How to act on your first date with a guy

How To Act On Your First Date With A Guy – 12 tips to impress him

First dates can be thrilling and stressful at the same time, especially if you don’t know how to act on your first date with a guy.

You are set to go out with a great guy that you met. Exciting? Absolutely. Nervous? Sure. So, how do you cope with this inevitable first-date anxiety? Being yourself is definitely the greatest first date tip. It will assure a pleasant first date and a second date.

In this article, I will share with you some advice on how to act on your first date with a guy. These 12 tips will not only help you get through the date smoothly but also leave a good impression.

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How to act on your first date with a guy

1. Be on time

woman being late how to act on your first date with a guy
How To Act On Your First Date With A Guy - 12 tips to impress him

Yes, I understand that the “fashionably late” mentality still exists. However, if you wonder how to act on your first date with a guy to make a good impression, punctuality is key.

Even if you have a good reason for being late, it won’t do you any good. In fact, it may appear to the guy that you don’t value the time he set aside for that occasion. Just arrive on time, preferably a few minutes early, if possible.

2. Be yourself

As mentioned above, being yourself is arguably the most important rule to follow, even if it seems overused and clichéd. People have a propensity to overdo things in trying to create a good impression on a first date. This is due to the nerve-wracking nature of the preparation.

If you try to put on a show that isn’t representative of your true self, you might find yourself in awkward situations throughout the date. Loving yourself by being your true self is the best way to learn how to act on a first date.

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3. Keep your phone away

woman using her phone how to act on your first date with a guy
How To Act On Your First Date With A Guy - 12 tips to impress him

Ladies, here’s the important one: Checking your phone every five minutes could be a deal breaker. There’s nothing more impolite than trying to talk with a woman who is constantly staring at a device.

Put your phone on silent and away in your purse. You can check your Instagram later, and don’t post any status updates, tweets about your date in real time, or take any candid pictures while they’re not looking. That’s not very nice -and weird.

4. Ask questions to keep the dialogue going

Sometimes it can be tense when you don’t know how to act on your first date with a guy. Instead of keeping awkwardly silent (or machine-gunning), try asking your date some information questions in a reasonable manner.

“What was the best part of your day?” is a good example. Whatever he says will thrill or enthuse him, so it’s a terrific opportunity to inadvertently discover more about what he actually cares about. You’ll have your chance to talk about yourself too.

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5. Pay attention when he talks

pay attention when he talks - how to act on your first date with a guy
How To Act On Your First Date With A Guy - 12 tips to impress him

Don’t just ask questions and forget to listen. When your date talks, really pay attention. Turn your body towards your date. You might hear something that reveals his true self, that makes you want a second date -or not.

If you’re too nervous, it’s OK that you don’t remember everything he says. Just shows the guy that you truly want to listen when you ask.

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6. Be honest

Never lie about being single or using a dating app. You don’t have to be exact, but be honest. Let them know you had problems moving on from a previous relationship and needed to build trust.

Explain that you had a difficult breakup and needed time to heal. It’s one of the easiest and most successful ways when you want to learn how to act on a first date.

7. Make use of your humor

make use of your humor - how to act on your first date with a guy
How To Act On Your First Date With A Guy - 12 tips to impress him

How to act on your first date with a guy? Just make use of your natural sense of humour! Filling the date with laughing is the greatest approach to make it memorable and fun.

If you consider yourself a comic, take advantage of the opportunity to wow your date with your wit. A humorous lady is seen to be appealing by men. Just don’t forget: keep it smart and suitable.

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8. Compliment the guy

Everyone enjoys being complimented, especially by a prospective romantic partner! Compliment your man by telling him how much you like his clothes, smile, or humor (but don’t exaggerate). To avoid appearing overeager, limit yourself to one or two compliments throughout the date. “Your hair looks great today,” is something you could say.

9. Be confident with your straightened body

Be confident how to act on your first date with a guy 1
How To Act On Your First Date With A Guy - 12 tips to impress him

How to act on your first date with a guy if you want him to like you? Just be confident -or at least appear to be.

To keep your posture and your body looking nice, pull your shoulders back, align your neck with your chest, and slightly engage your abdominal. Just don’t try to overthink things! If you’re stiff or uneasy, simply sit or stand as you normally would.

