what to text a guy before the first date

What To Text A Guy Before The First Date – Examples Included

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Well, what to text a guy before the first date? It is a headache question because we all may feel texting before the official date is a bit strange. 

You like to express your enthusiasm. However, you might not want to appear overly interested or, should we say, too desperate. Still, when the day arrives, you must say some, even though it is merely to reconfirm the location and time. 

Besides, some messages before the first date are also a terrific method to remove awkward and embarrassing tension, as you’re all undoubtedly apprehensive. Texting will bring the two of you closer together, and you can even make the partner more excited and looking forward to seeing you than ever. 

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So, what exactly do you need to message? Let’s quickly move on to the next part! 

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What To Text A Guy Before The First Date

Rule For Pre-Date Texting 

what to text a guy before the first date
What To Text A Guy Before The First Date - Examples Included

But, first, you’ll have to begin by establishing the pre-date messaging rules. Without principles, it’s easy to overreact to make your partner rethink or create situations that make him nervous and confused. Let’s jump into the first rule.

Texting Should Be Limited

Some may advise you girls shouldn’t text guys at all right before the date. That, in our opinion, is a touch extreme. 

It’s fine to continue chatting with him, but you’ll need to ease down the pace a little. Don’t text him each minute. We recommend limiting it to a couple of times a day. Doing that will demonstrate your continued interest, save dialogue for the official date, and keep you from appearing a bit needy.

However, Don’t Vanish Into Thin Air

Even if you seek to limit your messaging a little, don’t fully disappear.

You’ll leave the person you are about to hang out with questions whether the date of you guys is still at the green light or whether he will be alone on that day. That feeling isn’t nice at all.

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Consider What You Want, Then Text Appropriately.

Consider the purpose of the relationship you desire and define your goals. Then, determine the tone of your communications. 

Avoid having too sexual chats if you long for a long-term and serious relationship. Your partner will misunderstand the signal and think your future date is merely a fling. Yet, if that is what you wish for, just a quick fling, go ahead and do it. Expressing your opinion and attitude in advance with sexy SMS will guarantee he goes along with you.

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What To Text Before The First Date

Simple Pre-Date Confirmation.

Sending him a brief text clarifying some date specifics is a simple way to calm yourself and soothe your worries. These texts will show that you are focusing on your date.

Moreover, it also supports you a lot. If something happens and he might forget to mention it, he will tell you then, and you are not in the situation of getting stood up on the date!

For instance: 

“Do we still have plans for tomorrow evening?”

Work Out The Specifics.

To some extent, this is similar to verifying the specifics. The key difference in these messages is that you give your partner a chance to express his favorite or comfortableness on things, and if he wants to make some changes, you guys can share the best first date.

This type of text is considered the polite approach. You’ll appear attentive and courteous, which are both good attributes.

For instance:

  • “So, it is the museum upstate, huh?”
  • “What is the best time for you?”

Humor Can Help To Relieve Tension. 

what to text a guy before the first date
What To Text A Guy Before The First Date - Examples Included

Even the most anxious individuals might shake off his worry when humorous things happen! Humor is a classic method for relieving tension. You may also use it to vent your guy’s pent-up emotions before your first date. Most importantly, a lady with a fantastic sense of humor is high on many men’s wish lists.

Your date will notice that you are pretty laid-back. Even better, he will see that the girl he is about to date is so caring even to attempt to make him relax, smile, and be happy.

For instance:

  • Choose a fun video or meme that you believe will make him burst out laughing and send it to the guy.
  • Make a funny, corny joke.

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Follow In His Footsteps.

what to text a guy before the first date
What To Text A Guy Before The First Date - Examples Included

Following in his footsteps may be the easiest thing any girl can do. You must reply or follow his lead if he initiates the first text. 

The main benefit is that you don’t need to spend all day guessing everything or take the time to walk through his mind. No guesswork is required because you have all his text. You don’t have to start the conversation.

However, remember to set boundaries, particularly if he texts you too frequently.

For instance:

Don’t just reply to his message only. Instead of doing this, you can raise some questions. That is the way to keep you guys’ conversation going.

Before Your Date, Tell Him That You Will Be There On Your First Date!

One of the sweetest messages before the first date is to let the man know his date is ready to be there. This method is similar to checking planning or details. But, the idea here is to deliver the SMS on the day you two meet, preferably within hours beforehand. It’s unpretentious and entirely reasonable.

Furthermore, it demonstrates your dependability. He won’t have to worry that his date will disappear. As a courtesy, you will receive a reaction from him suggesting that he, too, is getting ready or even on the way to your guy’s appointment location.

For instance:

  • “Hey, your date is coming.”
  • “Meet you up in 30 mins.”
  • “I will show up around 10 mins.”

