How to get an ex to regret losing you

How To Get An Ex To Regret Losing You? Here Are A Few Tips

Breakup is painful, and many want their ex to share this similar fraction of emotions. How to get an ex to regret losing you? Below are some tips.

In most situations, breakups are followed by negative feelings, such as pain, humiliation, or resentment. It is common to wonder: How to get an ex to regret losing you? Our article will present some psychological tricks that help you achieve this task. Stay tuned!

Is It Possible To Make An Ex Regret Breaking Up?

The answer is yes, even if it was a toxic romance

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Humankind is unsure and doubtful by nature. You may think that when your relationship has come to an end, your exes will forever forget you. It is a wrong conception. 

They somehow miss you and beautiful memories when both are together but do not have enough courage to embrace that fact. This emotion could even be reinforced when you give them a reason to doubt their decision. 

But how to do so? Let’s explore some strategies we have carefully prepared below.  

How to get an ex to regret losing you
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How To Get An Ex To Regret Losing You?

There are 11 psychological tricks you could apply to make your ex feel regretful after the breakup.

Try To Limit Communication With Your Ex  

Numerous people remain in touch with their old flames, although they are first abandoned in that relationship. There are two reasons behind this practice. 

It boils down to the fact that they part ways in peace or their relationship ends amicably, so they want to be good friends. In this case, we will leave no comment because it is inadvisable to make your ex remember that old time. 

However, if your mind cannot get rid of your ex’s image, as both have been in love for a long time, limiting contact is optimal to escape this annoying situation. By doing so, your attractiveness will likely be boosted in their eyes, followed by jealousy and regret. 

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Avoid Being A Backup Plan  

How to get an ex to regret losing you
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When your exes ghost you, there is a high chance that they have no feelings for you. Stop wearing your heart on your sleeve, which indicates you still want to stay in this love affair. 

Due to this, you are apt to become a backup plan for your exes when they are not successful in matching another person. You are advised to reduce the frequency or even stop texting, calling, or meeting face-to-face. 

But avoid unfriending or blocking their accounts on social media because more people will know about this split, and you don’t want to be stuck in any drama, right? 

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Become A Better Version Of Yourself  

Updating yourself is the best revenge. It not only helps your ex feel jealous but also exerts a positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. 

This method is more needed if the main culprit behind your breakup lies in annoying complaints from your ex about your appearance. Some are common: 

  • Being overweight. 
  • The development of harmful habits. 
  • Losing too much weight. 
  • Physical flaws, such as scars or birthmarks. 
  • Body deformity caused by an unpredictable accident.
  • Temper issues. 

It would help if you could correct these appearance shortcomings with the prospect of improving your looks. Following are necessary practices and exercises you should try: 

  • Stop bad habits or hobbies, such as smoking or arriving late. 
  • Working out industriously to attain your desired fitness level.  
  • Resort to cosmetic surgeries. 
  • Concerning your weight is important. 
  • Joining professional make-up courses.  
  • Change your fashion style to determine what is most suitable for you. 
  • Have a nutritional meal daily. 

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Make Your Ex Assume That You Are Over Them  

How to get an ex to regret losing you
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After the split, many people have stalked their exes, thrown a fit, or typed angry and insulting texts as a way of venting their extreme emotions. Doing so only degrades their ego and makes their exes forget them more. 

Alternatively, all you need to do is ignore and behave nicely, as nothing serious happens. Of course, this act is uncomfortable at first, revoking terrible grief. But trust us! No one is enticed by a person who cannot control their conduct and emotions.

Keep Calm And Move On

This approach is similar to the one mentioned earlier, but you must manage your feelings more strictly. For instance, if you encounter your ex by accident on the street, pretend to be normal instead of appearing joyful or agitated. 

You can’t deceive your exes into believing that your bitterness totally disappears, after all. Yet, if they intentionally mention the breakup matter, try to say “disappointed” or “sorry, it did not work out for me.” 

These words will give your exes a false impression that their image doesn’t linger in your head while they still doubt you are pretending. This emotional clash could torment them for a few days.

Become Successful  

It is possible that you leave your exes since they invariably look down on you. If you have undergone this irritating situation, accomplishing success is the most feasible way to take revenge. 

First and foremost, you must determine your strengths. What fields are you talented at? For example, if you have a practical business mind, try to get more in-depth knowledge about the company administration, marketing, or other business-related facets.  

Then, pour lots of effort into starting your own company or climbing the ladder of becoming an eminent manager. When you reap the fruits, your ex will be quite jealous and perhaps regret the breakup decision.

How can your ex be informed of this news? Social media might be an ideal site where mutual friends will positively comment on your achievement and share it on their accounts. Remember when we said you should not block them? It’s for a good reason! 

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Widen Your Social Circle  

How to get an ex to regret losing you
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Making more friends is strongly recommended. If you befriend new acquaintances, you stand a good chance of learning different things and lessons from them. You also receive much joy and happiness when staying with like-minded people. 

