Is being in a long distance relationship worth it

Is Being in A Long Distance Relationship Worth It? 5 Signs

Is being in a long distance relationship worth it? Many couples have pondered this question. No worries; we will tell you everything you should know.

“Out of sight, out of mind” is a common catchphrase whenever the topic of long-distance relationships is raised – which is why many girls feel insecure about loving someone hundreds or even thousands of miles away. But does this idiom always stay true? Is being in a long distance relationship worth it in the end?

Our insightful article will gladly break down this burning mystery. Tune in to see whether your current long-distance affair is still worth all of your efforts!

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Is Being in A Long Distance Relationship Worth It? Signs of A Healthy Relationship

The answer is Yes – but only if all these signals are identified in your relationship with him. Otherwise, your partners are likely to treat their affairs with you as a fleeting event that does not last long and never requires much of their attention. 

Check out this list below: 

You Do Not Feel Like Things Are Kept Under The Dark

Is being in a long distance relationship worth it
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Regardless of the distance and both parties’ current stance on their feelings, all successful and healthy relationships should be based on trust and honesty. 

Of course, that never means you always have to inform them of where you currently are or what you’re doing every moment during the day. We want to say that you should feel willing to share info about your everyday life with him in the most honest, open manner possible. Most importantly, the man you date must treat you the same way you do him.

If you always feel like a part of your partner’s life, chances are this relationship is a 10 out of 10 – even when you can’t see each other in person that much. 

To be honest, it doesn’t even require much effort; just a simple text, “I just arrived at the gym. The treadmill lines here are ridiculous!” or a quick Facetime meeting during lunch breaks are enough.

At the end of the day, relationships are not about controlling each other; it’s just open-minded sharing made available thanks to all the technologies we have gotten these days.

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The Ultimate Goal Is To Be Together. 

Experts conclude that every relationship must possess an eventual goal – or, in simpler terms, a specific time when you two start living together as a complete unit.

Do your daily convos include end-goal talks/particular timing when both of you start building a shared life in the same household and city? Then congratulations; you are clearly walking on the correct path! 

Long-term relationships should not float aimlessly in the air. It’s time you looked further than daily SMS messages or nightly Facetime meetings, planning for the future ahead. 

And it would be amazing if your boyfriend joined you in these plans. Otherwise, that’s a clear sign that things do not work out as well as you have hoped – and might grow into a disaster if you do not retreat immediately!

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The Time Apart Is Still Well-Appreciated

Is being in a long distance relationship worth it
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Every relationship has to leave some room for sufficient “me-time”/alone time, meaning you two still keep in contact while having time to engage in your own interests and preferences. 

Do you find yourself basking in these alone periods, excited to dive into your “me-thingies” and share them with your boyfriend afterward? Great, it’s clear that you are managing your life well -and feeling comfortable despite not sticking to the man 100% of your time.

Such a wonderful balance of alone and together time will likely stick around – even when you two finally get together physically. This is tightly interconnected with signal number 1 discussed above: women feeling included in their men’s lives are having eyes on the right person.

No Pressure Detected

Does the conversation flow easily and conveniently whenever you are physically at each other’s side? That is a great sign. 

And can you contentedly spend your only Saturday afternoon with him reading books on the couch – without any desperate desire to please or entertain him through more exciting activities? That’s a great sign as well!

Time spent together should not feel pressurized; after all, silence is not a terrible thing! Lovers that feel relaxed while being with each other physically will easily maintain a great working balance if circumstances force them to stay apart one day.

But again, that does not mean you should stop planning exciting things whenever he drops by for a visit; we just want to emphasize that these plans do not have to be over-the-top or grand. 

For instance, let’s bring him to a wonderful restaurant or a movie. Going for a walk and showing him around the neighborhood is also a nice idea.

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You Have Become A Part Of Their Families

Let’s say he and you have been in a long-distance relationship for quite some time, and you have already been introduced to his family the last time both of you met. And now, you can build deeper relationships with his immediate family members and become a part of them! 

In that case, your decision to stay with him is obviously the right choice. It seems the man is serious about both his commitment to you and yours to him, striving to make the end goal (being together) arrive as soon as possible! 

Again, that links to signal number 1: feeling included in your partner’s every life aspect. Even when you two are in different cities, you never feel like an outsider.

How To Make These Long-Distance Relationships Work?

Is being in a long distance relationship worth it
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Sadly, not all long-distance relationships work, as many people fail to acquire necessary skills to sustain the fire over a long period of no physical intimacy. Here are some simple tips to keep him by your side forever: 

Always Keep Contact

As you two will not see each other much, it’s crucial to set up and foster an emotional interconnection all the time. Having in-depth and hours-long conversations is one of the most common traits of a long-distance relationship, which is a good thing! 

