how to be confident with guys

12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

For women, dating and relationships can be intimidating sometimes. That’s why it’s important to learn how to be confident with guys right now.

Confidence is said to be one of the most attractive qualities. And, fortunately for those of us who occasionally feel uneasy, confidence is easy to fake. It only takes some practice. Good news is that the more you do it, the more you begin to believe in yourself on a deeper level.

So ladies, how to be confident with guys? No worries! I’ll show you 12 ways to make small changes to your attitude so that next time around men you won’t be nervous anymore.

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How to be confident with guys

1. Increase your self-belief

increase your self-confidence - how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

Take pride in yourself. Being yourself and recognizing your worth might help you be more confident around men. Recognize your worth by valuing your distinct skills and abilities.

Are you a natural writer, volleyball player, or mathematician? Are you an expert in movies, fashion, or books? What are the characteristics that your friends and family admire the most about you?

Make a list of your skills and abilities. Once a week, go through this list to remind yourself that you have a lot to contribute not only to yourself, but also to the rest of the world.

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2. Take good care of yourself

take good care of yourself - how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

Do everything it takes to look after yourself. Getting regular massages could be one way to accomplish this. Having your nails done is another great way to spend some time. You’ll feel better when you love yourself and put self-care first.

You’re telling your body, mind, and soul that they’re important to you, and that you’ll look after them. As a result, you’ll be more confident around men and they’ll be attracted to you.

Consider men who have piqued your interest in the past. Perhaps the man at the gym who is constantly pushing himself to do better. Or the coworker who brings a kale salad to work every day. It’s a subtle signal, but they’re implying that they’re self-sufficient, which you find attractive. Put yourself first if you want to learn how to be confident with guys.

3. Control your inner self-talk

control your inner self talk - how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

If you find yourself shaking in fear that you can’t do something or they’ll think you’re boring, odd or ugly, just think in the opposite direction.

Remember the list you made of your top attributes and abilities? Remind yourself that you are fascinating and that anyone would like speaking with you. You’ll notice that the more positive signals you send to yourself, the more self-assured you’ll become.

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4. Be easy on yourself

be easy on yourself - how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

If you’re insecure, you’ll be hard on yourself seeing your weaknesses. A self-assured man is at ease with both his strengths and flaws, and he will put you to the test to see how you react.

Be easy on yourself. Learn to laugh at your eccentricities and neurotic tendencies because life is too short to take yourself too seriously. It’s important to know there’s a distinction between joking around and acting like a jerk.

To tell if someone is having fun with you or is being a jerk, use your intuition (and look to see if they’re smiling). Accepting and being kind to yourself is a way of learning how to be confident with guys.

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5. Don’t be mean to other people

don't be mean to others - how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

Being obnoxious to others is a sign of vulnerability. It communicates to the rest of the world that you are so unhappy with yourself that you feel compelled to bring others down in order to feel less alone.

Bullies may appear confident, but their cruelty stems from a deep sense of self-hatred. Putting others down is the absolute worst thing you can do. It makes you appear less confident, and it makes you less kind.

6. Escape your comfort zone

You won’t always be able to manage every aspect of social encounters. You must not, however, be intimidated by unknown surroundings. It’s time to move out of your comfort zone. You’ll begin to feel more at ease in potentially distressing situations and boost your self-esteem.

escape your comfort zone - how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

You can try a new sport or activitiy, and go to different places each week. You will have more experiences to discuss and share with others if you move outside of your comfort zone. This will make you appear intriguing and daring to people.

7. Have a positive body language and posture

have positive body language and posture- how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

Your body language and posture also convey a sense of self-assurance in your own skin. Try not to slump your head or hold it low. Maintain your eye contact, keep your head level, your back straight, and your shoulders square instead.

Walk at a moderate pace as well. Don’t walk too quickly or too slowly, and avoid stumbling. Also, try to remain calm. Allow your arms to hang freely at your sides rather than crossing them or hiding them behind your back.

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8. Make conversation practice a habit

make conversation practice a habit- how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

They say practice makes perfect. So, talk to men whenever possible. It can be at a local coffee shop, at work or gatherings. The key is you have nothing to lose. There’s less pressure to say the right thing because you’re unlikely to see him again (but if the chat goes well, he might ask you out!).

Dating apps can be great tools for conversation practice as you’re texting instead of talking face to face with the other person. This is a good time to test out different opening lines and queries to discover which men respond best. If you want to learn how to be confident with guys, make it a daily goal to talk to at least one (male) stranger.

9. Don’t let past failures cloud your future

don't let past failures cloud your future - 12 tips on how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

You were ghosted on a dating app. Maybe you’re a catfish! Maybe a guy you liked only wanted to sleep with you. All of these can seriously impair your self-esteem, but you must actively avoid long-term damage.

It takes practice. An unpleasant incident will take up more room in your head and make it difficult to move on. Let a terrible dating experience go. Determine what lessons it teaches you. I know it’s hard.

You don’t want to make assumptions based on past events like all men are assholes, because there are men out there who will treat you like a queen. Consider it this way: you’re just about to find that long-lasting, mutually gratifying love.

10. Dress with self-confidence

dress with self-confidence - 12 tips on how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

Always try to dress appropriately for the situation. Dress comfortably if it will be a relaxing occasion, and more formally if the event is more formal.

Make sure your clothes are clean and that they go together. Choose clothes that make you feel good as it will help you become more confident around men. Wear attractive flats or tennis shoes instead of heels if you are uncomfortable with them.

Alternatively, if you enjoy wearing hats, such as baseball caps, choose one that matches your clothing.

Another thing is to choose colors that are complementary to your skin tone. Colors that match your skin tone will give your complexion a healthy shine and make your eyes sparkle.

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11. Accept and give out compliments

accept and give out compliments - 12 tips on how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

When you have poor self-esteem, accepting compliments can feel very strange. Some people even hesitate to accept compliments out of fear of appearing arrogant. Accepting compliments, however, is not haughty.

You can also give compliments by responding with a polite thank you if someone says something wonderful about you. Saying back something good about them is a way to learn how to be confident with guys.

People who are confident praise others because they are not threatened by the beauty or strength of others.

12. Flirt, Flirt, Flirt

flirt - how to be confident with guys
12 Tips On How To Be Confident With Guys

You might not be used to it but flirting is pleasurable. Flirting can help you learn how to be confident with guys while you’re exhibiting an interest in him. Why does flirting make you feel good and increase your self-esteem?

When a man receives favorable attention from a woman, it’s difficult for him not to flirt back, so you get the advantage of his return attention. Flirting can make you feel sexier, wittier, and more enjoyable. So get out there and start practicing!

What’s next

After all, you want to learn how to be confident with guys because what you want is to find love with the right man, right? What if he’s right there but you’re just not sure how to make things happen?

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You might be asking why it’s called “the hero instinct“. Is it really necessary for men to imagine themselves as superheroes in order to love a woman? Certainly not.

The truth is that you won’t have to make any sacrifices. You can reach into a part of him that no woman has ever tapped into with just a few tiny alterations in how you approach him.

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Final thoughts

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how to be confident with guys. Keep in mind that confidence doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and effort to truly become the Sexy Confident Lady I know you can be.

Remember, don’t give up. There will be setbacks. You’ll have days when you don’t feel confident in any way. That is very typical, but don’t get discouraged by setbacks. Every day, start over and tell yourself how amazing you are. Because you know it, ladies, confident women always attract strong men.

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