Is it bad to be single at 30

Is It Bad To Be Single At 30?

Most of your friends have settled down or paired up by the time they reach 30. It seems like you’re the only one left behind. Is it bad to be single at 30?

For quite a while, thirty has been the age when women begin to worry about getting married. You could think you’re ready. Perhaps you’ve been dating for a long time. You may believe you’ve out-dated every other lady in town.

The assumption that you should be married by 30 is actually the one thing that is truly archaic. Really, who thought of that?

Don’t panic. Is it bad to be single at 30? In this article I’ll help you find the answer by giving you 10 reasons why being single at 30—and beyond—is absolutely fine. Read on.

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Why do you feel bad to be single at 30?

Let’s first look at some factors that cause this negative feeling -but shouldn’t.

1. You feel behind your friends

lonely woman looking at another couple - is it bad to be single at 30

It’s natural to want to compare your life to your friends’. The fact that you wonder how it would feel to have the same experience as your pals doesn’t indicate you’re envious of them. However, don’t ever allow yourself believe that there must be a competition.

2. You think you can’t get love unless you’re dating

It’s a typical notion that tends to sneak up on you late at night. But is it true? Just because you’re being single at this age doesn’t imply you’re unlovable. While you wait for the proper connection, don’t forget to appreciate the affection you’ve had from other relationships.

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3. Social media makes it worse

social media makes it worse

Social media may easily make someone who’s normal and happy feel like a loser. You are led to assume that everyone else is committed, happy, and enjoying their best life by photoshopped and manufactured couple images. But don’t be fooled since things are not always what they seem.

4. You think only a partner can help you achieve success

People with a partner are assumed to have higher chances for success in life than those without. Relationships don’t define success but your mindset, life experiences, and accomplishments do! Commitment is a decision. So don’t allow being single keep you from being happy, because many couples are miserable and many singles are happy. Avoid stereotyping. It’s not about being single at all.

10 reasons why it’s not bad to be single at 30

According to Dr. Hernando Chaves, a licensed marriage and family therapist, people in their 30s are more clear about what they want and need than they are in their 20s. There’s nothing wrong if you’re 30 and alone. In fact, being single at this age can bring many great things in life. Here are 10 reasons why.

1. You have the freedom to do whatever you want

happy women go shopping - Is it bad to be single at 30 - happy women going shopping

Those who aren’t single usually have to check with their partners’ schedules to decide their activities. You don’t! Go out till 5 A.M or go to sleep at 7 P.M. Spend your whole weekend shopping or watching 20 episodes of Gossip Girl in a row. Take a trip to Las Vegas with your friends if you suddenly feel like it. You don’t have to hear complains or think too much about it. Just have fun!

2. You can spend money on the stuff you like

I repeat: the stuff YOU like, not what your fiancé or husband or children want. See those new boots out? Just get them. Have some savings and want to travel? Hop on the plane babe! You don’t have to buy expensive birthday, anniversary or holiday presents for your others. Keep making money to enjoy spending it the way you want to the fullest.

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3. You have the living space to yourself

Be as messy as you wish if you’re just too tired to tidy up right away. If you despise dishes piling up in the sink, just clear them up as soon as you can instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Feel free to arrange your furniture in the house with your personal belongings. You don’t have to share your bed, your toilet or closet with anyone. You also don’t have to clean up the mess that others make. Who says it’s bad to be single at 30 here?

4. You’ve improved your dating skills

woman dating a man - is it bad to be single at 30

You don’t have time for men who aren’t interested in you, and that’s a good thing. Because being single at this age means the time to start having a family is nearing for many of you, it’s less likely that you’ll spend your time on guys who aren’t suited for you. The final line is that dating in your 30s is a more intelligent and stress-free experience.

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5. You’re more expert in bed

You know how to recognize superior companions and are more proficient in bed. You aren’t content with second-rate non-reciprocal sex. You know exactly what you want and won’t accept anything less. So is it really bad to be single at 30 and have more choices in your sex life? I think not.

6. You can focus on your physical self

women working out - is it bad to be single at 30

It’s common that married women aren’t in good shape as their single counterparts. The reason can be single women have more time and energy to live for themselves, so they go to the gym, take some dancing class or enjoy swimming. You’re free to love yourself by getting healthier and happier. Take advantage!

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7. You have more freedom to meet new people

Certainly you may meet new people while in a relationship, but being single might make it simpler to get out and about. In your 30s, you form the most incredible bonds. You locate your folks or tribe. Outside of a romantic connection or ‘couple identity,’ those are the ones who understand and relate to you.

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8. You can immerse yourself in your profession

Concentrate on moving forward and seizing new possibilities. You don’t have to be a workaholic to benefit from the fact that no one will be offended if you arrive home late. Being single at this age means you are free go to workshops, take extra classes, and work your way up in your area to find fulfillment in your profession.

9. You can spend time self-discovery

Unable to do this in their 20s, many young couples suffer later in life. The ability to completely love another without expecting anything in return from them is impossible. That’s because you should learn to fully love yourself first and foremost.

Practicing in your 30s is ideal. The more you advance in your work and social circles, the greater your confidence, your sense of self, and the opportunity to really get to know yourself. Get coaching, read books, and nurture yourself. If and when the appropriate person comes along, you’ll know how to detect them. That’s another reason why it’s not at all bad to be single at 30 -to say the least.

10. The best thing is about to come

One thing for sure, you won’t be single forever. You’ll find Mr. Right one day if you put yourself out there. Unlike those who have settled down, you’ll have your first date, first kiss and other “first times”… again (Now who says it’s bad to be single at 30?) When you do, it’s critical to understand what he truly wants from you. Because if you’ve had previous failed relationships, you can’t afford to make the same mistakes again.

A man wants to protect and provide for his sweetheart above all else. He wants to be a vital part of your entire health. This is a natural biological drive, a fascinating new concept in relationship psychology know as the “hero instinct“.

Men simply want to be your hero. It’s a biological desire to feel needed, significant, and capable of providing for the lady he loves. And it’s a longing that transcends love and sex.

The problem is that if you don’t arouse this instinct in him, he’ll remain uninterested in you and eventually find another woman who does. After all, males and females are two very distinct creatures with different desires deep inside… Men have a natural desire to provide for and protect those they care about. How would you elicit this response and give him a feeling of purpose and meaning?

Watch this free video by relationship psychologist James Bauer to discover more about the hero instinct and learn some innovative strategies for eliciting a man’s hero instinct.

If you’re still unsure, it’s absolutely okay, because lots of women have been in your shoes. Just take a look at this review first before you pass judgment.

You can spend time self-discovery - is it bad to be single at 30

Final thoughts

Being single at this age, you may be seeking to meet guys with varying preferences. It might also suggest you won’t search for a partner until you’re ready. It doesn’t imply you’re unhappy because nobody knows your life story.

Some women prefer to stay single for the next several years while others choose to marry. You may have helpful friends and a protective family. So never let anyone convince you that it is bad to be single at 30. In fact, it can be an incredible opportunity for you to learn interesting lessons before great things happen.

You alone are the author of your own tale. So make it count.

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