How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages

14 Tips On How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages

You want to leave a good impression on the guy you’re into when texting. Yet, you don’t know how to attract a guy through text messages. Click on this post now!

How to attract a guy through text messages? Texting is almost an indispensable “procedure” when you want to push your relationship out of the friendzone.

The texts you send to the guy are likely to be the basis for him to decide if the two of you are compatible and should he continue spending more time with you.

So, here are a few tips that you can employ to create more excitement and curiosity for him.

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How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages?

1. Be Yourself

When texting, you are usually inclined to build yourself into the perfect image to win the guy’s heart. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to have a sound relationship when you hide your true self through text messages.

In fact, everyone loves an honest person who is not afraid to express their personality, opinions, and feelings. Trying to be someone else only pushes the guy you like further away from you.

How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages 1
Text him the way you will communicate with him in real life.

Plus, if you feel like you have to change to get his attention, then that’s not the right guy for you. The person you like should be someone who makes you feel comfortable being yourself.

Hence, talk about your interests and thoughts as naturally as you would in a face-to-face conversation.

What’s more? Please spend time focusing on yourself. Instead of waiting for a reply from that person, take that time to pursue your passions, showing him that you’re living a wonderful life.

Keep in mind that your confidence and independence will make him always curious, and look forward to the next conversation to discover more about you.

2. Use His Language

One of the ways to impress a guy when texting is to use the same “language” as him. Once you know what he likes or which he’s good at, you can hone your knowledge of that area.

When texting with him, take the initiative to bring up those topics. For example, if he likes to watch American thrillers, ask him about good movies that you shouldn’t miss. Or, if he’s good at financial investment, ask him what areas you should invest in for good results.

At the same time, you should take notice of the typical words that he often uses. That guy will feel a special bond between you when you naturally use his words.

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3. Ask Him Open-Ended Questions

Unlike closed questions, open-ended questions can develop meaningful and in-depth communication between you.

Hence, when texting with a guy, ask open-ended questions to encourage him to talk about himself; in turn, you can get to know more about him.

More importantly, these questions help you show that you truly care and want to listen to him empathically.

For example, instead of asking the question “Are you okay?” and receiving the answer “Yes” or “No”,  ask him “How are you feeling?” or “Why are you upset?” to encourage that guy to share his feelings with you. 

Be careful not to ask him questions that are too personal. It would be best if you estimated the level of closeness between you to come up with a reasonable question that won’t cause awkwardness for you two.

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4. Talk About Common Topics That Interest Both Of You

Don’t always focus on talking about him and his interests. Instead, let him get to know you.

When you two text often, try to find common interests. This way, you can learn more about each other, thereby becoming closer.

For example, if you both like action movies, try talking about the new blockbuster that you’ve already seen. The two of you will certainly have a lively discussion about that movie.

How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages
Common topics will help prolong the conversation

5. Be Positive

In the early stages of a relationship, don’t make your guy feel burdened by texting all the troubles in your life. Instead, send him positive or funny text messages. He will surely see you as a positive person and wants to be around you.

That said, negative emotions, such as frustration or discomfort, are inevitable in life. This time, reply to his messages only when you feel better. 

It doesn’t matter if you let him wait for a while, as doing so can prevent the negative energy from attaching to your relationship.

Besides, there will certainly be times when you feel that the way he responds to your texts seems superficial. 

In this case, many girls often text replies the same way that guy’s done. Yet, this is something you shouldn’t do when you’re just getting to know each other. 

Rather than turning your man away with such texts, you should build positive emotions between you. Keep your usual cheerful attitude, don’t be too upset, and don’t expect too much.

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6. Occasionally Send Your Photo

Apart from texts, you can also take advantage of photos to refresh the way you communicate with him. Send him funny pictures or simply a check-in photo of what you’re up to.

Or, if you see something that reminds you of your guy, take a photo. Then, send that photo to him with a caption, saying you thought of him when you took it. We’re sure this will keep that person happy all day long.

Remember that too much of anything is bad! Don’t send him dozens of your selfies, as such regular updates will make him lose his curiosity about you.

How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages
Your pictures will indirectly let the guy understand more about your life.

7. Sometimes Let Him Take The Lead

Girls, no matter how much you like the guy, don’t always be the ones to start every conversation. Rather, give your man a chance to take the initiative with you.

Letting him take the lead is a way for you to consider whether this relationship should continue or not. Although it doesn’t matter who initiates these days, a guy who falls for you will never let you start things alone.

