Why We Trust People

Trust: The Emotion Of Trust, Why We Trust People, and Its Role In Our Lives

Trust is one of the most important emotions we have in our lives because it impacts everything. From our careers to our relationships to our health and even our happiness level.

So how can you tell when you’re trusting correctly? What are the signs that someone else trusts you? And what is the role of trust in your own life?

In this article, we’ll explore the emotion of trust, what makes us trust people, how you can know if you’re trustworthy. Also, we look at how trust impacts our relationships and life in general.

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What is Trust?

Trust is an emotion that we feel when we believe someone or something is reliable, good, honest, and effective. We trust people when they have our best interests at heart and when we believe they will do what they say they will do.

There are many signs that someone is trustworthy, including being consistent, keeping their word, being transparent, and taking responsibility for their actions.

Trust is an essential emotion in our lives because it helps us form strong relationships, be more productive and effective in our work and feel safer in the world.

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How Do We Gain Trust?

Trust is one of the first emotions we experience as children. According to  Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development. When a baby is between 0-18 months they are fully dependent on their caregivers.

When they are hungry, they expect to be fed, and when they are dirty, they expect to be cleaned up. If the caregiver meets the child’s needs, they will develop healthy levels of trust. However, if the child’s needs are not met, they will develop mistrust.

We often trust people as we get older because of gut feelings or past experiences. We also trust people who are similar to us and share our values.

Another way to gain trust is to put your faith in people based on their abilities, qualifications, and influence over others. Many businesses nowadays use social media influencers to promote their products because potential customers trust these influencers.

How do we recognize someone trustworthy?

One way to recognize trustworthy people is through their actions. If someone keeps their promises and is always honest, those are good signs that you can trust them.

Another way to tell if someone is trustworthy is by looking at how they treat others. If they are kind and compassionate, it’s likely that they will treat you with the same respect.

Listening to your gut instinct can also help you determine someone’s trustworthiness. Your intuition may detect certain cues that indicate whether or not you should trust this person. For Example, If they make eye contact and seem open-minded when discussing an issue, they may be open to hearing your perspective.

Finally, another way to know if a person is trustworthy is the amount of influence they have on people. Someone is more likely to be trustworthy if they influence the way a group of people acts.

However, even though these are helpful tips for identifying people who might be trustworthy, there’s no foolproof method for making sure we’re around only people we can fully trust. Sometimes we just need to go on faith that people will do the right thing. It can be risky but sometimes trusting blindly has proven valuable over time.

What role does trust play in relationships?

Trust is one of the most important emotions in any relationship. It helps us feel safe and secure, and it allows us to let down our guard and be vulnerable with another person.

Without trust, relationships would be full of fear, insecurity, and suspicion. With trust, we can give ourselves to another person without fear of being abused or taken advantage of.

We know that they will not take anything from us that they are not willing to give back in return. They will never use our vulnerability against us for their own personal gain. Instead, they will work alongside us on whatever goals we are trying to achieve together.

They will show patience and kindness as we learn how best to work together, and they will respect our wishes when we need time alone or time apart from them.

They will never threaten us, make fun of us, or belittle us. In turn, we can promise them all these things as well. We will always listen to what they have to say without judging them or disagreeing too much.

We will be kind and understanding when something bad happens to us, even if it has nothing to do with us. And no matter what happens between us in this relationship, we will always love them the same, because trust makes all other problems seem small in comparison.

Is it possible to be completely trusted?

Yes, it is possible to be completely trusted. In order to gain someone’s trust, you must be honest with them and have integrity. You also need to be reliable and consistent in your actions.

Trust is earned over time through these positive actions. Once someone trusts you, they will feel comfortable confiding in you and relying on you. They might share their secrets or personal struggles with you without any fear that you will use the information against them.

The stronger the relationship between two people, the more likely it is that one person will be able to completely trust the other person. For example, spouses or close friends are often able to fully trust each other because they spend a lot of time together and talk about a wide range of topics.

When someone has been betrayed by another person in the past, he may find it difficult to believe anyone else again. But if he builds up his faith in others gradually, he can eventually come back around to trusting people again. That process might take longer for some than for others. If someone chooses not to trust at all, he could miss out on many opportunities for happiness and success in life.

What can we do if we want more trustworthy friends?

  1. Get to know someone before you trust them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their life, their family, their interests, etc. The more you know about someone, the easier it is to trust them.
  2. Pay attention to how they treat other people. If they’re respectful and kind to others, chances are they’ll treat you the same way.
  3. See if they keep their promises. Does this person follow through on what they say?
  4. Look for good character traits in a person like empathy, kindness, generosity, honesty, or self-control.
  5. Finally, take time to develop your own moral compass by reading books or talking with people who have strong moral values that you admire.

I hope you found this post about trust helpful.

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