No Contact For 60 Days

No Contact For 60 Days – A Rule For Modern Relationships

Does no contact for 60 days mean the end of a relationship, or are there any other implementations? Read this rule and find a way for you after a breakup.  

The no contact for 60 days refers to ceasing all communication with an ex after a breakup, and it is the most effective approach for healing. The rule should last at least 60 days and follow no calls, interactions, or texts.

It could be devastating and shocking when your boyfriend breaks up with you. You couldn’t help but want to contact him, hoping he may change and come back to you. 

One thing to find out whether it’s gonna happen is making the 60-day no-contact rule. 

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What Is The 60-day No Contact Rule? 

The no contact for 60 days requires you not to contact your significant other for two months. It is the best option for you after a breakup with someone who means so much to you. Some believe 30 days are fine, while others think 60 days are ideal. 

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60-day for no contact rule.

What Do The Rules Require You To Do?

Here is the list of things you should do to make the rule successful.

  • No emailing your ex-boyfriend.
  • No texting your ex-boyfriend.
  • No phone calls to your ex-boyfriend.
  • No communication with your ex-boyfriend.
  • No going out with your ex-boyfriend.

And, of course, there will be no checking their web profiles, snap chatting, tweeting, or reading through old texts stored on your phone. It looks severe, doesn’t it? 

Yes, it is hard initially because you have been familiar with these activities for so long. Now you will have the urge to do them. But don’t because that’s the only way to heal you, even if every fiber of your being opposes it. 

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What If You Have To Meet Him In Some Scenarios?

The rule says no communication is permitted, but what if he calls you? You are in a situation where you have to see him daily, like school? You won’t be capable of ignoring your ex in some scenarios. The “traditional” 60-day rule does not apply when you have children.

In such situations, you can’t be rude. The goal is to maintain civility, politeness, and kindness. You can greet him, respond when he asks casual questions and be nice (you don’t discuss “emotions”).  

That’s all there is to it. Return to no-contact status right after this brief engagement.

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No Contact For 60 Days
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The Psychological Reasons Of The 60-day No Contact?

You may feel a little insane right now. You’re filled with rage, bewilderment, despair, and denial. So, it would help if you did not talk to your ex-boy in this “sensitive” condition. Nothing will drive him further away than an “emotional” chat or pathetic pleading and begging.

The no-contact time will allow you to calm down and think through why you’re no longer together. You’ll move on from your ex-boyfriend by regaining your self-esteem and personal strength. 

A sense of independence also enables you to prioritize yourself above him. It is an opportunity to heal yourself, understand what’s wrong in your relationship, and how to avoid or cure it later in life.

Similarly, your ex-boyfriend gets the same opportunity. He can cool down, think properly, and grasp that he has truly lost you and may regret the breakup. He won’t miss you when you constantly message or call him! It is the most essential part of the 60-day rule.

What Is The Rate Of The No Contact Rule Success?

As per relationship specialists, the 60-day rule has a fifty-fifty success rate. The bulk of people fail the rule on their first attempt. However, many people consider it an excellent method of loving themselves and finding their ideal life mate.

Whether successful or not, to me, having 60 days alone helped me to view the wider context of my failed relationship. It was difficult and unpleasant, but it taught me to look within and cherish what I was given.

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No Contact For 60 Days
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What Goes Through A Guy’s Mind During No Contact?

During the 60-day process, a guy can go through different states. He will realize that he cannot continue his life without you. However, there is also the possibility that he will decide to leave you. Understanding what the man thinks will help you have a clear picture of the mistakes in the relationship.

Five Different Emotional Stages 

When a man cuts ties with his partner, he suffers many stages. The five phases of grief include rejection, rage, negotiation, depression, and acceptance.

The cycle begins with rejection; the man feels he can go back with you, so he denies admitting that it is over and that you are no longer in the relationship.

The following phase is fury, in which he pours his rage out on himself or even spies on the women for sympathy and attention. 

He’ll constantly ask himself the reasons for the breakup, but he’ll never get an explanation, making it difficult for him to go on.

No Contact For 60 Days
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Will No Contact Make Him Move On? 

The answer is yes. Sooner or later, your ex will go through the phase of acceptance. However, if there is already a lack of attraction when your ex breaks up with you, it isn’t easy to reignite the flame. He had already moved on and did not want to be in the relationship anymore. 

When the man still has a thing for you, he will keep negotiating with you and find ways to fix what is wrong in the relationship during the rule.

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What You Get From the No-Contact Rule? 

It Will Suck 

Many people are addicted to love. They feel “high” from outer beauty and inner traits—the appearance and adoration of another person. The disconnection from that emotion comes with sadness.

You may suffer the anxiety that you may not enjoy a sense of happiness on your own. You will surely be depressed because you are so familiar with that person around you.

After your breakup, attempt to avoid seeing your ex on social media. When it is hard, consider blocking your ex on social media for no contact to be effective.

Try to find something else to do and share your experience with a person who “understands it.” It does not need to be your best buddy. When the going gets tough, a strong team will lift your spirits. 

No Contact For 60 Days
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Your Silence Speaks Louder Than Any Words

Leaving a relationship is the most difficult thing to do, especially when your ex breaks up with you by text or another cruel manner.

