ways to make him text you first

8 Best Ways To Make Him Text You First – Unveil The Tricks

What are the best ways to make him text you first? The answer will spring up in this article. Don’t skip digging into it now to unclog your curiosity.

The message is a connection and a communicating means, essential to build up the relationship of most couples. Still, dating might be extremely frustrating if you are always the one sending him the first text. 

An array of queries you want to address when stuck in the problem: which ways to make him text you first? Should you always wait for him to text you first? Why didn’t he text me first? In fact, not only you but many of us also suffer from the situation. 

This is also a motivation for our presence here today. Come with us to get some key rules to tackle the uphill struggle. 

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Before digging into the gist, we will pass through some key roots of this situation, and then we will uncover some hot potatoes related to the title. 

Why Didn’t He Send You A Message First?

1. You Are Not His Only Girlfriend!

ways to make him text you first
8 Best Ways To Make Him Text You First - Unveil The Tricks

Suppose your guy never seems to send you a message first. And he only shows interest in you at any time you see him. If so, it might be that you belong to the girlfriend group he is into or seeing. 

This shows that you are his preferred choice if you are always the girl sending him some texts every day.

That doesn’t sound right, yet let’s consider it like this: If a man actively communicates with you, he supposes that keeping you in the relationship isn’t hard. And a guy who doesn’t keep in touch with you regularly for a few days finds that this relationship is on the verge of ending, and he might turn to his other “alternatives”. 

2. He Is Incredibly Up To The Ear

The words themselves are the right explanation, sometimes. 

If you know his job is full-on, he perhaps does not have enough time to send you some messages within the day. Thus when he reaches his home, your guy doesn’t want to spend time on the phone and turns it off. 

In addition, he does not want to text you because he might be stuck with his job while texting with you and might let you wait for the next message. This could make you more worried during a working day.

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3. He Isn’t Just A Text Chatter

ways to make him text you first
8 Best Ways To Make Him Text You First - Unveil The Tricks

Some guys suppose that texting is cliche. Moreover, they indeed are not as conversable as women are. 

For some men, texting just comes to them when you all have a certain plan, or something comes up. They prefer real conversation in person. 

Then sometimes, he will text first to confirm the plan. This might prove again that he isn’t a texter. Also, he could be an inside-oriented guy.

4. He Isn’t Sure Of His Emotions

If you notice that he is cheery to text when you start your conversation with him, yet he never becomes an inciter in the context, this reason might explain his procrastination. 

He is into you, yet he isn’t sure how much he feels. Then he supposes that if he sends you a text first, perhaps you assume he is more interested in you than he is. 

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5. He Deliberately Lets You Wait For His Text And Enjoys It

This cause seems so hard to swallow. Still, some boys feel confident about themself and believe that you will contact them first sooner or later. Ironically, they love it, making them feel that your feeling for them has intensified further than theirs.  

Should your guy be one of them, delete his name from the list! He isn’t worth any room in your mind.

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6. He Has Recently Split Up With His Ex

If he just ended his relationship, he might be harrowing and keep himself from dating for a time.

This does not mean that he isn’t into you. It merely shows he is not quite ready for a new date. There is nothing you could do in this case. Your only option is to let it cool down and leave him some space.

7. He Doesn’t Suppose You Are Into Him

Take a look back at your conversation with him before. How was it? Did you indeed send some signs of your intent to him? Or did you feel vague?

If you are the girl who always waits for the guy to make the first move, you might unconsciously give the cold shoulder to him. 

And though he got your contact, he probably doesn’t get any hint to text you as he’s afraid it might give him a negative response. 

What Are The Best Ways To Make Him Text You First?

1. Don’t Text Him First

If you attempt to detect how to let your guy send you a text first, then the first tip you need to follow is to make your guy miss you. So to reach that, stop contacting him constantly. 

Also, you can postpone texting him when your conversation with him becomes fascinating. This key here will let him want more, and they will talk to you more. 

ways to make him text you first
8 Best Ways To Make Him Text You First - Unveil The Tricks

2. Make Your Message Fun

Try to make him love listening to you. You need to crank up valuable and interesting conversations, then he has a high probability of texting you first. 

If you always stay in a bundle of nerves about whether your guy will keep contacting you back, his boredom might be rooted from how you text. Be pleasant and interesting as much as you are; bring interesting and fun content when you text. 

