How to flirt by text with a guy

How To Flirt By Text With A Guy – You Should Notice!

How to flirt by text with a guy? What I should and shouldn’t do to keep his interest? We will show you wonderful examples! Check it out now!

How to flirt by text with a guy? Well, looks like you have a crush on someone and want to get his attention!

Text messaging is increasingly common as our lives become busier and busier. Of all, this form of flirting or expressing one’s sentiments to another is also an art!

What should you focus on most, and how competent are you? How can you convince him that you have given the relationship the “green flag”? You’ll see how in the sections that follow!

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Why Should I Flirt Him By Text? 

How to flirt by text with a guy
How To Flirt By Text With A Guy - You Should Notice!

Why would you decide to flirt with him through texting? Of course, doing it is simpler and easier than having to meet in person and express your wishes.

Not everyone has the courage to make a physical flirtation with someone. It can be humiliating, and humiliation can occasionally cause mishaps.

You’ll have time to compose your message before texting. A few references can make the dialogue easier and less awkward, even if you are not skilled.

Additionally, you’ll need to develop restraint through your messages. Don’t attack in succession; give each syllable thoughts and refinements.

He feels less overwhelmed and more appealing as a result. At the same time, you can determine his attitude and intentions based on how he reacts.

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How To Flirt By Text With A Guy 

How to flirt by text with a guy 8
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Before you start, there are a few rules that you need to know. Write it down to ensure that you will be well prepared and in control of the situation.

1. Active But Passive

It sounds like a contradiction, but there is the first key point. Although you are the one to initiate the conversation, you are not always the one to lead the conversation.

There is no point in how much you like him, always keep it in check. Being clingy or texting too often can make him feel it’s natural to receive your texts, and he doesn’t need to do anything.

The reverse outcome can occur if you text him three times a day, morning or afternoon, to check in with him or tell him about your day. He becomes bored instead of expecting and being excited.

You can text him first, but no more than 2 to 3 times per week. The next thing is for him to respond and actively look for you daily.

2. Mention His Name

How to flirt by text with a guy
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Despite being a minor element, it is effective. They enjoy being called out in others’ texts, whether they are men or women.

Conversations become closer and more intimate when people address one other by name. It sounds so nice, and it gradually forges a link between you and the guy.

You can call him by name after a few messages. Using it when complimenting someone or expressing your thoughts is especially advised.


  • “OMG, David! This is so amazing.”
  • “It’s very kind of you, Josh. I like it!”
  • “Nick, how did you do that? It’s a wonderful art!”

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3. Tell The Stories

Use the stories if you’re still having trouble coming up with ideas. It might be something you own or something you’ve gathered online or from social networking sites.

You may mention a great commercial you watched during the day, for example. Or perhaps you want to share a sumptuous cake with him since you are thinking of him after indulging in it. Also, maintain a casual pace and flirt in your texts.


  • “…I suddenly miss you and wish you were there too.”
  • “There’s a promotion at the cinema for couples; if only I could go there with you.”

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4. Make Him Imagine

How to flirt by text with a guy
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We are always curious about everything and often fantasize about what we hear. Apply this right away when you’re texting him.

But use tact in your communication. Avoid bringing up the subject directly or giving the impression that you are stating it on purpose. You erroneously and carelessly did everything!

When the message arrives, reply 5 to 10 minutes late. Then reply that you just got out of the shower to see your inbox. Of course, he will immediately think of what you say!


  • “Oh, I just got out of the bathroom and saw your message. That’s not a bad idea.”
  • “The weather is so cool today; wearing a nightgown is my favorite thing to do!”

5. Don’t Be Too Excited

We know you’re excited, but be patient. You need to play hard and make him see that you are not easy and boring.

Don’t follow him if, for instance, you tell him you have a shower, and he starts to react spoilt to the story’s progression. You must still inform him that you received the text, but stop being wicked.

What is the point doing that? He will not be successful in getting you to recuperate if you don’t respond to him. The more goals you try to accomplish but fail, the more you want to win.

This will make him work even harder next time to get your attention. Soon, he will be bolder. Or even the one who maintains these flirty texts and promotes this relationship is him!

How should you respond? It’s time to change the subject. You can drop a shy emoji or wink and let him lead the communication.

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6. Use Emoji And Memes

How to flirt by text with a guy
How To Flirt By Text With A Guy - You Should Notice!

Emoticons and memes will make you appear juvenile if you use them? You can’t stray further from the truth! Your interactions will be much more enjoyable if you use them appropriately and correctly. Additionally, people only use them when speaking with close enough friends, demonstrating their openness to this kind of interaction.

He smiles at the amusing emojis, some of which have profound meanings. For instance, you can express your gratitude to him by using the love icon. You can also use the lips icon to suggest that you wish to kiss someone.

So, when should you use the memes? When you want to start a conversation! 

Has it been two days since your last text? Want to start a conversation but don’t know how? Send a cute or funny meme to help him have a happier moment.

Well, he will put a smile on his face and respond to you. From there, continue talking about the day’s activities or whatever topic you want.

