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13 Unconscious Signs He Likes You – Look For These!

Have you ever liked a guy and wanted to know some unconscious signs he likes you?

We’ve all been there: meeting someone gorgeous and not knowing if they like you. This stage can last a few days, weeks or even years. Surely that’s not always good for your anxiety or mental health.

So how do you identify those unconscious signs he likes you to get over this ‘disturbing’ phase in life? No more worries. This article will help you notice the crucial signals that someone likes you right away!

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13 unconscious signs he likes you

1. He makes eye contact

he makes eye contact - 14 unconscious signs he likes you
13 Unconscious Signs He Likes You - Look For These!

One study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior reveals that eye contact is one of the most reliable signals of attraction. Males who were romantically interested in someone looked more at their head or chest.

If a man meets your glances and your eyes lock frequently, either you have something on your face or he likes you. He’s probably into you as much as you are into him (but you don’t want to stare at him.) You can boost mutual gaze by maintaining eye contact while turning your head to break the gaze. If he keeps looking at you (and maybe smiling), it can be one of those unconscious signs he likes you.

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2. His pupils dilate

This is an interesting sign to watch for as it is uncontrollable. Eye dilation occurs when you are attracted to someone or something, according to University of Kent research. This makes your eyes dilate.

The study indicated that dilation of pupils requires less arousal than other physiological parameters. That means the eyes can reveal them. Check his pupils in bright light to see if they are larger than typical.

3. He points his feet at you

he points his feet at you - 14 unconscious signs he likes you
13 Unconscious Signs He Likes You - Look For These!

One of the oddest ways to identify unconscious signs he likes you is staring at his feet. Even when he’s busy talking to someone else, if his feet are pointing in your way, you may have a crush on your hands.

Again, our bodies want to send tiny signals that we like someone. You can be tense about something and then discover it’s because you’re attracted to someone and don’t know what to do with it.

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4. He acts weird

He may fumble over his words, appear uncomfortable, or even suddenly withdraw. You might hear some embarrassing jokes as well. These are signals that someone likes you.

Strange romantic conduct like this is more common in males than women. Male and female brains are biologically distinct. The limbic system, for example, is the brain’s emotional processing center and is larger in women than men. That’s why women feel more, and why guys can’t process or comprehend their emotions. The result can be odd behavior (in your eyes).

5. Casual touches

hand touching the shoulder - 14 unconscious signs he likes you
13 Unconscious Signs He Likes You - Look For These!

Casual touches occur when you’re sitting near one another or passing in the hall. He may softly touch your hand or place his hand on your shoulder. This can be one of the unconscious signs he likes you because he wants to avoid having to express his feelings. If he’s trying to contact you, he’s likely delighted to be near you and want to be close to you.

Here’s a nice example of someone like you touching you: He’ll direct you through a boisterous party or bar if you walk close enough. He also wants to impress the other males. Plus, it gives him a chance to touch you while appearing gentle.

6. He leans in

People who are interested in what you say will approach you and lean in. This is one of those interesting, unconscious signs he likes you. He may unknowingly lower his head, lean in while you speak, or move closer to you.

You can see how people who aren’t together but like each other interact: they do a lot of the same things and lean in so hard they appear to topple over.

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7. He uses your body language and speech

he uses your body language and speech - 14 unconscious signs he likes you
13 Unconscious Signs He Likes You - Look For These!

If you suddenly feel like you’re talking to a mirror, it’s likely not on purpose. Affectionate people instinctively act like those they like. Sitting in the same position, having the same posture, vocabulary and even word usage.

That doesn’t always mean he likes you romantically, but it could be, especially if he’s terrified of rejection. It’s possible that he “sees himself” in your behavior.

8. He blushes

You can count your chickens if you go into a room and witness your crush blushing or trying to hide it. He’s into you if his body reacts to your appearance. You might even have the same reaction.

We can’t control how much we blush. When we receive an unexpected compliment, we blush. So if he blushes around you, it means he likes you. It’s also vital to determine if he blushes readily around others. Love is grand.

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9. He seems shy or nervous

he seems shy or nervous - 14 unconscious signs he likes you
13 Unconscious Signs He Likes You - Look For These!

If he likes you but doesn’t know you, he’ll be nervous around you. He’s under pressure to make a good impression. According to Business Insider, there are six indications of nervousness. That’s when he touches his face, pinches his lips, plays with his hair, blinks a lot more, clenches his fists and rubs them together or yawns a lot.