But of course, if you are too busy for long ranting, there’s no need to indulge him for hours. Even minor – but frequent communication – is enough to show how much you care about him and wish to catch up with his current life events. 

Do not leave too large of a gap between two communication periods. More days pass by means whatever connection you have made will fade away, forcing you to start again every time you initiate a conversation.

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Also, it’s important to learn about his preferred communication method – and try different strategies to find out which might work best for both of you. From video-calling and emailing to texting, try them all to catch up with all of his life’s little details! 

Another note is to work around the schedules. Are you probably too busy for a late-night chat? Then inform him in advance and try to compensate for that absence as much as possible. 

And if your partner is the busy one while you have more free time in your hand, stay flexible and focus on your own interest.

Talk About Mundane Things

Do not assume every convo must be deep or insightful discussions of dreams, hopes, or career plans. Instead, pay attention to things most domestic couples often care about, like chores, house redecoration, or grocery shopping. 

Despite how trivial they seem, these topics create the feeling of home and security – and isn’t that something every lover is looking forward to? Not to mention, they also foster interdependence and better connection, which is the base for many successful relationships. 

Other little things are also welcome. For instance, you might send the man a beautiful song that makes you think of him, or a funny Youtube video you just discovered recently. 

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Try To Make Frequent Visits

Is being in a long distance relationship worth it
Source: Pexels

Of course, we understand that physical boundaries can sometimes be challenging to overcome. Nevertheless, if possible, try to drop by as frequently as possible within your budget limits and see him at every given opportunity. In-person meetings are crucial in relationship trust, commitment, and satisfaction. 

Make a fixed visiting schedule (if that sounds too far-fetched, at least inform the man of your next drop-by after one just ends). And remember to create rituals around those visits, too – such as eating in a favorite shop, enjoying quiet nights at home together, or doing something fun. 

These meetings do not have to be at home all the time. We strongly suggest you meet somewhere outside to freshen up the atmosphere. Visit a new place both have never set foot in, or choose a spot halfway between you two’s residences. 

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Last but not least, work out the travel logistics so that they never get in your precious time with him. Know where you should meet him at the train station or the airport. Learn to pack with only one bag to save time, and leave some basics at his home if necessary. 

Establish A Solid Trust

Trust is a survival key in all relationships (not just romance). Try always to stay loyal and sidestep temptation. In the unfortunate case that you have done something wrong, be honest and discuss it with him right away – even when lying seems to be a nice option at the time. 

Let’s say you cannot help it and decide to visit a bar. Lying to him about it might gain you personal benefits but hamper the relationship. Still, be brave and openly tell him so. 

(And to avoid having to choose between two options in the first place, simply do NOT go to the bar, you know?)

Also, keep in mind that jealousy is the culprit for every romantic dead end. If you suffocate him, expecting instant replies every time, or spend days wondering who he will meet and where he will go, a not-so-good ending is waiting for you both!

For people with jealousy or insecurity issues, an appointment (whether online or in-person) with professionals may help you cultivate better trust with your partner.

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Is being in a long distance relationship worth it
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How Long Do Most Long-Distance Couples Last?

Sixty percent of long-distance relationships end with a marriage (how nice!). For the remaining forty percent, their periods often fluctuate around 4.5 months. 

Do not take these calculations too seriously, however. Even close-distance relationships have a high break-up possibility, after all. Trust your choice and instincts to make the best decision. 

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Is Sexting Encouraged In A Long-Distance Relationship? 

Sure, why not? Sexting, if done the right way, can set up the flame ever further and make him burn to see you in person. 

Still, a long-distance relationship means you might be unclear about his schedule or free time. Confirm that he’s 100% free before sending a dirty text. You do not want to provoke him in the middle of a huge workload or when his phone is turned off. Your excitement will have already died down by the time he can finally read the message! 

Are People in Long-Distance Relationships More Likely to Cheat?

Contrary to popular belief, no. Cheating rates in long-distance relationships are the same as in proximal ones. To learn more signals of a cheating partner in long-distance relas, click here.

Is being in a long distance relationship worth it
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Final Thoughts

Our post has analyzed every critical facet to help you answer the question, Is being in a long distance relationship worth it? While it’s hard to claim that distances ALWAYS kill off sparks, there are tips you should still pick up to ensure your lover always stays interested and burnt for your presence.

Nevertheless, in the case of cheating, do not blame yourself. A disloyal man or woman will always find ways to break free of your hold – even when you two are right next to each other. So wipe your tears, strengthen up, and open your heart to other, more deserving people out there!

If you still have questions about this issue, feel free to write to us. We are always willing to lend you a helping hand!

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