Cracking Loneliness In a Connected Society

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Cracking loneliness can be something many people struggle with. Even in today’s connected world, feelings of isolation are higher than ever. But there are some things that can help. From accepting yourself to mingling with like-minded people, here are a few valuable suggestions.

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A Little Animal Friend

Who doesn’t love furry pets? Or maybe you prefer to cuddle animals of the scaly kind. And what about giant spiny spiders. Yeah, there are people who love arachnids! Whatever it is you like, you can’t go wrong with a pet to take care of. From German Shepherd puppies to birds of prey, there is something for everyone. Owning a pet is a guaranteed and proven way to feel better about life and yourself. They ask only for care and give lots of love in return, no questions.

Don’t Compare Your Life to Others

By virtue of living in an always-connected world, it is hard not to see the “glamorous” lives of others. But you may not know that many people fake their lives on social media. For this reason alone, it is not recommended to compare your life to that of someone else. Most of the time, you are seeing a vastly exaggerated version of how someone lives. And what of looks? Don’t even bother, as we all know how easily someone can look stunning with filters and AI tools.

Cracking Loneliness with Online Support

Recent surveys have found that over 60% of adults in the US feel lonely. The loneliest adults, somewhat paradoxically, are between 18 and 22. These are the people who use social media the most. Hmmmm? Social media isn’t the enemy, however. It is how people use it. For example, you can find support groups for single ladies on platforms like Facebook. This is a shining example of what social media really should be used for, bringing us closer together.

Join Hobby Groups Online or Locally

Further to groups, there are tons of hobby groups online with like-minded people you can connect with. Love playing D&D or other TTRPGs? There are groups for this. Want to talk about fixing PCs all day. There is definitely a group for that. And if you need some face to face time, look for local hobby groups in your area. Getting together with people who are into the same things as you is one of the most powerful ways to feel better and you may even meet someone.

Talk to Someone You Trust

One of the most potent ways of feeling better about yourself and life is simply by talking. Why do you think so many people have a therapist these days? Of course, therapy isn’t for everyone, and it costs a pretty penny. But you can always talk to a friend or family member about what you are going through. They may offer more support and spend more time with you. If that isn’t your thing, there are also online counseling services and even charities that provide 24/7 support.


Getting a pet is a proven method of cracking loneliness. Of course, online support is available in various forms, such as groups, counseling, and hobbyist pages. If none of these are really for you, just talking about how you feel to a friend, relative, or therapist can help you out.

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