One of the unconscious signs he likes you can be him saying he’s single to get to know about your relationship statue. Maybe he’ll chat about going to a wedding alone last weekend. Keep an eye out for signals that someone likes you. There’s a big possibility that he likes you and wants to see if this may lead any place.

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10. He recalls odd details

If he prepares for you a gift or a sign of thanks to celebrate a special occasion, you can guarantee he values you. When a man falls for you, he can’t help but absorb all the trivialities.

If you mention your dog’s birthday next week, your crush may surprise you with a gift. Or at least text you to wish your dog a happy birthday. Odd, eh? Perhaps. But it’s a surefire signal to find out.

11. He raises his shoulders and tucks his stomach in

He raises his shoulders and tucks his stomach in - 14 unconscious signs he likes you
13 Unconscious Signs He Likes You - Look For These!

Try to observe because this is one of those unconscious signs he likes you. Why? He aims to impress you unconsciously, so his body will react accordingly. When he walks past you, look at his stance. If he’s into you, he’ll hunch his shoulders, blow out his chest, and tuck his stomach in.

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12. He uses open body language

He’ll be more relaxed and open with you if he feels at ease. Are his arms and legs spread? That means they’re safe and warm.

While being at ease means you have a good rapport, it doesn’t guarantee he’s attracted to you. It depends on the circumstances. If you’ve only known each other for a short time and he’s comfortable with you, he may be attracted to you. But, if you’ve known each other for a long time, you should feel at ease.

13. He’s sticking around

he's sticking around - 13 unconscious signs he likes you
13 Unconscious Signs He Likes You - Look For These!

It doesn’t sound bad. He’s into you if he’s trying to be close you but not on your lap. And if you like him and he follows you around like a lapdog, you’re OK.

It’s daunting if he’s constantly around you, but look for those tiny signals that someone likes you by wanting to be around you. If he’s sweet about it and wants to be closer to you, he might be a keeper. He’s hooked if he’s laughing at your jokes, making tons of eye contact, and flashing his pearly whites at you from across the room or table.

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Can you advance this relationship?

Now that you know the signs, can you tell if he likes you or not? If the sentiment is mutual, then congratulations, your love life seems right in front of you.

What will you do with it?

You can let him proceed at his own rate. Wait for him to open up to you. However, things don’t always go as planned. What if he keeps getting cold feet and never confesses to you? Do you want to wait for months (or longer)?

No. You will want to take action. But how?

You see, men are natural problem solvers. That’s why when you actually see the unconscious signs he likes you, that means he’ll want to protect you. In other words, he wants to be your hero. According to relationship expert James Bauer, this revolves around a man’s three natural drivers. However, the majority of women are unaware of this.

Men desire usefulness. You can count on them. After all, they want to feel useful in your life. With the hero instinct, you can encourage him to keep stepping up and showing you how much he likes you.

When triggered, the hero instinct indicates that these drivers are encoded into men’s DNA. They’ll start to notice how amazing they feel with you, which increases their attraction. What’s more, it’s free of charge. Simply alter your behavior, awaken his inner hero, and watch “like” develop into “love”.

With James Bauer’s great free video, you’ll learn how to connect with him to activate this very normal male desire. So, if you really want to know how much he likes you, have a look at this thorough review before you follow Bauer’s groundbreaking advice.


How to know a guy has feelings for you?

Among many ways as mentioned, you can feel it by their eye gaze. Eye contact releases oxytocin, much like physical touch does. A guy who is attracted to you will strive to make frequent eye contact with you unconsciously. They act in this way because they want to get to know you better and are curious about you and what you have to say.

How to know if a guy is really into you or just being nice?

A guy will typically speak to you in a casual manner if he is just being polite. He won’t ask too many intimate questions; instead he will just inquire about your day or what you’re doing. If a guy is really into you, he will want to get to know you better. Your interests, family, and aspirations will be the topics of his questions.

Final Thoughts

Identifying unconscious signs he likes you can be useful if you also like the guy and want to move forward more quickly.

However, intentional or not, favorable signals from a man are never a guarantee of his emotions for you. Even a guy who gives you all the body language signals could be doing it for no reason.

So look for indications. If you think he really likes you and you have the same feelings, well, it’s a good time ro start a new romantic chapter of your life. Write it.

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