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what to text a guy before the first date
What To Text A Guy Before The First Date - Examples Included

A Flirtatious Text Message Will Pique His Interest. 

You may have known it before in literature, movies, and television shows. Something is often hyped up before its debut to make people interested. There’s nothing improper with incorporating a similar principle into your romantic life. You may get your partner excited about the date by teasing him. Send him flirtatious texts expressing your excitement to meet him. Then, how happy he should be when you guys are on a real first date.

However, ensure that you spice it up; do not make it too much. The date is set. Your text should be just enough, and do not scare your partner away. Spending your energy on the real date is the strategy.

Another note of warning: don’t get too romantic. It may appear scary to do anything drastic like write your date poems. Know your audience in person before doing anything specifically.

For instance:

  • “I’m greatly looking forward to meeting you!”
  • “We will have a great time together. Look forward to our date!”

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what to text a guy before the first date
What To Text A Guy Before The First Date - Examples Included

If Something Comes Up, Notify Him As Soon As Possible. 

Out of the blue, something happened. Isn’t it true that life is always not easy for us? 

If you have an appointment and something unexpected happens, you must notify him as soon as possible. We won’t pretend: if it happens, the situation won’t seem good. However, informing him ASAP will demonstrate your courtesy and prove that you care about your date.

Besides, you can also turn this unexpecting event into an opportunity to organize another date with him. 

If you guys can sort it out, he is the person that you should dig down more because he can be sympathetic to the hard life that all of us may encounter. If he wants to go on a date with you, nothing will stop you guys from changing your date!

For instance:

  • “Hey! I’m sorry! I have an emergency, and I cannot come on that day! What do you think we will start to reschedule for next Saturday night?”
  • “I’m afraid I have to take a raincheck on Sunday! I am so sorry. Can I make it up for you by Sunday?”  


Is It Ok To Text Just Before The First Date?

Yes. It is ok to text before your official date. 

According to a relationship expert and registered marital counselor, you and your potential partner should certainly text just before the date. The type of text is all about establishing safety. It does not wipe away the chemistry between you guys on the real date. Your text will help you to confirm the date, release the tension of your worry that you may be being stood up, and stir up the interest of your partner some hours before you guys meet!

If you don’t text before your date, the chances of you being stood up or missing the important information with your partner are huge! Something unexpected may happen. Your date may forget the date! Anything is possible, so texting before the official date will make you more secure and responsible for your date and time!

How Can I Pique His Attention Before Our First Date? 

There are many ways you can keep a man interested in you before your first date. Here are two examples:

  • Understand that you cannot control your partner’s emotions.

In our opinion, to be able to attract someone before the first date, you need to understand the principle: No one can control another person in a dating or love relationship. A person’s feelings are their own. To engage with them, you can listen, share, and accompany those feelings. Don’t tell them what to do! 

Creating such a relaxed conversation over text will surely bring excitement and anticipation to your partner with the upcoming date.

  • Being a humorous lady. 

No one can resist the charm of chatting with a witty person. A few funny quotes, a funny picture, a joke, or a meme will make you colorful and interesting in the eyes of your boyfriend material!

The Devotion system
What To Text A Guy Before The First Date - Examples Included

Should I Flirt Before Going On Our First Date?

Yes, you should. But do not be overly intimate! 

Flirting before a date should always be courteous. It does not assume that the date may result in anything but pleasant discussion. If you flirt too much, you could mislead your partner into thinking you just want a hook-up. Whatever it is, a fling or a serious relationship you are looking for, never disclose it before the date.

The pre-date flirting is here just to keep the hit between you guys. You need to get your partner excited and keep that excitement just enough to look forward to your next date! No one can resist your attraction when you arouse his desire to know more just a few hours before meeting face to face! That is what pre-date flirting is all about! Keep his excitement, but do not make him misunderstand your idea!

What Topic Should I Choose When Texting The Guy I Like For The First Time?

Some topics may help you communicate easily with the person you got attracted to, for example, famous funny stories, food, music, movies, etc.! Below are the two easiest topics to begin with:

  • Weather topic

We all share one earth. Therefore, stories about the weather are good places to start  in any relationship when you don’t know each other well! You might ask: What’s the weather like where you live? Then follow-up questions will follow from such a weather story!

  • Discuss his interests.

It would be great if you know the interests of the person you like through a forum, a post on social networks, and then develop your flow on your partner’s interests! However, if your partner is a blank page to you, be a detective and ask about his hobbies or share your hobbies. The common ground will soon be found if you are willing to share it!

Final Thoughts 

We hope that all the analysis, noting, and examples of what to text a guy before the first date will be a booklet for you for your next dating strategy. You will no longer be hesitant before your date with these examples. Visit our website for more tips on what to do on your first date or secrets to a lasting relationship too! Hope your relationship goes the way you want it to!

We look forward to hearing about your first date soon! Thank you!

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