monday texts for him

70 Monday Texts For Him: Keep Him Craving For You

Want to message genuinely spicy Monday texts for him but have not yet had any idea in mind? If so, here comes the launch of your rescuer for the day!

Just have thought about it: What else could be better to spring up your week than receiving a load of sweet, erotic messages? Especially from the one you love! So does your man.

Jump right in our article on the most 70 sensational Monday texts for him to get more of the picture and give a lift to your romance!

monday texts for him
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Should You Send A Guy A Monday Text?

Absolutely yes! 

A simple, direct good Monday morning always comes as an excellent choice for the other half to kick off their day.

No person on Earth could ever mean to be unhappy with a sweet cozy message that makes him feel special and puts a smile on his face. It is a short-cut yet to-the-point approach to reach any man’s heart faster.

If you’re not a huge morning person, being short and sweet is also a fantastic alternative. 

The result that can be foreseen is: He receives the message, he gets your thoughtfulness, and eventually, your caring image imprints in his head all day long. Even a week ahead can’t blur it! Isn’t this worth a try?

With the right way and the right time, you won’t have to worry whether or not you are being such a needy partner and about to scare him off. But which exactly is considered as on- and off-target? We’ll tell you in the below content!

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What Message Are You Sending With Your Monday Text?

Here is the deal: What you are attempting to achieve is much more critical than you might ever think. 

Don’t take us wrong. It is nothing wrong for the text to bear the thought that you text him merely because of missing. Nevertheless, we can all admit deep down in the heart that our main driving force is still to create a daring and attractive version of you in his mind.

So let’s narrow down the particular purpose you wish to accomplish. Are you trying to be sexual? Do you want to pique his interest? Are you aiming to be more subdued and submissive or bold and forward? Or are you simply just wishing someone a happy Monday morning?

In each case, your intended motivation will determine the tone of your message. Let’s have a glance at some good examples of Monday texts for him that will make him think of you as soon as he starts his hectic week.

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monday texts for him
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70 Monday Texts For Him To Be In Love With You More

Romantic And Sweet Monday Texts

  1. We all know that Mondays are not the most thrilling days of the week, but I hope this one is exceptional for you.
  2. Who can believe it’s Monday already? Time passed quickly since we were having so much fun. Thanks for a great time.
  3. Hi love, how is your Monday going? Even if it has been a hard day, I believe that you are still capable of doing everything as long as you have your mind to it.
  4. A huge day and an even bigger week are in store. Have a wonderful Monday and love me more, handsome.
  5. Mondays used to be one of the worst days of the week, but not anymore. What lies ahead for us excites me!
  6. I just wanted to let you know that you will have a wonderful and cheerful Monday. Love you!
  7. It doesn’t matter on Mondays or any other day of the week. You are always my top priority. Enjoy your day, my darling.
  8. To me, now, when we have the entire week ahead of us, Mondays are not that dreadful! See you then, love.
  9. How was your Monday, my love? Since we’re all in this together, mine has been fantastic!
  10. How is life treating you today, babe? I have faith that everyone is performing good deeds and acting with kindness.
  11. Greetings, my sweetie! Have you had a fun Monday morning thus far? Let’s together make this whole week unforgettable!
  12. You should be aware that for us, Mondays are just another day to start fresh. Love you, handsome!
  13. Hello, sweetheart. How was your Monday? Mine has been amazing, thinking that we will soon spend time together again!
  14. Today, as I begin my Monday, I’m thinking about you immediately, which makes me happy! I’m grateful because you motivated me.
  15. Hey there, please know that your cheerful demeanor has dispelled my Monday blues. Much love is sending to you!
monday texts for him
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Funny Monday Morning Messages

  1. Hey! It’s Monday. Be productive and stop thinking about me so much!
  2. I’m considering inviting you to come over tonight, but I’m not sure I can keep my hands off you.
  3. Why is it that my thoughts are so X-rated today? I have no idea. I believe you are to blame.
  4. Congrats. You’ve gained a level. FYI, the next time I see you, I won’t be holding back. Make yourself ready!
  5. Personally, Monday would be the ideal day to make a move if you wish to.
  6. Who has the ability to teleport into your bed and possesses two thumbs? I’m not sure. Unfortunately, not me!
  7. Handsome, I want to break up. Your Monday morning routine. With this sweet text! 
  8. Knock knock. (Who’s there?) Me. (Me who?) Me, YOUR SWEETHEART, DUH, GOOD MONDAY MORNING!
  9. Are you worn out running through my mind all night like that? LOL. It’s very early in the morning. I hope this text didn’t wake you up.

