Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text

98 Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text – Are You Ready?

You want to have fun with your boyfriend and spice up your relationship? Try our dirty things to dare a guy over text to hit the refresh button now!

No matter what level of the relationship you have now, you want it to grow and last for a long time without fading the initial love flame. Dirty things to dare a guy over text is a game you can play with your crush to stir his feelings towards you and determine his love. 

It’s also applicable if your bond needs some touch-ups. Furthermore, if you are in a long-distance relationship, it’s the perfect game to push you two closer. Let’s get started for the tried-and-true tips!

Tips To Play Like A Pro 

Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text
98 Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text - Are You Ready?

Dirty things to dare over text can be interesting to play with your guy, but it’s not the game for everyone. Follow these tips to become a professional challenger.

Make Sure Everybody Is Comfortable

It is the first tip, and also, the general rule of thumb of the game, ensuring the participants are in their comfort and willingness. Since it includes all kinds of questions and they can be over one’s limit, everybody should prepare their mind before accepting the challenge.  

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Consider What Kind Of Relationship You Have

The challenge is not what you can conduct with the guy you’ve just met. Considering how close you are with that guy is important before starting the game. 

If you play this adult truth or dare game in the early development of your relationship, it can make him think that all you care about is sex. Since he’s a man, he might be ok with that, but in the end, you will not be happy.

Playing this dare is not a smart move when you’ve just known a guy and are looking for a solid and serious relationship. It works best when you’re involved with your committed partner rather than just with a casual guy. 

Be Creative

This fun game shows not only how brave you are when accepting the dare but also a place to unleash your creativity. If you enjoy the dirty things to dare a man over text, stay enthusiastic in making the game interesting and keep the other person staying with you with fun. Make it creative whether you guys will end up on a real date or not. 

Slow Beginning

Be soft with some teasing jokes to see how the situation will be. A sudden approach to something “sensitive” is awkward. So, begin slowly, watch and wait for the right moment for the “heavy” challenges.  

If you two are a couple, start by saying, “I miss you“. It’s a high chance that he will reply, “I miss you, too.” Then, you ask, “What do you miss about me?”. Something interesting is getting started.

Make sure you start slowly but nasty enough to arouse him.

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Patiently Wait For A Flirty Answer

Send the introductory text first and see how that guy will reply to you. If it’s a positive one, go ahead. Pay attention to any sign that he’s interested in a flirty or sexy message; then, you can start showing what he wants in your text. 

However, remember to do it slowly and slightly. Patiently wait for his answer. Maybe, it will take a while for him to respond. In case it’s too long, you will lose your playing mood. It indicates that this might not be a perfect time to start.

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Add Some Spice

Once you have a good start, you’re in the driver seat. Simply flirty content may not be enough; you should enquire about something more challenging. 

If he favorably replies to you, it signifies it’s possible to increase the level. Should you want to meet the guy in real life, add some spice, and make the text more detailed.

Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text
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Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text

There are an ocean of dirty things you can dare your man or crush, be it witty, cute, flirty, or crazy. It’s time to get to know him better and water your love tree!

Funny Dirty Things

  1. Grab some raw buckwheat and put it in your mouth.
  2. Go to a stranger and introduce yourself.
  3. Say some terrible words that you’ve never said before.
  4. Do a plank as long as you can.
  5. Put on two different colored socks and go out for 5 minutes.
  6. Lick your lips in the sexiest way.
  7. Put your underwear on your head and talk to me for 2 minutes.
  8. Open the window, look outside and sing.
  9.  Fart in public.
  10.  Do a big burp.
  11.  Connect your eyebrow and go out for 5 minutes.
  12.  Shake hands with your neighbor, and don’t let go.
  13.  Do a split.
  14.  Give a high five to everybody passing your house for 3 minutes.
  15.  Lick your nose.
  16.  Sing a kid’s song and dance.
  17.  Close your eyes and type a message to random people.
  18.  Post picture number 4 in your gallery to Twitter.
  19.  Show how flexible your body is.
  20.  Dance in front of your parents. 

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Good Dirty Things

  1. Share the last video you’ve seen on Youtube.
  2. Screenshot the chat list on your WhatsApp and send it to me.
  3. Dress what you think is the most stylish and send me a picture.
  4. Imitate some person that you know.
  5. Take a chair and do some dance.
  6. Pretend your pillow is your girlfriend. What are you going to do?
  7. Send “I love you” to your best friend of the same gender. 
  8. Write a love poem.
  9. Use your mouth only to eat a cake.
  10.  Record the sexiest thought of yours and send it to me.
  11.  Tell me about your favorite cartoon.
  12.  Call the last person on your contact list and say, “I love you”.
  13.  Take a selfie, and post it on Facebook with the caption “lonely tonight.”
Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text
98 Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text - Are You Ready?

