Making Travel and Work, Work For You

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Not only is it more common for people to work remotely when with a company, but there has been a sharp rise in the number of people who run their own businesses or freelance and travel. 

Traveling for work can be a great experience – because in between meetings and work, there are places to go and things to do that aren’t part of your typical everyday life. And if you are one of the millions of people who are gearing up to be a digital nomad, you’ll be excitedly planning how to make the most of it. 


One of the most important things that you need to remember when you travel and work is that you need to have your productivity at an all-time high. Managing your schedule so that you have enough free hours to explore the city you are in is a must. 

Ahead of traveling, make sure that you have all of your calls for a set time each day – leaving time to get a coffee from the local coffee shop before you start and time after to check out some eateries. 

Day each side

If your travel is mandatory because you work for another company, try to see if you can get a day on either side (it might be on your own dime) so that you have time to settle in, but also to book a meal at a local restaurant. 

For those who make their own schedule, see if there are any people in your network that live close by that would be happy to meet up and show you around. A day on each side of the trip (with no work commitments) gives you some breathing space. 


Google Maps can come in clutch with plenty of recommendations for things in the location – and you can quickly check if they are well-reviewed. But there are other apps that can help too. For example, if you are just too tired to head out, find a takeout app and order something you can’t get back home. 

Keep in mind that it can be handy to have a few other apps that may mean you can listen in on calls while you take a walk. Think about what you’d need to make your life easier. 


Freelancers and small businesses can really make the most of their expenses on work trips. If there are any parts of your trip (or maybe all of it) that can be tax deductible, you should aim to do it! When booking meals, could that be used as a meeting? Booking Compass Furnished Apartments or deluxe hotel rooms can also be expensed for many people. 

Use a business account when you travel so that you can see the itemized bill and keep all of your receipts too. 

What is deductible? Credits & Deductions for Individuals | Internal Revenue Service. 

Leave some work

Since you are out of your regular environment, you might find it more difficult to settle in the evenings – and you might have long evenings stretched out with very little to do. You can make the most of these moments by keeping some admin and other tasks back and making space in the day for other, more enjoyable things, leaving non-urgent tasks for the evening. 

You may be on the precipice of leaving a formal work contract and shaping your life more to your liking. In which case, supplementing your income is a good idea ahead of the leap: Supplement Your Income: 6 Clever Ways to Make Money Online – Hello Betty Company

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