Your extreme feelings about your ex should alleviate soon. When you recover quickly from these negative roller coaster of emotions, your exes would be, in turn, green with envy and somewhat regret their breakup decision. 

But how to expand your social relationship? The top priority is not to cut ties with old friends unless they are toxic and mean. Then, try to interact more with surrounding people, like your neighbors or colleagues, by hanging out or sending a friend request on social platforms. 

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Evoke A Little Jealousy  

Probably, your ex would assume that you are experiencing a mental breakdown after the split. To revenge by placing them in this situation, don’t display that you are grieving and disappointed. These weaknesses will make your ex realize you are still on the hook. 

Instead, try to express your positive energy, although your mind is still trying to encounter disturbance from a broken relationship. Show your broad smile and help others in a friendly and kind-hearted manner.  

Your ex would likely regret losing you after seeing your happy life without their appearance. Don’t seek a new date promptly to arouse jealousy, which would damage your ego badly.  

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Travel Is A Good Option  

If the breakup puts you under tremendous pressure, it is vital you should find a respite from this suffocating circumstance. Traveling would be great. 

Watching the endless paddle fields, adoring stunning views of hills and mountains, or admiring the majestic structure of old houses are satisfying. 

You also grasp a lifetime opportunity to interact with locals to gain deeper insights into their diverse cultures and customs. After this trip, we are sure your mood will improve, and your life can even change. 

Your ex may be envious of your experiences and the quick recovery that you have attained. And the doubtful feeling and regret follow as a result.

Enjoy Your Free Life  

How to get an ex to regret losing you
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After being through with their exes, numerous people lead an unfulfilling life. They are depressed and insecure about everything, and their inner world seems to collapse instantly with the absence of those former partners.

Serious problems are consequently rendered, like sleep deprivation, lack of concentration, or depressive disorders. So why do you have to suffer from these horrible things? You could choose to enjoy your wonderful life and feel enticed by beautiful nature. 

Every second of living is worthwhile, so don’t waste this precious time. Be conscious to avoid falling into the breakup trap. Your ex will definitely regret leaving you if your life has changed in a brilliant and positive way. 

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Take Care Of You  

When you are in a relationship, you might spend much time thinking about your lover without showing concern for your inner side. After the split, many are inclined to ignore their health and its warning signs, which is the dumbest. 

So, rather than mourning over the past relationship, expressing more love and care for your physical and mental health is essential. You could take up a new habit or hobby to sway your mind from constantly thinking about your ex.

Undertake more exercises or start something beneficial to your life, such as doing charity or reaping helpful knowledge about skills related to your job. Exploring the passion growing inside you and nurturing it is recommended as well. 

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What Should I Do Instantly After A Breakup?  

Below are some important tips you should pay attention to: 

  • It would be best to cut off all contact with your exes by not phoning, texting, or sending emails. Doing so just shows you still love them too much. 
  • Don’t suppress your true emotions. Allow yourself to grieve and cry loudly as an effective way of releasing negative energy inside.
  • Be mature. You should regard this split as an experience you learn about the harsh life. 
  • Loving yourself more by starting to do more exercises and having a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Focus on what you have learned from this relationship instead of what you lost. 
  • Tell your friends about this sad news. They will always be beside you and lend a sympathetic ear to help you overcome this trauma. 
  • Stop criticizing your exes unless they are very toxic. Remember that someone not wanting to be with you is not bad or rude. 

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How Long Does It Take For Dumper’s Remorse To Set In?  

First, you must know what the dumper’s remorse is. It is the psychological state describing your ex’s regret after deciding to break up with you. 

Coming back to the question, there is no exact answer to it. This is because there are several associated factors, like relationship strength, type, post-breakup mistakes or maturity level, etc.

But you don’t need to pinpoint the time when your ex’s dumpers remorse sets in. The more space you give him, the more chances he will miss you and decide to get back together with you. 

This approach proves its effectiveness and seems more practical than rebuilding your impression or a new life just to gain your ex’s attention.  

How to get an ex to regret losing you
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Do All Dumpers Come Back?  

The answer is no. 

Suppose you have suffered many negative emotions and toxic things in a relationship. Are you willing to come back one more time? If you answer yes, you are really dumb to do so. 

An unhealthy relationship is more dangerous than you have ever imagined. Some people control their partners to excess by leaving no space for them to lead a normal life, while many are paternalistic and display toxic masculinity. 

In these relationships, you are a victim and fall into their invisible traps. You cannot continue to become the better version you invariably dream of but follow their commands. 

Besides, many couples break up for unavoidable reasons, such as family barriers or personality clashes. Therefore, coming back seems unrealistic to dumpers if they are in these circumstances. 

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Final Thoughts

We hope you will explore a comprehensive answer to the question: How to get an ex to regret losing you? Apart from tips, we also present further information about this topic with the hope of helping you understand more. 

Thank you, and have a nice day!

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