Before the date, pump yourself up with your favorite music and a nice and comfy outfit. You can even ask a friend to give you a pep talk. A successful first date requires confidence.

10. Be respectful

I understand how easy it is to let your emotions rule your decisions, especially when you’re anxious. However, it’s important to be considerate of your date on a first date (and a second date as well, if you want to see him again). You don’t have to agree or even like it, but you must respect it, whether he’s religious or spiritual or neither.

Just maintain a pleasant and friendly demeanor. The future is not determined by a first date. You can disagree about everything on your first date and still have fantastic dates in the future.

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11. Always be polite

be respectful - how to act on your first date with a guy
How To Act On Your First Date With A Guy - 12 tips to impress him

You may have heard that being rude is fashionable, but you were mistaken. Although a little light teasing might be charming, being nasty on a first date, or at any time, is not a good look.

Always keep your etiquette in mind. It won’t be a good impression if you’re impolite to your date, the waiter, or a passerby. Your manners go a long way and reveal a lot about who you are to the other person.

You must be on your best behavior when it comes to understanding how to act on a first date. This includes phrases such as ‘please,’ ‘thank you,’ and others.

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12. Don’t drink too much

It’s a nerve-wracking experience going on a date, but the effects of alcohol have an impact on your behavior (and more likely for the worse). So it’s always best to know your limit, not combine beverages, and keep a pitcher of water on the table at all times.

What’s next?

With all of these in mind, it’d be incredible if after the first date, you like the guy and realize he likes you back, right?

But does it always work that way?

Ladies, great things don’t always happen overnight. You see a girl and her georgeous man fall in love and come to a ‘happy ending’. Do you think it’s all out of luck?

The truth is that a man is attracted to a woman when she can make him feel good about himself. Because the one thing that men seek above all else is to be seen as a “hero.” Not an action hero in the vein of Thor, but a hero in your eyes. As a man who can give you something no one else can.

Men want to be needed, and useful. A man will want to be there for you, defend you, and be recognized for his efforts if he sees you as girlfriend material. He doesn’t want to be treated as a mere accessory, ‘best buddy,’ or ‘partner in crime’ by a potential girlfriend.

All of this has a biological basis. It’s known as the hero impulse, according to relationship expert James Bauer.

Male wants, as James says in this video, are not complicated; they are simply misinterpreted. Instincts are important drivers of human behavior, and this is especially true for men’s relationship approaches.

James Bauer shares the exact sentences to say, texts to send, and small requests to make to activate his hero instinct.

Watch his amazing video here to learn more.

You’ll immediately push him to see you as a girlfriend he wants to be with if you trigger this reaction even on the first date. That’s because you’ll be releasing a part of him that he requires in order to be happy in a relationship.

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What does a kiss on the first date mean?

A first date kiss allows you to determine whether or not there is any romantic rather than merely platonic potential between the two of you. This is true even if the two of you get along well and share a lot of interests in common. If the kiss is as wonderful as the date, this might be a good indicator that your styles are compatible, especially if it happens more than once.

How long does it take to know you two are compatible on the first date?

The ideal duration for it is somewhere between one and two hours. However, you shouldn’t expect to meet your potential romantic partner very quickly using this method. Mostly due to the fact that in that amount of time he might not feel very comfortable around you.

What is a man’s first impression of a woman?

It’s your smile. It’s common for a male to notice a woman’s mouth before any other area of her body at first glance. Guys will glance to your mouth for social signs because it is the feature that is the most expressive on your face. This means that having amazing lips and teeth is not just appealing, but also attractive.

The traditional handshake is acceptable; however, if you anticipate more from your date and have already acquired a few feelings for the other person, it is simply too stiff. A hug is a wonderful substitute for this. That is also acceptable. However, it need to begin with a warm embrace.

Final Thoughts

First dates may be thrilling and entertaining, but they can also be stressful. Everyone wishes to act appropriately and leave a positive impression. As a result, people strive to overplan and overthink the first date in order to make it memorable.

While planning ahead of time is beneficial, knowing how to act on your first date with a guy is the most effective way to impress your date.

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