Should I message a guy who ghosted me

Should I Message A Guy Who Ghosted Me? What Can I Do?

The feeling of being ghosted is always hard to swallow. Should I message a guy who ghosted me? The answer lies in the following article.

Being ghosted is always something unpleasant and irritating. If this is your favorite guy, it must be one of the most desperate feelings you have ever experienced.

Should I message a guy who ghosted me? It is easy for your partner to decide not to text back and ghost you. But it is not the same way you get over limbo and frustration coming in the way.

We bet that you have constantly read your texts again and scanned through their Instagram photos. So what is going wrong? Why is the situation?

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Follow this article to the end to get the answer and see what you can do with this discouraging situation.

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Should I Message A Guy Who Ghosted Me?

Should I message a guy who ghosted me
Should I Message A Guy Who Ghosted Me? What Can I Do?

The answer is an absolute NO.

Ghosting damages your self-esteem and makes the relationship worse. He knows that, but he still does. So what can you expect from this guy?

Wait for his response instead of spamming texts all the time. One week, two weeks, or even a month before reaching out to him again. The time will depend on your relationship status.

Yet, bear in mind that if you text him, you will likely put the power in his hand. He can control the situation, your feelings, and your actions. Sometimes, it is not a good thing.

Imagine giving a guy so much respect and care. Suddenly, he disappears into thin air, leaving no trace. This heartbreaking attitude partly shows his disrespect towards you.

However, if you two have a committed and long-term relationship, you should tell him your feelings and desperate attitude towards his disappearance. 

Show him your honesty when sharing good moments. Then, wait for him to give a clear implication about your relationship. At this moment, it would be best to get prepared to move on. 

You have shown your love and dedication for him, but he thinks about himself only! Face the reality that he doesn’t like you that much. Get away from this toxic relationship, and he will acknowledge your value one day.

Should I message a guy who ghosted me
Should I Message A Guy Who Ghosted Me? What Can I Do?

Another scenario is that he is struggling or having some trouble. He can be sick or needs help. You should figure out the situation depending on your relationship and the last sharing time. 

For example, the last talk or text of you two was still full of fun, and you both were comfortable with each other. He was so enthusiastic and hooked on you, waiting for your text with prompt replies. Nothing abnormal happened. And then, suddenly, he disappeared. If this is the case, you should text him to address his trouble. He might need your shoulder now.

But because he chose to keep silent instead of sharing, when you text, make the message straightforward enough to show your care without appearing desperate.

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Why Shouldn’t I Text After Being Ghosted?

Should I message a guy who ghosted me
Should I Message A Guy Who Ghosted Me? What Can I Do?

There are various reasons for his ghosting attitude. Yet, no matter the reason, it is surely not because of you. Most of the time, he feels uncomfortable communicating his emotions, expressing his feelings, or is not ready for confrontation.

Here are some reasons for his ghosting:

He Is Not Interested In You

It is sad to hear this, but this is one of the main reasons for the ghosting attitude. Your partner hardly sits around and waits for your response. He is willing to move on, think nothing about you, and find someone else.

So please don’t waste your time texting or trying to keep in touch with such a guy. Forcing yourself to think that you have a chance with him or get closure will make you feel worse. If he is interested in you or gives you some kinds of green flags, he will not let you put in that much effort.

It is hurtful to accept he has no interest in you. So it would be better to forget about him, move on, and find someone new. A text cannot make him suddenly interested in you.

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You Get Nothing Out Of It

You will not get anything from texting someone ghosting you. Sometimes, they give you little respect for sending a text. They are not worried about replying to you.

Plus, they don’t care to give you any closure and won’t apologize to you for this. 

They Will Not Reply

Is there any point in reaching out to the one who tends not to respond? Nothing will stop them from ghosting you the second time. Don’t end up being foolish to do this. Trying to send another text makes you appear desperate and needy

Stop letting them hurt you over and over again.

Say Something You Regret

Sometimes, you feel more than angry and irritated. These emotions make you text him something unsensible. Texting is so accessible that you can easily send regretful lines. Frustration and a burst of anger can do you harm.

Undoubtedly, ghosting is a bad thing to do to someone. Yet, don’t let such negative things control you and turn you into an ugly person. Don’t say anything out of your character. 

It would be better to consider your words and texts before sending them.

Let Them Win

Texting them after being ghosted means that you are letting them win. This action demonstrates your interiority and emotional dependence on them. 

Reaching out and getting ghosted again only exacerbates the situation and leads to a new disrespect level. In this situation, they have the power over you when they don’t reply. 

While relationships are not related to winning, you will surely not feel glorious, as if he has fooled you. Don’t text the disrespected guy who doesn’t value you.

The only winning solution is to move on, forget them, and be happy with others. Love yourself by working to make yourself perfect and finding someone who loves you and knows your worth.

