What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss

Complete Guide: What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss? 

What to text a guy after a first kiss? It can be very memorable, and texting is an effective way to get in touch with the person who gave it to you.

Sometimes you get a good feeling after a kiss, especially the very first one, and want to exchange that information. If you’re a woman who just kissed a guy, you might be wondering how to express feelings to him or what to text him. ​​

However, you may be amused, confused, or anxious, and it may prevent you from thinking about what to text a guy after a first kiss and possibly say things you shouldn’t. That’s why we’ve put together a list of sample texts and quotes that you can send to your lover. 

Curious about it? Now is the time to find out.

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What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss? 

1. Be Honest 

What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss
Complete Guide: What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss? 

Being honest about the first kiss is among the best ways to let a man know how you feel. When girls share their true feelings, guys are often touched. Even if the silence after your kiss worries him, you can reassure him by texting him how you feel. 

“When a girl compliments my lips after our kiss, it makes me feel really sexy.,” one guy admits. When girls can convey their feelings in an honest and flirty way, guys may go crazy. For example: “I feel like I will melt when I kiss you because your lips are so warm and sweet.”

Is the kiss like a vague touch? You don’t have to lie or feel bad for feeling it. It’s important to be honest here because you don’t want to lead him astray if there’s nothing, to begin with. Tell him things are going as creatively and gently as you can without being too harsh.

For example: “Thanks for the date! After yesterday’s kiss, I’m not sure I’m ready for us to move forward emotionally. I’d love to hang out with you like a good friend. Is it okay with you?”

What should you do if the kiss is horrible, but you still care about that man? This could be the case when he is attractive but inexperienced at kissing. And that’s completely normal. In this case, we recommend the teasing and fun approach such as “Kiss me more until you get it right!” or “I believe we should practice kissing more, but it’s good that you have me as your teacher”. 

You don’t want to crush him because of those imperfect personal issues, especially as men always have self-consciousness about kissing and self-esteem.

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2. Play With Him 

What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss
Complete Guide: What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss? 

The opposite of being honest, acting like you don’t like the kiss is another method to make guys obsessed with you. Some men confess that their first kiss is a huge turning point in their relationship. You can guarantee that once he regrets it, he will do his best to win you over.

Then you can tell him you’re just joking. If you like him and want your relationship to be to a higher level, now is the time to be more likable and attuned to him.

Another way to play with him is to pretend to be nervous and let him comfort you. They will be more accountable to you as a result of this. “Unbelievable! My first kiss just happened a few minutes ago. What am I supposed to do now?”

But remember to show your enthusiasm and tell him that you’ll enjoy it, so he doesn’t feel too nervous or guilty. You can show him how rapidly your heart beats as you are so excited about the kiss.

3. Take Care With Text Speak

While emojis and text abbreviations can effectively cut sarcasm and point out when you’re joking, using them too often can irritate the other person. 

Consider the following scenario: Your boyfriend receives an SMS that says “9 2 c u 2day :)” vs. “Nice to see you today”. You can see the difference between the two types of messages and the feeling they give the recipient. When you’re not sure whether your boyfriend wants or likes to use a ‘written language’, take a more formal approach to accommodate them. 

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4. Avoid Being Too Eager

What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss
Complete Guide: What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss? 

How often should a woman text or call a man at the beginning of a relationship?

Although the notion that women should actively avoid contact with men has disappeared, being too proactive can be frustrating for both sexes. Every man wants to be attractive and desirable but too early exposure will scare him more than attract him. Allow him to look for you at any time while maintaining a balance between genuine interest and mystery. 

Psychologist Diana Kirschner recommends avoiding late-night texting and suggests that romantic or steamy texts can leave you desperate or needy. Whenever you decide to text first, keep it sweet but short and easy to understand.

You need space for your interests and passions and to spend time with your friends. Usually, girls are haunted by an unanswered text, but it would be wiser to take a little longer to expect the best and move on with your own life. Guys don’t always pick up their phones and check messages. So resist the urge to extrapolate too much from their texting and calling habits. 

While it’s okay to reveal what you want to say by texting him, avoid text overload. Keep it a mystery to yourself and give him a chance to think about you. 

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5. Avoid Sending Personal Information 

When flirting via text, be careful not to overstate your words or send images that are too personal. For example, don’t share a lot of pictures, especially sensitive ones, with the guy to remind him why he should miss you. 

Pictures often spread too easily via text, and a photo you thought was only for him to see could end up in his friends’ hands, no matter how much you trust him. Similarly, avoid revealing too many personal details about yourself in an intimate relationship. It is better to be cautious first than regret it later. 

6. Send Compliments  

What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss
Complete Guide: What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss? 