Short And Cute Messages That Make Him Smile

  1. Good morning! Enjoy a wonderful start to the week.
  2. Monday is here, hooray! Let me know what you want to do with me this week!
  3. Hey handsome, I hope your Monday is off to a good start.
  4. How was your Monday? You deserve nothing less than a wonderful week, so I hope today marks the start of one!
  5. I wish we could just call in sick this Monday and spend the whole day together.
  6. Good Monday! Here is a reminder for you: Every message you have sent is always like a small gift to me.
  7. All day I kept having dreams about you, which kept me from working very well.
  8. Just a little thinking on Monday: Why are you so cute?
  9. You’re going to kill it today. I believe in you! XO
  10. Greetings, babe! I love you a latte, have a nice day!
  11. Big day ahead, go get them, sweetie!
monday texts for him
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Flirty Monday Morning Texts

  1. I have no idea why people get so worked up on Fridays or so depressed on Mondays. To me, every day is a weekend with you.
  2. I had high hopes for today, but there is nothing I can think of that would make it better than spending it with you.
  3. I’m unsure of your plans for the week, but I want to take part in everything.
  4. Greetings, my darling! I’m here to assist you if you’re having trouble getting out of bed on this Monday.
  5. Happy Monday. Just letting you know I’m willing to make the first move when texting, so it’s your turn when kissing.
  6. I wish you were here next to me right now.
  7. It’s weird. I had a dream about you texting me “Happy Monday” last night, so now I’m taking my chance to see if that dream ever comes true!
  8. Such a demanding Monday. Do you want to let some steam out tonight?
  9. Monday morning! Should I go for a short or really short skirt for this evening?
  10. Morning sexy, text me if you wish to get into trouble later. I have a few tricks up my sleeve…
The Devotion system
70 Monday Texts For Him: Keep Him Craving For You

Monday Morning Texts When You’re Long Distance

  1. It’s chilly and wet outdoors. I wish you were here so you could kiss me and make me feel better.
  2. I wish I could see how adorable you are when you first wake up.
  3. Awaring that we will be waking up together soon is the only thing that cheers me up on this chaotic Monday morning.
  4. Since I was unable to wake up next to you, I am sending you my warmest hugs and kisses at the very beginning of the week.
  5. I sincerely hope that this text will help you get through today without me since I miss you so terribly.
  6. Have an effective Monday, darling! I eagerly anticipate the day when I shall wake up with you each morning.
  7. Although I can’t physically hold you in my arms, I will always keep you in my heart. Happy Monday, sweetie!
  8. Despite the fact that I woke up hundreds of miles away from you, you are always in my heart.
  9. I detest mornings the most when you aren’t lying by my side. I can’t wait for you to get home so we can cuddle once again.

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monday texts for him
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Monday Morning Texts When You Want Him to Come Over

  1. Hello sexy, have a wonderful Monday. Don’t forget to let me know if there is anything I can do to spice things up for you.
  2. What would improve your Monday yet further? Message me if I can assist in getting it there.
  3. How are things going on Monday afternoon? Do you have any evening plans? Let’s schedule some!
  4. What are your plans for this week? Make your Monday even more thrilling with my help!
  5. Hey sweetheart, how was your day on this fine Monday afternoon? Do you have any plans for the evening with me? I’m all yours.
  6. Hello, my love! I’m always there to celebrate with you at the end of the week, so have a fantastic kickoff to it!
  7. Good morning, how was your weekend? I can’t wait to have lunch with you today at work/school/wherever.
  8. My only wish this Monday is to spend time with my beloved. Let me know if you can spare some time.
  9. Happy Monday! Have any ideas come on the way for what is up tonight yet? Because I don’t.
  10. What does your day look like? Is there room for me?

Monday Morning Texts When You Wake Up In His Arms

  1. To wake up in your arms one more time would be wonderful.
  2. I’m really thankful for a wonderful weekend with you. Even if it’s Monday, I can’t wait till the next one.
  3. How are things going on Monday? I had a great one because I got to spend it with you!
  4. Your wonderful kiss from last night is all I’ve been thinking about today.
  5. Miss me yet?
  6. Good day, sexy! The shower I took this morning was chilly. Actually, it’s twice. So, thanks for that.

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monday texts for him
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What Texts To Send That Make Him Feel Special?

Basically, all the texts you sent could be just qualified enough to do so, as long as you mean it from the bottom of your heart!

No matter if it is merely your way to launch a small talk or a chit-chat with no content to dig deeper. Your will to share with him everything in your life and listen to him sharing his is the best medicine to reinforce your love. 

What Things Do Guys Like To Hear?

Positive affirmations about how attractive they are (or other spectrum can work just well) are one of the foremost compliments that men like to hear from women. If your boyfriend looks amazing (or even if they don’t), don’t be afraid to tell him the highest praise you could ever think of.

Remember that it is not the privilege of women to be cheerful when retrieving a pat on the back about how we appear!

What Does A Man Need In A Relationship?

Men desire love just as much as women do. However, they might not always be as transparent about it. Your way of earning their sentiment, thus, could be summarized in these three chief factors, including friendship, connection, and chemistry.

This fundamental has to do with the relationship’s give-and-take dynamics. It really contributes to the love and care that the woman in the relationship shows for her other half to make him happy but not her only.

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Final Thought

There’s nothing to lose with a cherished and beloved message, but a lot to fail if you keep leaving your lover’s feelings behind. So, let’s wait no longer to grab your phone and convey your love now with these above samples of Monday texts for him

Hopefully, our assistance can anyhow work wonders for your romantic story. See you then!

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