3. Leave At The Right Time At The Last Outing

We don’t know how much the consequence of context is. If you want a man to send you a text first, you should let him want much more each time he hangs out with you. 

In case he ignores that, you might decide to leave at the wrong time. If you did it wisely, you left a flutter in his mind. And that is something freshly stuck in his heart, making him text you first.

4. Don’t Answer Your Guy Straight Away

You have practiced sending a message to him first most of the time. Or, you might reply to his text immediately anytime he sends you a message. If so, that is never a great way to make your guy hit the chatbox first. Furthermore, he assumes that you are available all the time.

Thus, he isn’t going to think much of you when that thought comes to his mind. Put off replying to his message for a while and see what will happen. 

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5. Let Him Invest 

ways to make him text you first
8 Best Ways To Make Him Text You First - Unveil The Tricks

To make your guy focus his resources on you (time, energy, effort, and money), you first need to invest both your body and soul. In addition, you do not jump to accept his offer so early. This tends to attract and urge him to contact and stay with you longer. 

Imagine it as a gamble. The more investment you spend and mislay, the more you attempt to get it back. Until getting your attention (and love), he keeps chasing harder, putting more time on you. And the first thing to show his effort is his message. He will constantly keep in touch with you, and obviously, he is the one to contact you first. 

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6. Don’t Show Your Appearance Too ‘Cool’

A lot of girls suppose they need to bring mystery and distance to their first dates, aiming to let him feel how cool they are. These women assume this is a good idea to form an impression of him.

Yet, this step is far from the truth, which makes him think you have no liking for him. Then there is no point texting you to get a negative response. 

So if you have some special feelings for him, show it appropriately, not too intensely or indifferently. Make that friendly, genuine, and obvious. This will give more clear motivation for him to contact you via text after that date. 

7. Don’t Be Constantly Available

ways to make him text you first
8 Best Ways To Make Him Text You First - Unveil The Tricks

If you always stay available for him or are clingy in the relationship, you have fewer chances to receive a text from him first. Also, he might think you are free all the time, so he takes his time, and there’s no need to hurry. 

Therefore, you should not dedicate all your time to him and contact him. This doesn’t mean you must avoid him or something like this. Simply get occupied with your own work and study; when he commences missing you, he will actively communicate with you first. 

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8. Tell Your Guy To Send You A Message When He Is Available

This could be a type of unpleasantness to keep reminding him, yet do it anyway. The idea might be a relatively good way to push your crush to reach you first through texts. Simply tell him to send you some message when he has free time since you have something to share with him. 

And just ensure that you indeed have some affair to let him know. This might work very well as it will keep your guy wondering what you really have to send to him.


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Yes, they do. 

We have shared a lot in the blog about why you should not always contact him first. Yet, there are some cases why you should consider texting him first. 

The truth is, if a man indeed sympathizes with you, he could be extremely delightful when you are contacting him first. Still, there is always something wrong as a girl usually sends some message to her crush. Simply, you need to be conscious of his behavior or signals to determine when it is the correct time to text him first.  

Some guys love your first move via some messages to confirm the solidity of their feelings. These guys respect you, and they suppose that you are enjoying what you are doing. 

The secret here is never bombard his chatbox with cliche and nonsense messages. It is alright when you are a starter; still, try to make it valuable and end that conversation soon. You just text to arrange and confirm a date, then see what happens in person. 

Not necessarily.

If you accompany us until these lines, you have completely learned why a guy postponed delivering some texts to you. So sometimes, it is fine to be the one starting a conversation, and there are other times when you’d better give him a chance to call the shots. 

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Final Thoughts

Once stepping onto the last words of this content, we completely bet that the tricky topic of the best ways to make him text you first will not bother you anymore. 

Relationships and some stuff related to this are somehow hard to share directly and obviously. The key here is yourself. You need to be aware of your guy’s attitude and behavior. Then, you confirm his feelings gently and appropriately. 

After our post, we hope you can find some tips to get your relationship back on the right track. 

We expressed heartfelt thanks for your company. And don’t hesitate to save and share these useful ideas with others stuck with the same issue. This will motivate us to issue more practical articles for you all in the coming days. Finally, see you in the next posts. 

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