8. Ask For His Advice

Of course, an independent girl like you can make your own decisions in any situation. Yet, texting a guy for help will make him feel he’s important to you.

In fact, every guy wants to get admiration from girls. So, don’t hesitate to ask for his advice when you’re still confused and show him how much you appreciate his help.

This way, you can trigger his hero instinct, making him always want to be around to care for and protect you.

How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages
You can trigger his hero instinct by asking for his help.

9. Text On Certain Times

No matter how far your relationship is developing, don’t text too often since everyone desires to have their own space.

Set aside a certain time of the day to text him. Building a routine like this will make him gradually miss you when you stop texting for a few days.

However, do not overuse this trick. The guy can be confused when you suddenly disappear without informing him.

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10. Give Him Compliments

Just like girls, guys love to receive compliments. Give him well-timed praise to show your recognition for his efforts.

When a guy receives words of admiration, he will certainly feel respected and appreciated by you. As a result, that guy will enjoy talking to you and try to bring out more of his good points.

You don’t have to be too flashy when giving him those words. Make them as simple as possible, such as “You look handsome in that shirt” or “You continually impress me”.

Also, remember that all winged words will only work when they come from your sincerity. Don’t give a cliché compliment just because you want to score points with a guy.

How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages
Don’t hesitate to compliment your guy to make him feel special.

11. Show Him You’re Interested In His Lifestyle

From a psychological perspective, everyone likes to talk about themselves and introduce their forte. Hence, ask your man about his daily life, and keep expanding the conversation by moving on to other topics.

Such an exchange of information will allow you to get to know the guy better and explore his personality to a certain extent.

This way also helps you remove the awkward atmosphere at first and quickly establish a strong connection between you.

12. Know When To Stop Texting

Ending the conversation before it gets boring keeps both more excited for the next conversation.

It can sometimes be hard to stop when a conversation is going well, but a proper ending will make your crush think more about you.

Also, try not to text him more than 2 or 3 messages at a time if you don’t get a response. You are likely to become a stalker when you keep sending long texts about boring things.

If you get annoyed since you can’t get an immediate response, just put your phone down and do something else for a while.

Don’t text that man to ask why he’s not texting you, as this action makes you look desperate and pushy. Please give your partner more time!

13. Do Not Overuse Emojis

Try sending flirty symbols like winks or heart eyes if you want him to know how you feel. Yet, don’t go overboard- just one or two emojis are enough, as overusing these emojis can get you into a dilemma.

Specifically, different people have different ways of interpreting the same emoji. Choosing the wrong emojis can cause him to misinterpret the message you want to convey or even miss out on it.

Thus, show how funny and independent you are through text messages to help him get to know you better.

How To Attract A Guy Through Text Messages
Don’t use emojis when you’re not sure whether that guy can understand what it means.

14. Do Not Text When You’re Drunk

Drunk texting isn’t a good idea when you are getting to know each other. The effects of alcoholic liquids can make you lose track of your emotions and speak more out of your mind.

As a result, the guy may probably feel you’re an impulsive person who can’t control your actions.

Worse, it’s easy to confide in your feelings from the bottom of your heart when you aren’t sober. This might cause a guy to stop being interested in you, as knowing you are 100% in love with him makes him lose his inherent sense of conquest for you.

Thus, if you don’t want to regret anything the next morning, stay away from your phone when you are wasted.

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You can easily attract a guy over text messages, yet you can’t be certain he will fall head over heels in love with you.

Texting is an effective way for you to learn more about your partner. However, to truly fall in love, both of you need to spend time together.

It would be best not to spend too much time texting, as it can make you two feel bored when you have to look at dry words all day. Rather, ask him out for a real date.

Here are a few signs a guy likes you through text messages.

1. He Responds To Your Messages Very Quickly

The speed at which he responds to your messages can tell about his feelings for you. No matter what he is doing, he will reply immediately as long as he sees a message.

2. He Tries To Prolong Each Conversation

If a guy doesn’t like you, he always answers as briefly as possible. Conversely, once that person has feelings for you, he always finds ways to stay in the conversation.

3. He Actively Texts And Cares About You Every Day

Guys who like you will take the first move and won’t keep you waiting in conversation. He also regularly texts you with questions about your daily life.

Final Thoughts

Texting is the simplest way to start a conversation, then gradually conquer the heart of your dream guy.

Now, you already know how to attract a guy through text messages. What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and send some appealing words to him right away! Hope you will have a happy conversation with him.

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