What Makes Him Chase You Again

What Makes Him Chase You Again? Find The Best Suggestion

We’ll bring here the answer of what makes him chase you again. These suggestions could not work for every case but can help to revive your relationship


Have you been through the first date and found him boyfriend material? Are you wanting to rescue a relationship on the verge of breaking up? Or are you feeling neglected and wishing he would give more attention to you? 

All those questions share the same answer on how to magnetize your man. Here is a summary of what makes him chase you again, suggesting some workable tricks.

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Useful Tips For What Makes Him Chase You Again

The love affair is a psychological game that takes pure interest and guts. Learning helpful lessons will do you a favor in terms of winning your man’s heart.   

What Makes Him Chase You Again
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1. Make Yourself Central In Your Life, Not Him

You appear less appealing to your partner if you make him so central that you lose sight of your own life. A gentle but key reminder is to always focus on and run your world in your way. 

Keep your daily routine to your preferences, make a better self every day, and define your self-worth. Here are some recommendations for putting your life together.

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Save your lifestyle as it used to be before he stepped into your love circle. Remember how you have been driving the flow of your stuff and social life, including your habits, hobbies, family, friends, goals, etc.

Do not mess up your daily routine or give up on any pampering hobbies. For example, do essential self-care like workout sessions, skin & body care, cooking and eating healthy meals, reading some books, or just sleeping well.  

It is also vital to set aside quality time for your beloved family and keep in touch with your close friends. Take your dreams seriously and invest all merits in pursuing academic or career goals. 

However, it does not mean you must be as busy as a bee. Getting the daily round tightly packed without glancing at your man can make him feel neglected. He might consider you not interested in him anymore and gradually lose his connection with you. 

Instead, save him a sliver of time in your day for a bonding activity that will make him more appreciative of your attention and care. You should create your own pace and help him catch up with it rather than completely miss him.

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2. Create A Moderate Connection With Him 

As mentioned above, you should neither let your whole world revolve around a man nor completely exclude him from your activities. Getting him to participate in some aspects of your daily life can help to build a stronger bond between you and your man. 

Find out some hobbies or interests both of you have in common and take time to do them together. It could be the bias of the same artist, comfort food, favorite games, or simply a weird habit. 

Sometimes, you can connect virtually with each other by sending your recent favorite song, random jokes, funny memes, etc.   

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What Makes Him Chase You Again
What Makes Him Chase You Again? Find The Best Suggestion

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To make it better, you can turn it into a special routine just for you and him, for example, pick-up to the workplace in the morning, grocery shopping, or hiking at the weekend. Then the next time he intends to do it, your images will pop up in his head, and he will reach out to you again.

A slight reminder is not to shower him with redundant memes or tighten your and his schedules with dates if not necessary. Save both of you some “me time” to enjoy yourself and appreciate the memories of each other.

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3. Nurture and Embrace Your Feminine Energy

Femininity is one of the most “deadly weapons” to almost all men, though everyone has different perceptions and tastes of being feminine. For instance, while some are attracted to visual features such as long hair, smiley eyes, or sexy bodies, others find women’s beauty through their warmth, delicacy, gentleness, nurturance, etc.

There is no certain frame for estimating how feminine a woman is. The most important matter here is your self-comfortability and awareness of your own qualities. Escape from social norms, break any ruling bounds, and get the way to your feminine energy

What Makes Him Chase You Again
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The genuineness, positivity, calmness, and creative inspiration you radiate are the most powerful magnet to attract his attention. 

In the end, a relationship of giving and receiving love shall be more stable on the basis of true nature comprehension and clear manifestation.  

4. Stamp His Mind Full Of Your Images 

If you want him to think about you for days and nights, try to create things when you spend time with him to catch his imagination. 

Small jokes, preparation of his comfort food or home-baked birthday cake, a random Do-It-Yourself gift for no special event, empathy conversations, and gentle hugs when he feels under the weather. 

Those memorable moments will slowly but surely anchor in his memory and remind him of you whenever he sees them. What about a goodbye kiss after a date? It makes him look forward to the next dates. 

However, it would help if you only did things you feel comfortable with. Also, stay considerate and skip doing stuff over the top to avoid unwanted burdens on your man.  

In addition, think carefully before giving a yes to anything. Give him a chance if a man approaches and shows his interest through regular texts or interactions on social media. Remember to keep your self-esteem and only please him once you are ready.  

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5. Make It A Journey Of Mysteries To Unleash  

What Makes Him Chase You Again
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Imagine your feeling when you are coming to see a series but already know how it ends. There is not much excitement and expectation left. Hence, leading him into a maze adventure can make him chase you again. Be mysterious and keep it tempting, to some extent, for him to get to know about you.  

