how to make your man jealous and want you more

16 Ways On How To Make Your Man Jealous And Want You More

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After a while, some men just forget to put effort into their relationships. This is how to make your man jealous and want you more.

When you've been together or married for a while, your guy seems to believe that he is your main focus. To satisfy him and make him happy, you can go to any lengths.

However, isn't this rule also applicable to him? You, too, should be his top focus, and your relationship should be blissful. Yet, it looks like he prefers to hang out with his friends, work late or play on his console rather than spending time with you lately.

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If you're tired of being overlooked, I'll help you figure out how to make your man jealous and want you more. Scroll down for 16 practical strategies to make him envious.

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How to make your man jealous and want you more

1. Dress up to the nines

Dress up to the nines - How to make your man jealous and want you more

So you're trying to figure out how to make your man jealous and want you more? Simply make yourself irresistable with a stunning dress, nice make-up and great hairstyle. Even if it's just a normal day, don't lie around in your jogging pants. Make efforts to look your best.

Your spouse will notice and be intrigued by the changes. He'll be curious, but don't over-explain. Give him a sexy smile to keep the mystery alive. Your mysterious grin will exude confidence, making him envious and keeping him guessing.

2. Talk about your ex

One of the simplest methods to make a guy jealous is to recall happy moments you had with your ex-boyfriend. You can bring up one fantastic date you had, for example, or just talk about how great your ex is doing now.

Hearing your story will probably make your man second-guess his place in your life and get his blood boiling. However, it's best to keep raunchy or intimate details to yourself.

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3. Spend time with your male friends

Spend time with your male friends - How to make your man jealous and want you more

How to make your man jealous and want you more when you have male pals? Maybe you never really go on dates with them, but having some male pals is beneficial, even when you're in a committed relationship.

It's in every man's blood to be competitive. Your guy will most likely be jealous and worried when you spend out with them and shut him out. Just act as though he is unimportant to you. Then, his mind will quickly work out the arithmetic so that your calendar will soon be filled with him.

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4. Pose with a group of guys

Using social media, post a selfie of you and a guy friend hanging out the next time you go out. It makes no difference how gorgeous the guy is or how uncomplicated your relationship is, this is a terrific approach to indirectly get your message through.

Just seeing a snapshot of you with some guy would make your man wonder if he's still in it. If the person you're hanging out with looks like he came straight out of a catalog, you'll get extra points.

5. Flirt with someone he's not familiar with

Flirt with someone he’s not familiar with - How to make your man jealous and want you more

Allow yourself to flirt with a man such as your coworker in a harmless manner. It might give him heartburn if you softly flirt with someone he doesn't know.

When you know your spouse is looking, purposefully start chatting with this individual. You may even engage in some mild flirting, such as laughing out loud or casually brushing your palm against this man's arm.

Now, guys are extremely sensitive about this. When their spouse is touched, they can become defensive. According to a study published in the Physiology & Behavior Journal, male testosterone makes him feel protective of their mate's safety and well-being.

You surely want to wake this instinct.

This also makes perfect sense in terms of relationship psychology. There's a new fascinating concept that gets to the bottom of the mystery of why guys fall in love. It's called the “hero instinct” by relationship psychologists.

According to the belief, males want to be your hero. They want to stand up and provide and protect their woman. When your day needs rescuing, he has an instinctual desire to save it.

I know it's 2022. Women are so independent that they need noone to save them and be their protectors.

However, some things remain unchanged. Men love heroism. Because it's in their DNA to seek out partnerships that make them feel like a hero.

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Some concepts have the potential to revolutionize the game. One of them is the hero instinct when it comes to enhancing a relationship.

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6. Talk about your celebrity crush

Celebrities are almost impossible to obtain, yet it can't stop your man from becoming envious of them. Hearing their girl rave about how gorgeous some actor is or how attractive some model is seem certain to make any male doubt his own appearance.

This is how to make your man jealous and want you more -who knows? It could be the motivation he needs to make himself look better in your eyes and appreciate you more.

7. Make his male pals adore you

Make his male pals adore you - How to make your man jealous and want you more

When you're among your guy's buddies, attempt something that can make them swoon over you. When his friends begin to complement or appreciate you, he will become jealous or possessive of you.

