what to do if he doesn't call you back

What To Do If He Doesn’t Call You Back? 11 Tried-And True Tips

What to do if he doesn’t call you back? If you’re sitting and waiting for the guy that you’re interested in to dial numbers, here are things you can do instead!

Feeling ghosted is the worst thing in a relationship, especially if it’s somebody you are genuinely interested in. Yet, it’s a common situation that many get into while dating. Things seem to be going well at first, but until you’re waiting for him to call back in excitement, it’s not him on the other line every time you pick up the phone.

What to do if he doesn’t call you back? Here are 11 things to do if he doesn’t call back to restore your inner peace. 

What To Do If He Doesn’t Call You Back? 

1. Stick To The 3-Day Rule

Avoid Doing Things That Make You Look Desperate - What To Do If He Doesn't Call You Back
Avoid doing things that make you look desperate

Ever heard of the 3-day rule with online dating? It simply means that a guy would normally wait three full days before texting or calling his potential date again. So, if it’s just a day or two after he said his last goodbye, it’s still not time to have a burning desire for a call. 

Yet, this dating rule can also be used in a relationship at any stage, not just at the beginning. Hence, be laid-back and go about your business if he hasn’t called you for one or two days. Chances are he’s up in the ear at work, has a family emergency, or is caught up with something that he cannot control in life. 

When the time has come, and he still did not call, you may want to send him a casual message that might help bring him back to you. 

2. Think About The Signs

If you just spent one or a few dates with him, and he left with the “I’ll give you a call later” line, perhaps he didn’t literally mean it. We wish we had better news for you!

This is just a way for some guys to say goodbye, and if this is your case, you’ll never hear from him again. Think back about what was going on about your date for signs. 

Remember how he acted when you were together. You should clarify that he enjoyed spending time with you, showing his interest in you by asking questions, and did not hesitate to reveal himself and his life. If your guy appears distant, standoffish and seems to not 100% of his mind on you, he gives negative clues. 

It can be heartbreaking and distressing to get yourself to admit that you’re rejected in a subtle way. However, it’s way better than waiting hopelessly and cluelessly about someone indifferent to you. Just accept the facts, cut your losses, and move on to the next page in your romantic life. 

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3. Shoot Him A Casual Text To Trigger His Hero Instinct

Try sending a text that sparks his hero instinct

Don’t get caught in the trap of a thousand-word-long essay if you want to text him. Lengthy texts are punishing to read off, and he’s likely to miss your point. But most importantly, what should you type? 

Some girls want to let their guy know how great they think about him, while others confront straight up (some even anchor strong emotions when doing so). 

Yet, here’s the tip for texting your guy after a while he didn’t call back: give him a short, concise, casual message that can trigger the hero instinct in that man. A text like this conveys no hard feelings, judgment, or expectations to the receiver and can be a game-changer to your day-long waiting for his call. 

So, how does a text spark the hero instinct in your guy? This new concept is created based on man’s biology; in other words, men are DNA wired to provide and protect in a relationship, which makes them appear a hero in the eyes of their women. 

Knowing how to use this concept to your advantage can capture your guy’s attention and send him back into the relationship. 

Check out this video for the guide on how to come up with text that triggers man’s hero instinct. This video also shows how to draw his attention by only typing a 12-word text. 

4. Avoid Acting Desperate

If a guy doesn’t call back, no matter how much it bothers you, remember that acting desperate only worsens the situation. Don’t bombard him with tons of messages just to know what he has been up to. 

Similarly, it’s not a good idea to try to remind him of your presence by flooding his social media DMs. All of these make you look needy, clingy, and desperate, which men don’t like. In a relationship that lasts, equal effort in communication should be made for both ends. 

Most importantly, do not EVER get drunk and text your guy. It’s the easiest recipe to appear desperate. You’re not going to know what you would type when you’re not sober enough. If you’re going on a night out with friends and having some drinks, ask them to stop you from committing to anything silly and embarrassing like this.

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5. Reach Him Out In Person

It’s Best To Reach Him Out In Person - What To Do If He Doesn't Call You Back
It’s best to reach him out in person.

It’s a passive approach to sit around and wait for his phone call all day long. Instead, try to grasp the chance to have a face-to-face conversation with him. 

For example, if you two have mutual friends, you can join a day out and meet him again. When in conversation, make sure you keep everything casual as much as possible. Avoid showing that you’re the one waiting impatiently on the other line for days. 

This is also a better way to know the vibe he’s sending out. Once he’s still interested in you, dress up and meet him in person. He surely can’t get his eyes off you. Otherwise, if there’re signs that he’s avoiding you and has something else in his mind, you know it’s time to work things out.

6. Don’t Talk About It On Social Media

Avoid Vague-Booking - What To Do If He Doesn't Call You BackPosts
Avoid vague-booking posts

The fact that a guy that you’re genuinely interested in ignores you for days can be frustrating. You might feel a strong urge to let him know your feelings, for example, with subtle vague-booking posts. 

Doing so only lets him know that he has the upper hand in the relationship. If he is ghosting you on purpose, it’s very unlikely what you’re ranting on Facebook or Twitter will make him think twice. Too much posting, and you can come off as possessive, immature, insecure, and even annoying. 

