How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text

How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text? What Should A Girl Do?

For any in-love girl, you must have once wondered how to ask a guy out over a text. Should you do that? If you worry, here are some wonderful tips!

You have a crush on a guy who has been talking with you over the phone for months! Now you wonder how to ask a guy out over a text? Texting allows you various times and room to think about possible results and responses.

With this method, you can also manage your expressions and emotions easily. But what can you text him? How to make sure that he will accept the invitation? Follow us to get the answers!

Before Asking Him Out – Things To Practice And Understand

1. Are You Ready To Start Dating?

Your excitement and special interest in him are understandable. Yet, make sure that this is not momentary and only lasts for a few days or a week. Ask yourself whether or not you are ready to start dating and commit to a new long-term relationship.

How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text

It would be a pity when you have stepped into a love relationship with your partner but are yet to figure out your feelings. Especially if he thinks of marrying you, there will be a lot of confusion in dealing with the situation.

Therefore, don’t be elastic with your mind and your thoughts. All you have to do is consider your feelings and readiness. Always have a healthy conversation with yourself.

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2. What Is Your Mood Like?

Your mood and attitudes will directly influence your text and the overall result. You can be hyped up and eager to give him fascinating texts which impress him at first sight. 

You can also feel sad and think that you have nothing to lose. No matter how mad or happy you are, it is okay. However, it would be best to text your favorite guy when you are in a stable mood. 

Aggressive emotions can adversely result in strong and unclearly thought actions. So calm down before taking action.

3. What Are Your Intentions?

How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text

Let’s be honest with yourself and figure out your intentions and expectations of him. What do you want or need from this guy? Genuinely talk to yourself and decide if he is worth your effort and investment.

4. What Is His Type Of Personality?

Your text and decision to make the next move should depend on his personality. A confident guy can be flirty with other girls and doesn’t care about their characteristics. You have to keep an eye on this type of guy and watch his moves before asking him out.

This is because these guys seldom expect women to ask them out. They will be the ones taking control and asking their favorite partners for a date. So make sure that he is worth your trial.

Some guys can be shy and not very comfortable around people. This type tends to wait for their partners to ask him out and go for it himself. Different types of men require different behaviors and texting styles. Therefore, spend time analyzing his personality first.

How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text

1. Ease Into It

Whether you text somebody out for the first time or a guy you have a crush on, don’t forget to play it cool! A funny and easy-going attitude will make everything a piece of cake.

Thus, try to give a fun conversation with light-hearted banter to engage him before asking a big question. If you have hung out with this person a few times, you should take this chance to re-establish your relationship. 

Common topics, stories about mutual friends, or even the last time you both talked together will be the start of a hopefully beautiful romance. Of course, you can go for it straight away and ask your man out. However, chances are you will be shy and need to take it slowly.

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2. Be Fun, Friendly, And Flirty

How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text

Funny and friendly manners are always a bonus point in any relationship, especially dating. Don’t be scared to be sarcastic or silly, as your bunch of emojis will help you interact with him more easily.

Let’s make the invitation sound exciting with a perfect plan. There is no need to put pressure on them and appear pushy or needy. Believe us; guys don’t like clingy girls. Your relaxation and openness will be the main determinator of his final decision.

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3. Make it Genuine

Being silly and friendly will do wonders in a new relationship or when you get to know somebody in the early stage. But no matter which method you choose to approach him, keep everything genuine and be yourself!

Don’t pretend to be a bubbly extrovert if you are not. Your lovely personality can still shine through if you cannot be super open. The conversation should be real as well. 

There is no point in making yourself a different person over text. How can you deal with the situation when you meet this person? Your real personality will come out, and he will wonder about your lie!

Always keep your compliments light-hearted! You can easily repeatedly tell him how attractive he is or how much you love his style. However, these sweet words may sound fake, strange, and even overbearing. So make sure to drop some nice lines sometimes.

4. Have A Plan In Mind

How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text

There is no need to map out every minute of your ideal date. Yet, having something in mind will make everything brilliant and attract him more. 

When texting, let him know where both of you will date, especially somewhere he will enjoy. If he loves some soft drinks, suggest some cafeterias or open restaurants. For an art lover, a gallery date will be a perfect choice.

5. Take Note Of His Likes And Dislikes

What are his favorite sports? His beloved color? Favorite food? You can check this information on his Facebook or Instagram. See what you both have in common. 