In such situations, your ex is not likely aware of their poor behavior. They could even expect you to shout, plead, or have a meltdown on the internet. When you do so, they will label you as “dramatic”.

However, it is different when there is no contact. Your ex will feel uncomfortable and think again during the silence. You show that you’re educated, making your ex know he lost someone special.

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Develop Important Emotional Skills 

When a relationship ends, there is typically the more free time. Use this time wisely to build emotional intelligence (with or without your ex).

Two months are an excellent opportunity to strengthen your boundaries, boost your self-esteem, and quit problematic behaviors. You have a far higher chance of success in your future relationship if you identify the mistakes and improve those habits.

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Rediscover Forgotten Sources Of Happiness 

Single girls frequently lead incredibly active lives, hanging out, writing poetry, writing, and taking road trips with their pals. Many people in relationships leap headfirst into a dark hole. They stop talking to their friends and forget an important part of themselves.

The 60-day rule gives you more time and energy to achieve your goals. Get your MBA. Make plans to visit other places. In dance class, you interact with other cute men. 

While living without a lover is different, you’ll quickly find it’s just as lovely. You create happy vibes when you continue laughing and smiling.

No Contact For 60 Days
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Redefine Values In Love

A great number of people approach dating improperly. Looks, physicality, or money drive them. If you want eternal love that improves over time—you must hold a different view. What are your core beliefs? 

If you’ve recently broken up, consider what values you and your boyfriend had for each other in the first place. What deals do you and your partner lack? 

Keep in mind that no one is perfect. You should ask yourself whether you could continue with your partner’s flaws in the future or make those ideals non-negotiable.

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Bring You Back To Reality 

Sex in a relationship floods the body with oxytocin and dopamine. Euphoria frequently keeps you in the imagination. After the partner leaves, the no-contact rule serves as a detox to bring you back to reality. 

You perceive the true nature of your ex-boyfriend, not what you always imagine. As you come closer to reality, you can decide better whether your relationship is worthy. Long-term commitment is no laughing matter; therefore, you will need a reliable boyfriend.

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Oxytocin: The love hormone

Make You Stronger 

When you stop putting happiness and joy on your significant other, you understand that the world is all about you. It is your responsibility to discover a meaningful life.

It is an enormous challenge. It’s frequently terrible. However, it is where life starts and becomes extremely rich, gratifying, and enjoyable. You feel fresher and eager to tackle the duties ahead.

Real-life Stories With The 60-day Rule

My Own Story 

I made the 60-day no-contact rule when I met him six months ago. It was after he had ended a 5-year relationship with a girl who cheated on him. The first four months I knew him, he was acting wild, drinking heavily, coming to the strip club, and then he told me, “I don’t need you anymore.”  

I was stunned because it only happened after we had become good friends, sharing our life and hanging out together. I was devastated. It was the greatest agony I’d ever experienced, and I had no idea why.

I was also confused about why his buddies advised him to avoid me; they had never met me. So, even though we were simply friends, I needed to know whether he truly cared about me.

After two months, he messaged me, “I miss you” and “I hope you won’t be gone for too long”. I responded. “I will see you soon”. We’re still taking things slowly and going forward in our relationship, but I’ve learned some things.

No Contact could be effective if the person involved truly cares about you. In certain circumstances, when the person isn’t meant to be, you still have 2 months to prepare for moving on.

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Other Comments About The Rule 

I am currently on day 70 of no communication. It was originally to get her back, but now that I’ve come this far, why stop? I cared for her and was in agony. However, now I feel a bit released and have the courage to write about her.

I had finished the 2-month rule and had no desire to call him. Throughout the entire time, he did not contact me. I still miss him sometimes, but I’m not sure if I need him anymore. That period worked well for me, and I learned to go on without him.

No Contact For 60 Days
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Are 2 Months Of No Contact Too Long?

Some may believe that two months is too much and they should contact their ex. Meanwhile, others think that waiting for him to return is preferable. But neither is a choice; you must strictly adhere to the No Contact Rule until you are free of emotional suffering.

The rule gives you time to recover. Therefore, it’s great until you feel no pain and can solve your conflict with him or decide to move on.

Should I Break No Contact After 2 Months?

Breaking the rule is never a wise decision. You have to cope with your emotional suffering and refresh your life. Once you adopt the rule, you won’t realize if you’re following it. You’d be having your own life and loving every minute of it. 

The goal of this golden period is to reflect and recover as a strong version of yourself. If you break the rule easily, you’ll find yourself in the same circumstance again.

Will He Forget Me During No Contact? 

Yes. Shortly after No Contact begins, he will forget you if you are not the one he wants in his life. You will not be the priority in his mind. He just thinks of you when something reminds him of you.

If your ex tries to keep in touch with you after two months, it’s likely that he still has feelings for you. However, it may be simply his curiosity about what happens. When he tries to find any way to contact you, it implies that he has genuine feelings, and now you need to stop the rule.

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Final Thoughts

No contact for 60 days is beneficial for you in any case. Even when your ex decides to leave you, you still have time to prepare for it. You will regain your strength and life. Otherwise, you can know that he needs you, and you two can understand each other more deeply.

I applied the rule in my life, and I think it worked for me. I let my man know my value, and I myself found my values during the two months.  Even If a Happy ending did not happen, I would have learned some mistakes that would improve my future relationship.

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