What Are Texts to Make Him Call You

What Are Texts to Make Him Call You? 7 Tips For Your Success

Texting is a great way to communicate, but your relationship can never advance that way. No worry; this article will propose texts to make him call you.

You and him are a great match over texts. The man always knows how to make you laugh, and you feel as if you could spend forever chatting with him. That’s great news, but unfortunately, texting alone cannot help you sustain a long-term relationship.

If you decide to keep this wonderful guy by your side, it’s time to change the communication methods. Prompt him to call you directly instead of back and forth messaging.

One tricky issue here is: how can you do that? Here is where we step in. Our extensive guidelines will propose terrific SMS texts to make him call you right away.

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What Are Texts to Make Him Call You
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5 Reasons You Should Make Your Man Call Instead Of Texting

1. There Will Be No Room for Needless Worry and Power Struggle

During texts, girls often engage in a silly power struggle to have the upper hand in a discussion. If their men fail to deliver quick responses, they will be in constant suspense, wondering whether something is wrong: Did I say something stupid or scare him off? Is he meeting someone much more fascinating than me?

Also, women are easily controlled by the fear of seeming “too eager” in front of their guys – a quite nonsensical worry if you ask us. Everyone is glued to their phones nowadays, after all. Hence, instant replies never really imply a sense of over-enthusiasm; it is just a norm in the digital era.

But at the end of the day, what we want to say here is: all the needless dreads above will go away instantly with a simple phone call. 

Talking to the man in real-time means there is no need to wrack your head over trivial issues like what time to respond or how long you should make him wait. These conversations call for immediate replies, so it would actually be quite ridiculous if one of you stopped talking for more than ten seconds.

2. You Two Can See Each Other In Unfiltered Lights

All those “uhs”, “ahs”, “ums” and even excessive usage of “like” will be shown to your man unfiltered. This time, there is no draft, no SOS messages sent to a close friend to ask what you should write in response, and no hours of searching Google on what emojis are the most appropriate. 

Your line deliveries will not be as flawless as they could have been over texts, but that is okay. If the man cannot even appreciate you being your true self, is he worth your effort?

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3. Phone Calls Are Clear Evidence That You Are Willing to Spend Time for Your Man

In texting, we may chat with other people while multitasking with a barrage of emails, dinner preparations, and tons of Netflix movies.

But with phone calls, you are clearly devoted your precious free time to him and him alone. There is no room for other tasks or talking with someone else on another line, because your man will recognize that instantly.

Also, a phone call signals your respect for his free time. Remember that you are not the only busy person in the world. Everyone is preoccupied with jobs and workloads, so it is quite insensitive to force them to wait 15 minutes or so for your reply over texts. 

4. Hearing His Voice Is Much Better Than Just Seeing His Name On The Phone

What Are Texts to Make Him Call You
What Are Texts to Make Him Call You? 7 Tips For Your Success

This is confirmed by many psychological studies – which have examined the nerves and hormones activated when we listen to our loved ones. Remember those times your heart jumped to your throat when a handsome boy called you in class?

You may tag the guy on Instagram or like as many pictures as you wish. But trust us, nothing can replace his gentle voice – especially in the earlier stages of your relationship.

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5. The Exchange Will Be Kept Between You Two

No screenshots will be sent to your group of friends for further analysis; what you two say to each other will always be kept private. 

Yes, you may call a buddy to recount some of the things he said, but that is still far different from actual photos.

All in all, we strongly suggest you keep these flirting sessions a secret. How could you cope with serious relationships in the future if you cannot even hide such a harmless thing from other people?

What Are Texts to Make Him Call You? Tips to Remember

What Are Texts to Make Him Call You
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1. Tell Him Your Preferred Communication Mode

These gentlemen always try to make you happy, but never forget that they are not mind readers. Your man might assume texting alone is totally okay with you, or talk to you based on the preferences of his previous girlfriends. Whether to call or not to call is also a challenging issue for him.

Texting, after all, is a one-dimensional communication approach prone to frequent misconceptions. Therefore, stop thinking the man will call you first without any prompting. Instead of waiting around, tell him what kinds of communication you prefer. 

For instance, you may say: “It’s been wonderful texting with you. But you know, I’m a bit old-fashioned, and I like it when guys call me. I’ll be home this evening at 7 p.m. Hearing your voice will be lovely; how about a quick call then…?”

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2. If He Asks A Question, Tell Your Answer Through Phone Calls

To let a man know that you are dying to hear his voice, tell him he should call immediately to receive the answer to whatever question he’s asking. This is among the most natural and straightforward ways to request a phone conversation. 