Please pay special attention to any unique and personal things he shares. His interests are the best tricks to seduce him. The secret of a good flirt is to focus on details.

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6. What If He Says Yes?

How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text

Is there anything more exciting than their acceptance? Let’s get ready to go out for a date! Don’t forget to keep the good vibes going by having fun and chatting with them. A message every day before the date with a lot of anticipation will keep him looking forward.

Don’t text endlessly to make him confirm and check whether he hasn’t changed his mind. This will make him feel bored and unsure about your plans.  

7. What If He Says No?

If he shows no interest in going on a date with you, it is okay. The decline can hurt and make you feel awkward, but everything will be fine. There are various reasons for his response, but it is not always your fault.

He may be dating another girl, or your chosen schedule is bad timing, or you are just not his taste. The key here is that you have put yourself out and tried. 

In this situation, you can easily sense rejection and meanness. However, don’t feel unfair or send back a passive-aggressive text. Instead, it is time to shrug it off and move on. 

There would be nothing better than leaving a good impression on your crush. Reply to let them know that you understand their words and appreciate this honesty. 

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Sample Texts To Ask A Guy Out

#1. This is the last minute, but I’m going out with some of my friends in your area tonight. Would you care to go for some drinks with us?

Let’s make it a coincidence that you are around his area. Your text will be awkward if you give a genuine reason for wanting to be close by. Besides, you can avoid being too intimate when having other people around. This way, he is more likely to accept your invitation.

#2. Do you want to go out with me tonight?

How To Ask A Guy Out Over A Text

This type of text is suitable for more confident and straightforward guys. Not all men can comprehend the inner and subtle meanings behind your words. 

They will appreciate your forwardness a lot. So, if you have been talking with him for a while, use this text to ask him out.

#3. Let’s talk more about this match over a cup of coffee, shall we?

Men are crazy fans of sports. Thus, if this is your common interest, suggest he go out to have a more interesting in-person conversation. 

#4. I will be in your town tomorrow. Would you like to show me around?

This message is ideal for people having talked long distances. For example, if you met him at the airport and exchanged phone numbers, it would be reasonable to ask him again.

#5. I found this cool joint that has some good music. We should go there this weekend!

This text works wonders as it is not a question. It is more of a statement. Use this one for those you have a close relationship with.

#6. Today is my birthday. Do you want to come for a get-together at my place tonight?

Even if you are not so familiar, who will turn you down on your special birthday? Your communal event will be a great place for you to meet up. Why not invite him to cut your cake with you?


The answer is an absolute YES!

There is nothing wrong with a message to ask your favorite man out. On the contrary, inviting over a text can be one of the best ways a girl can employ. Texting removes an unwanted feeling of embarrassment in a face-to-face context. 

Besides, you will have a whale of time to think about a perfect invitation. This will work the magic if you don’t know this man for a while.

However, if you have known him and met face to face, it would be better to ask him out in person. In this case, don’t forget to keep things easy and relaxed. Your easy-going words and voice will help him avoid feeling scared, surprised, or being taken in.

Without a shade of a doubt, there are millions of ways to invite a guy out over a message depending on your personality. No matter what you will text him, make sure you share your conversation with him before asking that important question.

Without a real connection or some conversation beforehand, you will risk scaring him away and getting a failure. Thus, ask about your common interests or topic to engage him more.

Taking the confidence to ask your favorite partner out is not something embarrassing. Thus, there is no need to feel desperate when doing so. 

The key is to maintain security and confidence in yourself when texting. Keep in mind that your partner certainly doesn’t have to respond. He can hint at this answer, so you should look at his words’ subtle, hidden answer. Never put pressure on him to agree to your invitation to go out.

Guys tend to look for signals from how you interact and text them. If you give an aloof attitude, he will likely assume that you have a boyfriend and move on.

Thus, if you are interested in him, let’s give him some clues. Flirting is a great way for extroverted girls. But if you are not this type, be warm towards him. Giving your attention to him will tell him that he means something to you.

Final Thoughts

Asking somebody out for a date over message is an effective method to eliminate the awkwardness of your situation. It can also remove the possibility of embarrassment in a face-to-face conversation. But how to ask a guy out over a text so that he cannot refuse your invitation? Follow our above tips, and you will get your desired result.

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