They Can Reply Something Hurtful

Their silent reaction speaks volumes. If you try to make another attempt to send a text, they will make a clear message. This message can be something you should not read; it might knock your self-confidence and strip off your self-esteem.

Sense their ghosting attitude, and don’t force them to spell it out into words.

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You Misread The Situation

Maybe they are not ghosting you. Instead, they are too busy or have accidentally forgotten to text you. However, this accounts for only a very small chance.

In this circumstance, reaching out in anger can put you in a bad light and hurt your partner’s feelings. Consider the situation to see whether it is a ghosting sign or not.

How To Respond When A Guy Ghosted Me

Don’t immediately feel guilty and desperate to find that you have been ghosted. Here are some important tips to know in this scenario:

Stay Cool, Collected, And Calm

Should I message a guy who ghosted me
Should I Message A Guy Who Ghosted Me? What Can I Do?

If you were 100% hurt by this impolite reaction, there is no need to be too angry or discouraged. Make sure to show respect to him and embrace yourself with a great sense of positive expressions and self-respect. 

Let’s be a more mature and generous person. Please don’t assume that they treated you badly and you follow this bad example. A respectful and calm attitude will make them feel more guilty and care more about you.

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Skip Guilt-Tripping

Guilty only makes you feel much more down in the dumps and likely to do silly things. Also, you did nothing wrong. You were always honest and showed true feelings when texting with him. 

Keep A Single Text

We know it is hard not to text him when you are being ghosted. You desperately want to know the reasons behind his reaction. But if you cannot resist texting him, keep it to a single text. 

If he still doesn’t respond this time, please don’t double text.

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Be Self-respecting And Empowered

Should I message a guy who ghosted me
Should I Message A Guy Who Ghosted Me? What Can I Do?

As mentioned above, thanks to your positive expressions, he will surely look up to and care more about you. His disinterest should never impair your worth. Be an independent woman! Only you can define who you are and how you react to such attitudes.

Remember The Context

Consider the context of your relationship. In a defined and steady relationship, you have gone on a date with him more than once. In this case, feel empowered to text and see what’s happening.

Maybe he is having a bad time and doesn’t want it to affect your situation or hurt your feelings. Your care can make him feel better and express his thoughts more easily.

With the one going on a single date with you or talking casually, you should let it alone. He seems to have little interest in the relationship.


What Are Texts If I Want Some Closure?

It is hard not to text your favorite guy, especially when sending a single text is not worth any time, energy, or cost. So if you still crave some closure, here are some suggested texts:

  • I think that we have a misunderstanding and stop texting and sharing. If this is the case, I would appreciate having the last conversation with you and checking if anything goes right. 
  • It’s sad to see our time coming to an end. But I enjoy the time getting to know you over the past few weeks. Let me know if we can meet for another talk and ensure our relationship is not toxic.
  • I once thought that our story could have an anti-climatic and happy ending. But it is only in the past. Thanks for the whale of time we had together. We’re cool. Wish you luck.

What Can I Do After Texting?

The worst part after texting the final time is waiting for their potential response. At that moment, the only thing you can do is to put down your phone, go out, or do anything to distract yourself. 

A few suggestions include watching your favorite movies, cooking, or hanging out with friends.

So what if he doesn’t respond to your perfect text? That’s okay. You have dedicated yourself to this relationship. Thus, you deserve someone better than him. Don’t think of the one putting no effort into communicating with you.

There is no need to feel embarrassed for reaching out. This is only one way of being honest with your feelings. You should be proud of this.

What if he does respond? Don’t rush to answer immediately. You should evaluate the message’s content first. If he isn’t fully honest, don’t text back again.

Conversely, when he appears interested in conversing with you, feel free to respond.

When Should I Text After Being Ghosted?

Once again, it would be best if you did not text him after he ghosted you. But there are still some circumstances where reaching out does make sense. Here are four possible cases to text anything:

  • He has asked you out on another date.
  • Things are going right with consistent communication.
  • You both have been on more than four dates.
  • You desire to express yourself only.

In the first three cases, a calm message is highly recommended. It would be best if you let them know your hurt feelings. Remember that it is not for punishing them for ghosting or winning them back. 

There is no point in swearing or convincing them to take a second chance. Instead, explain your feelings calmly and make them rethink their actions. Being the bigger person is great, especially at this moment.

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Final Thoughts

Should I message a guy who ghosted me? We bet that you have had your answer after flicking through our article. It is hard to swallow that you have been ghosted without knowing why.

You can feel tempted to reach out to ask for reasons and bring him back. Yet, if possible, please don’t text him anymore, ever. Their lack of text and silence has been revealed clearly. 

So instead, it would be better to celebrate, cherish yourself, and wait for your destined love to come.

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