Flirty Dirty Things

  1. Tell me what you would do to me if I were with you in a sexy dress.
  2. Write my name on your chest and take a picture.
  3. Do ten push-ups and scream my name each time.
  4. Do a split.
  5. Send me a voice mess with dirty words.
  6. Show me what’s inside your wallet.
  7. Put on your mom’s lipstick.
  8. Tell me what you always want me to know.
  9. Describe your hottest sexual fantasy.
  10.  Write something nice about me on Facebook, tag me, and public it. 
  11.  Put on your underwear over your jeans and go to the nearest shop.
The Devotion system
98 Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text - Are You Ready?

Sexy Dirty Things

  1. Flirt me with your eyes.
  2. Send me a picture of you imitating your favorite position.
  3. Describe the body part that turns you on.
  4. Send a dirty meme to me.
  5. Give me your best moan.
  6. Show me your favorite adult website.
  7. Try to convince me to come to your house.
  8. Act like you’re going to kiss somebody and post it online.
  9. Call the 5th number in your contact list and try to flirt with them.
  10.  Describe your first/ best kiss.
  11.  Be half-naked and show your muscles.
  12.  Tell me a secret about your body.

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Hot Dirty Things

  1. Video call to me and take out your T-shirt in a nasty way.
  2. Tell me the first time you had sex.
  3. Order a sex toy for me.
  4. Dance along to my selected song.
  5. Livestream when you are in the toilet.
  6. Change your Facebook profile picture to your favorite porn actress.
  7. Go out in unzipped trousers.
  8. Take a picture of your sexy crawling position and send it to your brother.
  9. Kiss a cucumber for 60 seconds.
  10.  Do a seductive action with a banana.
  11.  Teach me your favorite making love technique.

Crazy Dirty Things

  1. Call your father and sing a song for one minute and hang up.
  2. Stay on the pavement, take off your shirt and throw it in the air.
  3. Tell me three similar points between you and a banana.
  4. Put on your favorite shoes and step on shit.
  5. Reach the end of your trash bin in the kitchen.
  6. Pick your nose and put it on the wall.
  7. Describe how you usually take a shower.
  8. Call to ask your best friend about his making-love experience.
  9. Text the 9th number in your phone contact and ask if you are handsome.
  10.  Describe your favorite part of your body most temptingly.
Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text
98 Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text - Are You Ready?

Freaky Dirty Things

  1. Place the ice cubes in your mouth until they melt.
  2. Call your mom and say you pee pee on your pants.
  3. Clean the toilet with your toothbrush.
  4. Keep water in your mouth and say my name.
  5. Go live on Facebook to show how you shave your armpits. 
  6. Drop a dice in the toilet and try to take it up.
  7. Taste your body wash.
  8. Mix all the spices in your kitchen and eat them.
  9. Be in underwear only and do squats for one minute.
  10.  Drink water in a bowl like a puppy.
  11.  Imagine your finger is ice cream and eat it seductively.

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Other Truth And Dare Questions

  1. What fruit do you think of when you think about sex?
  2. What do you find in the other gender’s body attractive to you?
  3. What is a perfect place for a date?
  4. Who do you crush on right now?
  5. If today is the last day of your life, who do you want to spend time with?
  6. What do you usually do to draw your crush’s attention?
  7. What would you do if you and your best friend have a crush on the same person?
  8. Where do you put your hands while kissing?
  9. What do you think about a one-night stand?
  10.  Rate me from level 1 to 10; how many points do you give?

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Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text
98 Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text - Are You Ready?


When Should You Start Sexy Dirty Things To Dare A Guy Over Text?

The challenge is fun but, at the same time, crazy, awkward, and even disgusting. For some questions, it’s possible to dare in the daytime. However, when it comes to something seductive, you’d better choose around midnight time.

It’s shown that the horny feeling usually rises up late at night. What a perfect time!

Make sure the other person is in the mood and ready for the challenge without being bothered.

When To Stop The Game?

Once you start the game, it seems like you cannot stop. It’s not only because it’s fun but also because it makes you excited when your curiosity about your guy is satisfied. You have a chance to see his most awkward moments and remember them for time.

However, if you see there’s an interruption in his response, you should consider stopping. He might be busy or have another interest. For whatever the reason is, continue another time.

Rather than that, you may want to stop because you both feel excited and want to move to the next stage of dating out. Leave the game there and arrange the date right now!

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What Are The Categories Of Dirty Dare Questions?

The game has many categories that you can play with different people. For friends, it can be something funny and crazy. If you play it with a group of your close friends, the categories can get more weird or insane. It helps form a closer friendship and create memorable moments.

For lovers, the seductive type enhances the bond, keeps the relationship always in an active mode, and creates a fun experience. Dirty dare questions may turn your crush into your boyfriend one day. The more you play, the more types of questions you can think of, making it an endlessly interesting game.

Final Thoughts

Dirty things to dare a guy over text sounds interesting from the first time you hear about it. You even can be addicted to it as it brings fun and drives you two closer together. Through the game, you know your guy’s darkest side and his secrets. It’s a good way to entertain and refresh your relationship.

However, don’t forget our first rule is to give priority to comfort. If one doesn’t feel confident enough, there’s no need to continue, as it can cause some unwanted silent moments. When both of you feel comfortable and ready to be open, try some more challenges suggested above.

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