Don't do anything overly flirtatious; instead, simply be the best version of yourself in front of his friends. You won't get into any difficulty with your boyfriend if you act innocently, just as you haven't done anything wrong.

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8. Make yourself the focus of attention

You don't have to always hold your partner's hand. Play hard to get in social occasions and engage with other guests with confidence and charm. Allow your lover to wait for your attention while you socialize with your friends.

If your boyfriend hasn't been around for you for a while, he'll be jealous enough to recognize his mistake and set his sights on you.

9. Date a young man

Date a young man - How to make your man jealous and want you more

If you've been married for quite a while and your spouse isn't treating you the way he did when you were first married, it's time to take command. Going out with a young man is the answer to the question of how to make your man jealous and want you more.

Your spouse would be horrified by the prospect of his wife spending time with a young guy. He will most likely alter his mind about you and begin to cater to your demands on the spur of the moment.

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10. Ignore his texts or phone calls

If you've always responded to his texts or calls immediately, it's time to change. Don't reply to his messages right away. Similarly, wait a few minutes before returning his phone calls.

You can use social media to keep up with what's going on in the world. Make it clear to him that you have a life of your own and that you like socializing with others. He'll begin chasing you and devote his entire attention to you. Just remember not to go too long without contacting him.

11. Enjoy life with your hobbies

Enjoy life with your hobbies - How to make your man jealous and want you more

Sometimes when a woman steps into a relationship, she stops doing things she enjoys. If you have a hobby like blogging, gardening, or hiking, you should surely go for it. It increases your self-confidence and independence.

When your man sees you absorbed in an activity without him, he may become envious as you're not dedicating enough time to him. Then, he might turn out to be more protective and affectionate.

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12. Don't text him twice

Here're some fundamental texting rules: never double (or triple) text a man, and don't send him paragraph-long messages. He'll get the impression that you're too eager and desperate. You must wait till he responds to tell him you've been itching to say.

Don't show that you put more time and effort into this. Try to make him feel you're doing something (or someone) more intriguing right now. That's how to make your man jealous and want you more than before.

13. Keep your plans a secret

Keep your plans a secret - How to make your man jealous and want you more

If you want him to feel jealous, don't be an open book. Make him guess what you're up to and come up with his own scenarios to make him envious!

You don't have to announce, “It's time for my doctor's appointment!” if you have to get going. “I'm late for this…thing I plan to go to,” instead. Let him have his doubts that it can be a date. Give him a mysterious smile sometimes, and you'll make him curious.

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14. Tell him you're busy

One reason he's become careless could be because you're too accessible. He knows he can count on you to drop by and have fun at any time of day or night.

Tell him you're working late or going out with a group of friends for a change. It should serve as a wake-up call for him to not take your time for granted. Do this a few times and see if he's stepping up to grab more of your attention.

15. Be incredibly sweet to him

be incredibly sweet to him - How to make your man jealous and want you more

If you're wondering how to make your man jealous and want you more, try this: indulge him and buy presents for him. But, as soon as you leave, stop this act and stay away from him.

If he's trying hard to reach you, give him another chance and then stop. You'll keep your partner on his toes and excited to see you again if you do it this way.

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16. Be the best version of yourself

This is always a good thing, whether you're in a relationship or single. Remember those days when your man couldn't get enough of you? He surely thought of you as the most amazing woman in the whole world.

Now it's time to put yourself in the first place. Work on your personal development by learning something new, taking up a new hobby, or pursuing your passion. Then you'll understand how to make your man jealous and want you more (again), because he'll learn that you're such a high-quality woman that he can't lose to someone else.

Final thoughts

If you're in a happy relationship, you won't be thinking about how to make your man jealous and want you more. However, in desperate times, drastic measures must be taken.

If you've been in a committed relationship that's been going well, there's no need to do any of these. Please forget all of these relationship tips to make your lover jealous in order to boost your ego. This is, however, the only option for the time being. Jealousy will shake up your man. He'll understand you don't want to wait for him to come to his senses the rest of your life.

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