Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile

70 Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile – Brighten His Day

It sounds more romantic than ever if you send some good morning texts that will make him smile. Still don’t know what to text? We have samples to refer to!

You can warm up your love bond with simple daily actions. How about sending good morning texts that will make him smile?

It only takes you a few seconds to type short and emotional messages. Simultaneously, you make your lover feel much more cared for and encouraged.

It does not come as a surprise that these texts can help your boyfriend start a new day with fresh energy and overflowing happiness. Thereby, love becomes stronger and more intimate.

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Fortunately, there is no limitation to this meaningful idea. You can pick one ranging from flirty and cute to inspirational style. Let’s see what we have!

Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile

Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile 1
70 Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile - Brighten His Day

Flirty Texts

A flirty message combines intriguing, playful, and sweet touches. The flirty text is the most searched among all the types because of its attractiveness to the recipient. You can call your lover by intimate names like “darling”, “sweetheart”, or “honey”. Let’s start with words of praise, making him believe how he is valuable in your emotional life. Emojis such as winking, sending kisses, etc., also give you a hand.

  • Hey hot stuff! Good morning texts MAY put me in a good mood. But thinking of being with you SURELY makes my day. 
  • Here is my morning kiss. Wake up, darling!!!
  • Imagining how content it could be waking up besides you, I just can’t help but smile. Good morning, my boy!
  • I miss how you embrace and kiss me in your arms. I can’t wait until our date tonight, boy.
  • My Mr. Sunshine, you shine on my morning moments.
  • Good morning, my dearest. Wish your day will be happy and sweet. Xoxo. 
  • I didn’t want to wake up because you appeared in my dream last night. Anyway, good morning my baby.
  • Good morning sexy! My bed is missing you. Hope you were here with me…
  • Good morning darling! Hope you also had a vivid dream about us last night!
  • Today’s weather is so brilliant and shiny, just like our love story. 
  • Good morning darlin’; Do you want to drop by my apartment tonight? A kiss is awaiting for you.
  • Morning, babe, I’m just lying on the bed imagining how fantastic it would be when you were here with me right now.
  • Hey hot stuff! I had a sweet dream wearing your T-shirt last night. Your cologne still lingers on me.
  • Morning, don’t you know, babe? I can’t stop dreaming about you in my sleep. 
  • The fastest way to wake me up is to suppose you’re knocking my door or next to me on my bed!
  • We did something interesting in my dream last night. How about making it come true tonight? Kiss your morning!
  • It’s morning, my love! Why is it so chilly today! I need you to warm up.
  • Hey boy, don’t make me think of you anymore, ok? I’m super busy. I’m just kidding! Have a good day!
  • I don’t care if today is a moody or delightful day. Just think of being by your side; everything is worth it.

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Romantic Text

Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile
70 Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile - Brighten His Day

Romantic messages emphasize confessing your sincere and devoted love. You can use florid and beautiful words for your boyfriend. Don’t hesitate to express the blessed things you wish for your lover through the most romantic messages.

 We firmly believe that your sweetheart can’t help but smile when reading it.

  • Even a thousand Suns cannot shine brighter than your smile. Thinking about it makes my mornings more perfect. Love you!
  •  Even though I skip a sec to think of you, the following smile could last the whole day. Good morning, my honey!
  • Good morning! I miss my dazzling kisser. 
  • Good morning darling! This text is meant for the most perfect person all over the world. Let’s see who is reading it!
  • Your affection and your kindness appeal to every moment in my life. My day just can’t start without thinking of you first.
  • Though we’re apart now , I’m delighted to stay with you, my sweetheart, in my dream every night. Good morning!
  • It sounds magical that we reach each other in this wide world. Love you to the moon and back.
  • I hope to feel your dazzling smile when reading this message. Wake up, my love.
  • Neither sandwiches nor coffee, but you make my new days.
  • The sun is coming up, the skies are turning blue. I’ll think of you all day. Good morning, my boy!
  • The sun has risen, has my love awakened or not? Sipping a cup of coffee, you will feel the sweetness and bitterness as gentle as our love. Let’s have a lot of energy in the morning!
  • You know that you are my morning coffee, right? Wake up, boy!
  • People say those positive thoughts are the most effective soothing treatment for a hectic Monday morning; that’s why I’m thinking of you!
  • Give you a gift called “good morning” wrapped with my sincerity, tied with a string of concern, and attached with a prayer for your peace and happiness all day.

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Hectic and Encouraging Text

Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile
70 Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile - Brighten His Day

You may find the sweet romantic style messages are somewhat too familiar. It is time to be creative with inspirational text. You can offer him positive energy to complete unfinished tasks. Being encouraging and useful for everyday life, they’re worth a try.

