Essential Dating Rules You Should Consider Following

8 Essential Dating Rules You Should Consider Following

Do you believe that there are rules when it comes to dating? Well, having dating rules is a personal decision and they can be unique to every person.

However, I feel that there are basics that should guide us all when it comes to dating. Especially for those looking to seriously date. I mean those who are dating with the intention of settling down with this person at some point. Guys who are not just dating for fun.

Here are some basic dating rules for, before, when and probably after dating that will guide you today and many years from now.

Dating Rules For Before Dating

1.) Get Yourself Together

Before you bring somebody’s child into your life, it is only fair that you have your self together. Have clear goals and visions, have you have your finances figured out. Also, ensure that your mental health is good. And, most importantly, deal with your exes.

Your potential romantic partner need to know where they stand in your life and your exes should be clear of their place too. And Lord forbid that you, who has not put themselves together, gets a partner like that, That is a disaster waiting to happen

2.) Get Someone Who Is Good To Themselves

Very crucial to get yourself a partner that knows how to take care of themselves. Being good to oneself the key basic of being good to others. If they can’t take take care of themselves, How on earth will they be able to take care of someone else? So find someone who takes good care of their health, wealth and mental stability. Remember not to get someone you have to finish raising.

3.) Find Someone Who Is Good For You

So, you are ready, they are taking care of themselves, why would you not date them., right? The thing is, you two might be ready but you guys are not compatible at all. Your dreams are way far apart, your personalities are not good together and you bring out the worst in each other. so, it is very important that you choose someone with whom you are good for each other.

4.) Do Not Compromise On Your Standards

The only time you should compromise on your standards is when you have come into terms that you cannot expect more from the person you decide to date. Otherwise, you will have a very frustrating dating life. Filled with shame, regrets and, feelings of lack.

Dating Rules For When Dating

5.) Always Tell The Truth

Always be truthful to your partner. Let me know when they hurt you, let them know when they make you happy. Talk to them about your past to help them understand why you act the way you do. Tell them when other people hit on you. This will help build trust in your relationship and believe you me when you have trust, you have everything.

6.) Do Not Compare Your Relationship With Any Other

Every relationship is unique, every mature person knows this. In that case, it is absolutely disrespectful for anybody to compare their relationships with that of their, parents, friends, celebrities, soap opera lovers and worse still, comparing your present relationship to your past relationship. Get yourself busy with your relationship, mind your own business, build your relationship. okay?

Dating Rules For After Dating

7.) Do not lead Anyone on

When you get to a place where you do not see your relationship moving forward, let your partner know. I know it can be hard, hearts will be broken and feelings will be showcased. but if, there is no other way, just end the relationship instead of playing with someone else’s feelings like that. It is selfish.

8.) Avoid Unnecessary drama

When you have finally called it quits, it is very mature of you guys, to not wash your dirty laundry in public. when a relationship ends, that is the perfect time to, write a book, write a song, take trips. It is more productive than tainting your ex’s image all over. It is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and come out greater than ever before.

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