reducing the risk of misunderstanding between your couple.  

6. Avoid One-word Texts

There’s nothing more irritating than receiving a series of one-word responses from your special someone, especially your crush. Remember to avoid repeating the same old habit while chatting if you know this uncomfortable feeling.

Using one-word replies doesn’t spare you more time for busy tasks as you might have thought at first. In contrast, it can do you more harm than good as it indicates that you don’t pay much attention and want to end the conversation quickly.

Short replies will make it difficult for your partner to text back something meaningful to keep the flow going. You will likely receive the button or an emoji as a reply since your text no longer urges further communication.

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7. Avoid Taking Too Long To Reply

Believe it or not, one of the worst things you should keep in mind if you don’t want to be a dry texter is to reply as soon as possible. It is understandable that you are busy at that moment, but there’s no excuse for forgetting to reply after you have finished your work.

When you take forever to send texts back, you will make your partner assume that you have no interest in the conversation. This misunderstanding can badly affect your relationship if you keep ignoring the texts for any reason. It would be helpful to write a note to remind you to send a reply if urgent things pop up. 

8. Be The One Who Texts First Occasionally

How Not To Be Dry Texter
How Not To Be Dry Texter - 15 Tips For Great Conversations

Since women are easily shy to take the first move, they often play a passive role in the relationship. However, if you are the first one to reach out and start the conversation, you will notice a significant change in your relationship.

Texting first is a nice gesture to show that you are interested in that person and want to talk more with him. Your other half will likely have a different viewpoint of you as a confident and attractive woman.

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9. Share Your Stories

When you share your stories, anything from your daily life to your childhood time, it means that you have trust in your beloved mate. It will help your conversation go smoothly, especially when two of you have the same experience to share. 

There’s nothing better than sharing stories if you want him to know everything about you to build a strong bond. Sharing is an act of caring, making your texting time valuable and worth every minute.

10. Ask For Opinions

Another helpful suggestion for avoiding tedious texting is to ask for your partner’s opinions. Don’t just talk about yourself too much; you should pay attention and listen to the other person’s sharings when you want to keep the flow of the conversation.

When you ask your beloved person to share an opinion on a topic, it means that you cherish the time with him and appreciate his points of view. The feeling of being loved will make your partner overwhelmed with joy and look forward to receiving your messages.

11. Send Audio Messages

How Not To Be Dry Texter
How Not To Be Dry Texter - 15 Tips For Great Conversations

When you aren’t confident enough to make sure you are not a dry texter, you had better try a new way of sending messages. Audio messages are comfortable and fast enough for you to have an unforgettable conversation with your partner.

Unlike texting, sending voice chat will add more fun to your daily chatting. It gives you the feeling of talking in person with your mate, providing the chance to get closer to him.

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12. Send Flirty Responses

Like humorous replies, flirty responses will take your daily conversation to the next level. This idea is worth trying since it shows your feelings towards the person chatting with you.

Only those who share the same feeling of love or are on the way to getting to know each other will send flirty messages. However, it would be best to use flirty yet polite words, so you don’t cross the line. Flirty texts are effective, but too many will give an adverse effect that will lead to the discomfort of the receiver.

13. Refresh Your Texting Style Everyday

Don’t ever use the same way to start and end the conversation all the time. If so, your dearest one will lose interest in waiting for your messages. This is when you should renew your chatting style.

When you get out of the day-to-day greeting routine, your partner will find it amazing and focus better on the chat. Adding questions or small jokes is advisable to lighten up the mood, giving you a good time talking with your important ones.  

14. Focus On Details 

You can spice up a boring chat by focusing on details of what the other person is saying. All you have to do is pay attention to small hints that your partner suggests through conversations and remember them.

You will never know how surprised he is when he finds out you don’t forget any detail he mentioned. It is a gesture of love to prove your interest and care for your dearest one. 

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15. Know Your Limit

How Not To Be Dry Texter
How Not To Be Dry Texter - 15 Tips For Great Conversations

Based on the closeness between you and your mate, you will know how to behave and send funny messages accordingly. As mentioned above, being humorous is a good idea, but you should know the limit to avoid impolite or outrageous jokes.

Some topics are sensitive to ask for, like salary. Unless your partner brings it up first, don’t try to find an answer to these questions. Your curiosity, sometimes, can destroy a relationship if you are not sensitive enough to notice the discomfort your partner expresses through texts.

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There are many signs for you to know exactly the answer to this question. Firstly, if you have to question yourself whether you are a dry texter or not, the answer is probably yes. In addition, when you make mistakes like some examples above, you are a dry texter.

You can also notice changes in the texting behavior of your mate. Does he not reply as soon as the messages are sent or does he often send one-word texts? The reason can be put down to your texting style.

In this case, changing your chatting habits would be helpful to avoid affecting your relationship. It is a great suggestion for both of you to enjoy your time sending messages with each other.

You will have different viewpoints on this question according to your intimacy with your partner. Provided that both of you have the same style of texting, like replying with one word or are too busy to text each other frequently, you will see no irritation when it comes to dry texting.

However, it will become a big problem when the other person is passionate about sending messages and you barely have time for texting. When you cannot spare time for him, he will feel disappointed with the thought that he is not important to you.

In general, dry texting is not good for your relationship in the long run. Even for couples who are used to this texting style, it will become boring if they keep sending messages like that. Thinking of new ways to refresh your talk and warm up your love is highly recommended. 

Final Thoughts 

After reading this article, I hope you can find some effective ways for you to know how not to be dry texter. It would be best to refresh your talk and come up with a new idea each time to keep up the spirit of your other half.

However, it is advisable not to overdo anything or put too much pressure on yourself during your chat. Everything will go with the flow as long as you are having a good time enjoying your conversation.

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