Everyone loves receiving compliments from their partner, especially from someone they like. Even men are no exception. Use praise to let him know he’s a great kisser or has done something to make you feel special. 

Not only will it make him feel appreciated, but it will also trigger the hero instinct slumbering inside him. Thus, it strengthens your bond. Not to mention, positive words will make him want to be with you more. 

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30 Sample Quotes To Text A Guy After A First Kiss 

What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss
Complete Guide: What To Text A Guy After A First Kiss? 
  1. I felt much more complete after my first kiss with you.
  2. My eyes widen when you kiss me, allowing me to see the world’s beauty.
  3. Your kisses are amazing, and you have a great personality. I am a big fan of your lips.
  4. You wrote your name on my heart the first time you kissed me.
  5. Our first kiss is the foundation of a long and happy relationship.
  6. My heartbeat is loud enough that you can hear me when you kiss me for the first time.
  7. Wow, I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind since you kissed me.
  8. I knew I had discovered the true love of my life after our first kiss.
  9. The sound of our first kiss still brings a smile to my face.
  10. When we kissed for the first time, I knew you were right there in my heart.
  11. You were the first to kiss me, which makes me happy because I want to be the only person you kiss for the rest of my life.
  12. My biggest dream is that you always give me a great kiss like our first time.
  13. Our first kiss lit up every moment of my life because when you kissed me in the dark, the stars appeared in the clouds. 
  14. I often wonder how girls feel after their first kiss. Now that you’ve helped me through it, I have to say it’s like being on cloud nine.
  15. Allow me to award the best kisser in the world to the first person to kiss me because you are amazing, and I adore you.
  16. I was unsure how it would feel when you put your lips on mine. Thinking back, you made the experience enjoyable and memorable.
  17. How did you learn to kiss so well? It was my first kiss, and I’m extremely pleased with it.
  18. If you asked me what we did at the beginning that I wish I could do, I’d say “our first kiss.”
  19. It’s been a lot of fun today, but when you touch my lips, that’s my favorite part.
  20. Wow, I still have a taste of you on my lips.
  21. Good night and happy dreams, maybe about our kiss today. 
  22. How do I expect to sleep after such an enjoyable and memorable evening?
  23. Would you like to reschedule our date tonight with that kiss?
  24. Just wanted to let you know that you are a great kisser. Good night. 
  25. I had so much fun and sweet memories tonight that the kiss you gave me still puts a smile on my face.
  26. I can’t get rid of the thoughts of today’s kiss.
  27. Just wanted to let you know that you’re great on dates today. Can you be my kissing teacher?
  28. I remember the date today when you and your kiss were the best.
  29. I thought about that kiss when I woke up this morning. It’s something we should do again at some point.
  30. You gave me a great time and memories with the first kiss last night, and now it’s my turn to give you a good time.

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Who Should Be The First To Text?

According to a survey of single men and women conducted by Christian Mingle and J-Date, up to 78% of single men and women expect to hear from someone within 24 hours of going on a date. In contrast, 30% expect to hear from someone in under 3 hours. Of these, 73% of men and 59% of women said they don’t care who texted first.

When Should I Limit Texting Or Calling Him?

According to Kirschner, men love the thrill of the chase, so texting a man after a first date is not a good idea. However, both men and women value thanks. Keep the thank-you text short, sweet, to the point, and special. Give him a chance to make an offer on his next date. 

If you’ve had a few drinks, avoid letting that put you in touch with him on the phone. Under limited circumstances, waking him up in the middle of the night with your drunk phone call may make you appear immature.

In The Early Stages Of A Relationship, How Often Should I Text Him?

Man doesn’t appreciate being inundated with text messages from people they’re not too close to. If you text him too much, you might come across as weird.

So how will you find out how much texting is reasonable? The simple answer is to imitate him and follow in his footsteps. Please send him a message in response to every message he sends. Once the relationship has grown stronger and you want to make plans with him, you can send him more texts more frequently.

While it’s important to show interest by sending and replying to messages, you don’t want to sound too eager in the first place. When you receive a text from a man you like, avoid being hasty and react immediately. Put your phone away for about an hour and then pick it up to read the message. You can even come up with more creative answers than you have if you respond right away.

Final Thoughts 

Confused about what to text a guy after a first kiss?

It can be unbelievable. Maybe it’s like in the movies, where time stands still and it’s just you and him. Or perhaps it is the opposite. It was probably one of the worst kisses you’ve ever imagined, and you can see the grimace on your face every time you remember it.

Whether that kiss was a total blow or a complete miss, you still have another problem to deal with: what to say next.

That’s why we’ve guided you through the world of texting and helped you craft the perfect message. Do it and let us know the results in the comments section below. Happy texting!

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