7. Real And Deep Questions

How to flirt by text with a guy
How To Flirt By Text With A Guy - You Should Notice!

This involves a lot of creativity and appears a little challenging. Because if you don’t offer profound or serious questions at the correct time, people might think you’re joking.

When you want to flirt only for pleasure, it doesn’t really matter. But understanding is crucial for a long-term commitment. To be close to a guy and make him feel connected, you have to get him to open up to you. It can entail talking about his day or his life.

And pay attention; if he opens up and tells you things in his life, that’s one of the good signs! This proves that he feels comfortable with you and shortens the distance.

Let’s start slowly. You can prepare a few questions and put them into the conversation whenever appropriate.


  • “It sounds great, but what do you think is the most important one in a long-term relationship?”
  • “…What did you think the first time you met me?”
  • “Describe your ideal girlfriend….”

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8. Share Your Photos

how to flirt by text with a guy 7 1
How To Flirt By Text With A Guy - You Should Notice!

Instead of just texting, a picture will make him miss you even more. Did you two connect on social media? It doesn’t matter as you have tons of choices!

Show him your everyday life. It could be the moment you go for a jog every morning, when you’re playing with your pet or waiting in line for your favorite cup of coffee.

He’ll feel better when you show him a short clip recording your cooking if that’s feasible. Don’t forget to call his name in the video; we bet you will then earn a smile on his face.

Nevertheless, it’s important to be careful not to show any sexuality in the photos and avoid sexting because it can make him think you are very thirsty! Take it easy and be charming in your smile and hair, not the seductive tendency.

9. Be Short

How to flirt by text with a guy
How To Flirt By Text With A Guy - You Should Notice!

Be brief; you don’t need to describe what you’re doing. Don’t repeat your sentences if he seems confused or doesn’t get your deep meanings. Make the subject feel inquisitive by changing the topic.

It’s exciting to have mysteries and uncertainties. As a result, when he doesn’t comprehend something completely, he will want to learn more and be more eager to provide an answer.

You can prepare the flirty messages you want to send. Insert them skillfully and as if you were sending them out accidentally and spontaneously.

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10. Give Him The Opportunities

If you’ve actively flirted with him many times, it’s his turn. Leave him alone for 1 or 2 days so that he has time to think of you! You can trigger and make him want to be naughty with you. Don’t worry; if he has a crush on you, it’s natural to make the first move in a conversation.

You can start by keeping the chat flowing and not mentioning flirtatious messages. Or you can let him wait a bit or even a few hours after you get the text.

Willows are weak, yet they bind other wood! Let him in the driver seat and approach you more!

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How Often Should I Text Him To Keep His Interested?

There won’t be a fixed amount for this because it will depend on each individual’s circumstances. When you are close or wish to transition into a more distant relationship, it might be a little less when the two of you are just beginning to know one other.

If you are the one actively texting him, the typical starting frequency is two to three times per week. This one is the ideal frequency for communication that won’t annoy him excessively. Everyone will lead their own life, demonstrating that you have many other priorities except him.

Is It OK To Flirt Him By Text? 

Many individuals believe that sending flirtatious texts comes out as impolite and indicates that you are not serious about the relationship. However, as society develops, more and more individuals are accepting of dating apps; this is totally acceptable.

Don’t be shy if you already have feelings for someone. But keep in mind to assess the circumstance to determine the appropriate course of action and flirtation!

Please note that not every situation will call for this. Don’t rush it if he appears unresponsive or uninterested in you. Or, some people would rather talk on the phone than text. Your strategy may need to be modified at this stage.

What Should I Do If He Doesn’t Flirt Back? 

This is both perplexing and rather depressing. Is this an indication that he dislikes you? Keep in touch with him by sending casual texts if you’ve tried flirtatious messaging, but he hasn’t responded.

To learn more about them, it’s best to take your time. Perhaps the man is a little too serious, doesn’t appreciate flirtatious texts, or is too busy to reply. Anyway, be respectful and anticipate his future movements.

You can continue your regular talks or schedule a meeting to visit him. Keep in mind that there are other ways to express your feelings for someone besides texting.

What Are The Signs That He Doesn’t Like You?

He might not be interested in you if he exhibits any of the following behaviors. The future of this connection should be reconsidered:

  • He keeps his distance and treats you the same way he does with other people.
  • The guy doesn’t return your flirtations or engage in general flirtation.
  • He doesn’t initiate talks, texts, or social gatherings with you.
  • The guy doesn’t want to hang out with you for too long.
  • He’s not thinking about what you said.
  • He doesn’t care about your narrative or what occurred to you in a day; learning about you is not his interest.

Final Thoughts

Flirting with someone isn’t easy, but once you’re well prepared, you can be the master of this game! You’ve known how to flirt by text with a guy; however, it would be best if you were flexible in applying, depending on the situation.

Last but not least, before beginning, take note of the above guidelines. Although these tips are not absolute, they cover most situations, which spices up your relationship and pushes it to a new height.

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