Reasons Why Women Cheat

7 Reasons Why Women Cheat

Do you wonder why women cheat? Study shows than women too cheat on their partners and for some reason, it hurts more.

Here are some of the reasons why women cheat

1. Women Cheat To Get Revenge

This is the main reason why women cheat. Cheating on a faithful woman hurts them to the core. Some walkout but some of them cheat and make sure you find out about it to have a taste of your own medicine.

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2. When They Feel Unappreciated

Getting you a woman is not the job. Keeping her is the real deal. When a woman is in love she will invest in that relationship. She will put in the work to make sure the relationship is on fire. If at any point she feels like she is in it alone, she will get someone who appreciates her efforts and works as hard as she does.

3. Women Cheat When They Find A Better Man

(He wasn’t man enough for me) have you heard this song before? There are so many ways I could say that makes a man better than another. Well, the better I am talking about in this particular article, is the ‘I got my life together’ kind of better. Behind every successful man is a woman, but trust me no woman wants to be behind a man who is not willing to be successful in the first place. Women will replace a lazy man-child for a better man and help him get to the top.

Are you man enough to date? By the way, dear women, never tell a man that another man is way better than him unless you have got sufficient karate skills. That shit destroys a man’s ego and a man with no ego is like a man with no mind. He can badly injure you. If you feel that your man is not enough, just walk away and if it is possible, never to let him know why.

4. Women Cheat When They Are Sexually Deprived

We are all sexual beings and if you fail to give your woman enough sex, she might as well get it elsewhere. And by the way when you deny your wife that, to whom are you giving to?

5. For Financial Gains

The world we are living in today, many women are victims of this. We are promised jobs, money, and vacations in exchange for sex. Many women (those in relationships or not) actually fall into this just to make it in life or to keep up with the trends.

6. If They Never Loved You In The First Place

Sometimes women give into relationships not because they love the person, but due to other reasons such as the financial gains and your title. You want to know something funny, sometimes get into relationships out of pity. Yes! I know someone who once got into a relationship out of pity. This guy had pursued her for too long and she thought I should at least acknowledge his effort. Bad Idea!

7. A woman cheats when she is just promiscuous in nature

If you don’t want a cheating woman, then do not go for one who sleeps around different men they try to tame her. Chances are you cannot. And if you were completely blindsided, you had no idea that she sleeps around, I am sorry for you.

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