  • If I had one wish right now, I would wish my dear a productive and joyful day. Good morning!
  • Don’t stress over the future because we are together. Just relieve your mind and enjoy this beautiful morning, darling!
  • Do have breakfast before going to work, babe.
  • Baby, let’s give the wings of effort to your dreams, and your life will be full of bliss. Good morning!
  • Good morning, love. Hope you will gain wonderful moments throughout the day.
  • You are an inspiration to my life and are the reason that I wake up in happiness every day. Good morning.
  • Hope my inspiration wakes you up in happiness.
  • Success comes easier when you’re happy. And I want to be your happiness. Enjoy it and work well today.
  • Good morning, dear. A new day will bring a new opportunity and new luck to you.
  • Baby, why do I need heaven when you are right by my side? Hope your day is as perfect as yours. Good luck.
  • Let’s get up and conquer your day, my darling.
  • Your love motivates me throughout the day. Don’t stop yourself from being inspiring. Good morning!
  • Rise and shine, my love.
  • Good morning; I know you will reach your dream today! Let’s go beyond.
  • I just woke up from a fantastic dream. The one I want to see first is you. Complete the work, then come with me. Wish you a long day full of energy.

Brief And Cute Text

Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile 4
70 Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile - Brighten His Day

It is the real style for passionate young couples. Sometimes, cute short messages make sense and leave more of an impression than mature and verbose versions. 

You can simply type what your feelings are without overthinking. You can even create your own and your lover’s typing codes. Don’t forget to insert trendy emojis to make your messages more lively.

  • Pretty sure I fell asleep and woke up smiling. 
  • Me + You = <3. I am desperate to see you later!
  • Baby, take my hand. I love you 3000. Wake up ~~~
  • You should have seen my ear-to-ear smile right now, baby. Morning with luck!
  • Hope your day is as “hot” as you are…LOL
  • Wake up, babe. It’s time to greet the day :>
  • Your fantastic girlfriend is alarming you! Wake up and fight your day.
  • Wake up, work, then have a night date! I can’t wait.
  • You will have an eggcellent morning! 
  • You have not got up because you are still dreaming of me, right? Stop it and wake up, dear.
  • Today will be a great day because you’re in it. 
  • Knock! Knock! Your little morning gift has arrived at your doorstep.
  • Did you sleep well? Or were you too busy dreaming about me… 
  • Looks! The sexiest man has awoken!
  • There is nothing but my virtual kiss for your morning!
  • I know you are missing me, boy…

Funny Text

You are a vibrant person, and you are always looking for interest and fun in anything. Then, promote this positivity through good morning messages for your boyfriend. Humor in a relationship is sure to bring him an ear-to-ear smile and a sober mood!

We will spoil a tip that an inside joke is definitely an indispensable element in this type of texting.

  • Heyyy! Don’t waste time sleeping. Let’s become morning people!
  • Did you sleep well last night? I didn’t because I wanted to stay awake to text you. Wish you a morning filled with happiness and love me more.
  • Hey sleepyhead! Wanna glance at the restaurant menu I booked for us tonight? That is “Me-n-u.” 
  • Hey, wake up and send a kiss before your beauty gets angry!
  • I’m sure that you were a sugar cube in your past life. That’s why you can sweeten my day!
  • Wake up! I have a piece of bad news for you. You are arrested for staying in my head 24/7.

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Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile
70 Good Morning Texts That Will Make Him Smile - Brighten His Day


We strongly confirm that sending a good morning text is the most wonderful action to boost your lover’s mood. Undoubtedly, your boyfriend will be on cloud nine if he receives this adorable gift from his beloved.

Even though they don’t say it directly, guys always want their girlfriends to actively express their feelings to them. 

That way, they will believe that their presence and affection are meaningful in your life. Obviously, a new day will be filled with joy and motivation when the boyfriend receives virtual romance. Those positive emotions will be the leverage to help him become refreshed and productive throughout the day.

The morning, when you wake up, is almost the only time you guys can’t be together. Therefore, good morning messages can create your attendance next to him.

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We recommend doing it at a moderate frequency. It would help if you did not do it every morning continuously. Please send messages about 2-3 days/week. 

Good morning text in the early period can stimulate your mood. However, if you do it too much, it can lead to boredom and formal feelings. Maintaining this action every day, you turn it into a granted and mundane task. 

And we believe that you don’t want to lose its original deep meaning. You will even spend effort and time thinking or referencing new ideas every day. Instead, you had better focus on real-time dating moments.

In general, boys often show their preference for flirty text (and funny text sometimes). It is a fact that flirty text is somehow sexier than others, which can trigger your boyfriend’s mind. Through flirty texts, girls can also be charming, interesting, and hilarious at the same time. This mutual effect explains why the flirty text is the most commonly used by couples.

Final Thoughts

Let us spoil you a secret. Interactions through text provide many more things than you could expect, typically psychological tricks. You not only show your care but also inspire your man to love you more intensely. It is one of the “tactics” that your lover can’t leave you.

So those are several good morning texts that will make him smile. We hope you can refer and send your lover one of these interesting gifts.

Don’t put too much emphasis on the message frequency. Make it your favorite hobby. Importantly, the more sincerity you put in, the more appreciation you get. It only takes a few seconds for you to express your endless love to him successfully.

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