Here is a quick demonstration:

“Wow, nice question! But my typing speed is a bit slow, call me to hear my answer…:)”

Make sure you have at least 1 hour of free time to discuss the matter with him. If you are not, replace the above message with: “Wow, nice question! But my typing speed is a bit slow; call me after 8/ call me tomorrow for the answer…:)”

Even the thickest guy will realize now is the time to stop all the messages and change to phone convos. Also, make sure you cease all types of communication with the man until he calls first.

3. Set The Expectation Early On

You want a lover, not a texting companion. Set your desires right from the start of the relationship.

Express clearly that you do not need a casual fling or an on and off relationship. Text him something like this: “I like talking with you, but the truth is that I don’t text much. With one or two phone calls – and maybe a date – I can learn about you much, much faster. If it’s okay for you, could you call me after 7:30 p.m tonight?”

The sooner you establish boundaries and expectations, the less confusion there will be. 

If this guy decides to call right away, that’s a good sign: he obviously shows enough interest in the future between you two. But suppose he persists with his constant texting and ignores your demands; then the man seems not to search for a serious partner. In that case, just move on with your life.

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4. Arrange Phone Dates Via Texts

Texting is fast and straightforward – which is also one of the most challenging aspects of dating. The simplicity of texting makes it so difficult for us to switch to long phone conversations. Also, due to time and schedule differences, he might not be available when you try to call him first.

Therefore, one great solution is to set up phone dates with him beforehand, providing the man with at least two choices for the perfect time to speak with you.

Use some suggested lines below:

“Texting with you is so fun! I would love to chat with you more through a phone conversation. I am available this week on Thursday or Friday evenings between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m. Is that okay with you?” Seal the deal with a smiley emoji.

Never, never forget to give specific times like the illustration we showed above. This smart move will prevent him from answering vaguely: “I will need to check my timetable. I will tell you later this week.”

In most cases, the man should reply with his preferred date and time. But if he ignores your requests for a phone date – but still texts you days after – chances are he is not seeking a committed relationship. Run away from this major red flag now!

5. Sneak Your Request Smoothly Into A Conversation

Want a more subtle approach? Then your best bet would be to hide that request into a conversation you and him are having. Tell your man that you would like to discuss these interesting topics further over the phone.

Text him like this:

“Hey, I hope you have a wonderful day. I am enjoying our conversation so much, but my work is calling me. I have to go now! How about we continue after 7.30 p.m tomorrow?”

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6. Be Playful and Flirtatious

What Are Texts to Make Him Call You
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Sparking his desire for you is also a great strategy to make the man grab his phone instantly. Send him a photo of you in a sexy nightgown and text, “Want to know what I am doing now? Call me…” Who can resist such an alluring invitation?

You can also stir his curiosity by leaving behind the best part of your story: “I had one of the strangest meetings today. Give me a call after 10 p.m tonight, and I will fill you the rest… :)”

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7. What To Do If None of The Tips Above Work?

Call Him Yourself

Unfortunately, not all men can pick up your hints. Suppose the man has had a stressful day – or is simply oblivious about everything in general; in that case, even the most telling message cannot prompt him to grab his phone.

Don’t worry because you still have another option: make your first move! Every once in a while, being a little bit courageous can spice up the relationship. Men hate being the one who always has to do things first.

Of course, before you do so, make sure the man is available for long chit-chatting. Do not contact him if he is at the workplace or going out with his friends.

Also, some men dislike spending hours on end on the phone. Should your man fall into this category, make the convo quick and brief. In fact, he will be much more attracted to you if you appear a little bit (the stress is on “little bit”) aloof. 

Part Ways With Him

What if he completely dismisses your demand for phone convos and keeps shooting messages? As we mentioned, simply cut this man from your life. Stop sending SMS texts and block his number if necessary. 

Regardless of whatever explanations he is trying to feed you, actions speak louder than words. You deserve better than a man who does nothing but wastes your precious time.

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What Are Texts to Make Him Call You
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Why Do Some Men Prefer Texting Over Calling?

Some are not great talkers and wish to keep things simple and concise till you two meet face to face – and texting gives them exactly that. Others, meanwhile, like to get your attention but are not serious about pursuing a relationship.

When Is It Time to Switch From Texting to Calling?

There is no clear-cut answer since it depends on the relationship development and your own feelings. If you want to seek a deeper, more intimate connection with the man, do not hesitate to take the relationship to the next level by asking for a phone call.

Who Should Make The First Call In A Relationship?

Anyone who senses the deep connection between both parties first should tell the other exactly so – regardless of gender. It is the 21st century now; do not place too much emphasis on gender roles.

Final Thoughts

This article has provided excellent tips for texts to make him call you. No matter how much you two vibe with each other over texts, only phone calls (or even better, in-person meetings) can tell you whether the man is truly worth keeping. So do not be afraid and take a leap now!

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