7. Vent With The Right Person

This situation can drive a sane woman crazy but never talk about it to anyone you can reach out to in moments of unclarity and madness. Cross mutual friends you have with this guy off the list! You don’t want what you have disgruntled about his cold behavior to be passed to his ears. It’s not only embarrassing but also can ruin the relationship.

Instead, confide things in with your best friends or loved ones whom you know they’re always on your side and keep the secrets.  

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8. Invest In Yourself

Spend Time Improving Yourself Instead - What To Do If He Doesn't Call You Back
Spend time improving yourself instead

When he is pulling away for days, the best thing you can do is to switch the focus to yourself. What a person ultimately searches for in a relationship is happiness, and if he cannot (perhaps temporarily) give you, you can create your own. 

Instead of waiting in desperation when he gives you the silent treatment, use your time to better yourself. Hit the gym to tone your body, listen to some great podcasts, register for a cooking class, etc. 

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The more time and effort you pour into bettering yourself, the more attractive you’ll become. This is not for the sake of your relationship, but you have something to divert your attention to so that you’re not get drowned in a pool of negative emotions.

9. Do Something Fun With Your Friends

Have Fun With Your Friends - What To Do If He Doesn't Call You Back
Have fun with your friends

Keep yourself occupied all the time. You have your own life to live and friends to hang out with. Dress to kill like you normally would, go out for a drink, and have a good time with your girls. If you bump into him in a club or a coffee shop, act like you’re happy alive, with or without him.

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10. Keep Your Options Open

There’s a lot of fish in the sea, you know it! If you’re not exclusive yet, there’s nothing wrong when you go on other dates. When the man is blowing you off, show him that you still have the options. You can just walk away from this relationship as decisively as he did. Remember your worth! There’s no need to have any hard feelings, just about one late phone call. 

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11. Take A Deep Breath And Move On

If the situation persists for a long time, and he seemingly vanishes into thin air, you know it’s time to move forwards. Take a step back because relationships do not always work your way, and it’s perhaps not anyone’s fault. Hold your head high, restore your peace, and move forwards. 


What Does It Mean When A Guy Doesn’t Call You Back?

  1. He Was Just Being Polite
    “I’ll call you later” might be just a polite way to end a nice evening out without hurting a person’s feelings. 
  2. He Thinks It’s Not A Match
    Maybe you come off as a bit eager or needy for him. Or, maybe he was not into the conversation or agreed with your point of view. 
  3. He Forgot Or Lost Your Number
    Chances are he felt the same way as you, but mishaps struck, and he lost your numbers. 
  4. He Assumes You’re Not Interested 
    People don’t want the pain of rejection, and guys are not different. Perhaps he thinks you’re not interested in him, so he will hesitate to dial your numbers. 

How Do You Know If He Is Losing Interest?

  1. He’s Not As Responsive On The Phone
    He used to text and talk all night long with you, but now calls and messages have become sparse. This indicates that he is not interested in talking with you anymore, or even worse, seeing someone else’s. 
  2. He’s Making More Excuses
    He used to make time for you, no matter how busy he was. Yet, now excuses come with more and more frequency. Tight deadlines and important meetings were to blame whenever he failed to show up for a date. Sometimes, you also hear unjustifiable reasons that keep him from making plans or spending time with you. 
  3. No Sex Or Only Sex
    When was the last time you two had sex? If that seems so long ago that you can’t even remember, it’s a telltale sign that he might no longer be into you. 
    On the other hand, the flame might have gone cold, but he is still having sex with you and does not pay his mind to anything else about building the relationship. 
  4. The Relationship Becomes Stagnant
    If your relationship exudes a friendly instead of romantic vibe, it can signify that he might have gone cold and lost interest in it. When the situation lately is flat-lining without any uplifting moments, it’s time to think about it.

How Do You Know If You Are On His Mind?

  1. He Smiles Whenever He Sees You
    He always shows up with a bright, broad smile, not out of politeness but because he’s happy to see you. This tells that he was looking forward to the date, and the excitement manifests on his face. 
  2. He Follows Up On Things
    Did you tell him about having an important meeting or event that you cannot skip? If he brings it up over the next phone call or when he sees you again, this means you’re his top priority. It’s so easy for many people to just listen/ask and forget. 
  3. He Didn’t Skip Small Details About You
    Apart from important things that you mention, if you’re at the forefront of his mind, he also puts his mind into tiny, miscellaneous details about you. This shows that your guy is 100% focused on the conversations.
  4. He Reacts With What You Post On Social Media
    He’s one of the biggest fans on your fav platforms and always likes and shares your posts. In addition, he will be the first one to tag you on something that he thinks you’re keen on. This means you’re on his mind, and he wants the same from you. 

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Final Thoughts 

What to do if he doesn’t call you back? It’s impossible to convince someone to commit to a relationship if they’re showing red flags.

Every woman deserves a man whose devotion and commitment are freely given in respectful ways. When you’re ghosted, and there’s not been any phone call for quite a while, this indicates that the guy in question does not invest in you the way you deserve. 

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