Try not to say too much about yourself to prove that you are a good match. Instead, you should keep his interest by forcing him to raise more questions in his mind. When he feels you possess lots of undiscovered treasures, he will not likely stop running after you with great curiosity. 

If he is inviting you on a date, do not guideline all of your own rules or specific expectations at once. Randomly dropping hints throughout the process will encourage him to ask more to find an answer. 

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However, be careful not to drive him into a maze with no way out. Avoid responding to too many questions or constantly switching to another topic because it might sound doubting or make him cringe. 

Also, never try to pretend to be dark at all costs by making things up about yourself or “ghosting” with your partner. Or else, it might end up pushing him away further from you. 

6. Drop A Surprise At Times 

Another way to make him immediately think of you is by sending him a picture or a piece of graceful flirty chat at random. It could be the old photos of you as a cute little child or a selfie when you feel good with your makeup and outfit. 

Such small gifts will bring him a smile and make him feel excited knowing more about you. He could believe he is the only one you share your secrets with and are interested in. Consequently, he cannot get you out of his head and has a sudden urge to meet you again. 

However, it is highly advised not to send nude photos or slushy, sentimental texts. Quite simply, it could be an awkward silence for both you and him.    

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7. Don’t Rush To Contact Him  

Old but gold. This is the most common way that people could suggest to win your ex back, and it works in most cases. 

Girls usually get impatient when receiving the silence or estrangement from her man. Never rush to take the first move. If you believe in the good impression you left on him, let him actively text you out for the next time. Don’t worry that you will be forgotten. He cannot wait to hang out and talk more if he really falls for you. 

However, be conscious of the time limit to wait for his next texts or calls, just to avoid causing his fear of being ghosted.       

8. First-hand Experiences 

It is common knowledge that first impressions and experiences stay longer in people’s memory. 

What Makes Him Chase You Again
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Why don’t you spice up your relationship with some “first things” together? You can secretly search for something he has never done in his life, then get him amazed by doing it for him or making him directly experience it. 

It is also fine if you ask him straight and make a respective plan for the two. He surely feels touched and remembers it for a long time.

One note is not going too far or interfering with his privacy. Identify which is personal when you don’t want your plans to counter your anticipation.  

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9. Don’t Immediately Try To Define The Relationship 

Although staying serious when beginning a new relationship is good, it is better not to make any judgments hurriedly. You can keep certain standards and expectations of what you seek in a love affair. 

However, it is not advisable to assess any guys you have first met based on rigid rules. Be open and patient to see where it could go.  

So if you have just stepped into this romance, think about carefully suggesting to him what you are looking for when he asks, and don’t attempt to urge him to define your mutual relationship immediately.

If the relationship turns out more casual than expected, just let him reasonably know your actual feelings, then move on. 

10. Be Patient, Trust The Process And Hold Your Belief In The Fate Of A Mr. Right Coming To You

What Makes Him Chase You Again
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What if you have done everything within your limit and still failed to draw his attention toward you? Remember, you can’t force everything as you expect, especially ones related to spiritual welfare. 

You can be sad and feel disappointed, but do not blame yourself in any case. Give an embrace of relief for your own mentality and feelings.

If he is truly interested and has feelings for you, he will surely chase you at all possible costs, even before you turn on any signal. 

So if the hints or responses you receive from him are usually “No,” you should accept that you are not meant for each other and let him go. Sometimes, you might find the right one worth your chase but not at the right time. 

In those cases, leave it there and go back to your self-concentration. Invest resources to improve yourself, and create your own values while the universe is taking care of the rest. Make yourself a queen who deserves a king, and wait until things find their ways come together.

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How Can I Keep It Mysterious When We Have Already Known Each Other For A Long Time?

In case you and the partner are in a relationship for a certain period, try to enrich your life by acquiring new knowledge and developing your qualities to create a vivid world of exploration. It will keep him captivated by accompanying and seeing you positively growing day by day.

What Can I Do To Be Feminine?

You are not obliged to wear pink, curl your hair, put on layers of makeup, or struggle with high heels to feel like a woman. Take things naturally and let your both outer and inner traits shine the way you are.  

How Often Should I Text Or Call Him?

There is no proper answer addressing the frequency of texting or phoning him up. You must not be on the phone for hours or send hundreds of messages. 

Give him some spare time to do what he likes and he should do likewise. Figure out a pace that the two feel suitable and comfortable to keep up with.

Final Thoughts

After all, your natural charisma is what makes him chase you again and keep him staying. Besides all those psychological tricks above, focusing more on yourself and how to make yourself more valuable is more advisable. Find out your passions, set and pursue your life goals, be kind and embrace your unique self; then, the man of your life will appear at the right time.

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