reasons a guy wants to spend time with you

Top 5 Reasons A Guy Wants To Spend Time With You

Having a crush on a special someone but no idea how to draw his attention? Find out the reasons a guy wants to spend time with you now!

Intimacy is born from many sources, such as physical interaction, sincere caring, and sweet words. These actions are the signs of a man’s affection toward the woman he’s interested in. But to know whether it’s love or just a friendly gesture, you will have to consider many factors to figure it out!

There are many reasons a guy wants to spend time with you, but how do you know they are honest with you? What if they just want to befriend you for their personal needs? Trust is a luxury in the modern world, especially when it’s related to your heart.

Let’s find out the signs that he actually wants to spend time with you and the true reason behind it!

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Signs That He Wants To Be With You

The core value of an honest relationship partner is honesty and active pursuit. Look for the following features to find out whether he is serious about your relationship or not!

reasons a guy wants to spend time with you
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His Relentless Efforts

Unlike half-hearted attention seekers who hit on girls only to please themselves, a man who wants to get serious with you will put his effort into your relationship. He will spend his time talking with you, comforting you at hard times, and maybe buying you your favorite stuff!

Obviously, any man can do that regardless of their true intention. But not all of them last for long. If he was sweet and cheesy at first and then gets anxious or tired of talking to you after a short while, it only means that he is not a man of his word. Men looking for a fling will not spend too much time with you. Don’t waste your time on people like that.

A seriously interested man will constantly check up on you and seek all opportunities to share his optimistic energy with you. He will find every opportunity, either text, call, or even swing by your workplace every day, just to say “Hi”. 

In addition, he will be protective of you and willing to do anything to see your smile. These are the first and most important characteristics of a man interested in you.

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Openness For Sharing

reasons a guy wants to spend time with you
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Once he wants to get in a relationship with you, he will not hesitate to open up and share with you about his life. If that person is willing to let you know about his past, insecurities, or secrets of his that not many people know, it’s a sign that he trusts you and wants to be more serious with you.

Certainly, this process takes time and many dates to unveil, but when you’ve known each other for long enough, and your conversations still revolve around what he does for a living and weather topics, it’s time to move on. Chances are, he just wants to look for a casual friendship.

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Respect For Boundaries

The relationship between you two is built on similarities that you share with each other. 

As open as he is, the potential man of your life must show respect for your decisions. This includes limiting how much you and he share each other’s viewpoints, respecting life choices, and not rushing things. He will understand that both have their personal life and support you as you merge your lives.

On the contrary, if he gets impatient and digs too deep into unwanted topics, it is very likely that he’s trying to control you. Maybe he does want to be with you, but in a toxic way. Would you want to be with someone like that?

Planning For The Future

If he really wants to have a future with you, he will surely plan ahead. Whether it’s a big and happy “family with kids” type of plan that takes years or just a romantic date on the weekend, his dedication to the upcoming moments with you is worth recognizing.

However, you should also be aware of his “future plans”. While most of them sound extremely promising, they must also be realistic, depending on your and his potential. Some guys tell you about their exciting agenda, only to ghost you at the end. Those are not the type of men you would end up with.

He Makes You Feel Special

reasons a guy wants to spend time with you
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Last but not least, this man must be the one who makes you feel like you are an important part of his life. He may or may not be a talkative type. But based on his expression, you can tell if he’s being honest or not from the smallest things like remembering your birthday, your favorite food, flowers, etc. The way he brings you happiness is what should be treasured.

The candidate for your lifetime partner should be loyal to you and doesn’t hesitate to say “I love you”. Genuine care and willingness to make things official between you both is what comes from a man who wants to invest in you.

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Reason A Guy Wants To Spend Time With You

You have learned the signs of a guy who wants to spend time with you, but what are the reasons for those expressions? Let’s find out!

You Are A Charming Girl

Believe it or not, men are attracted by the charm of a girl. They are simple creatures who love to have fun. Therefore, the first and foremost reason is that you are fun to be with. You must be charming and attractive enough to gain attention from a decent man, as well as know how to avoid sleazy people.

Before moving on to the next stage, you must befriend him, which requires leaving a special impression on him. If he enjoys talking with you, that’s a win; but should he feel uneasy around you, he will leave as soon as he has a chance.

Your Comfortable Presence

reasons a guy wants to spend time with you
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Aside from the charm, a good vibe from yourself to make your companion feel comfortable around you is a must. The best way to earn his affection is to seek common traits. Find your common favorite movies or preferred food and drinks, and be open about yourself!

Even the smallest similarities can create great affection. You can tell him how good he is, maybe adding some body language to impress him; however, you should keep a boundary for yourself. Oversharing can overwhelm your guy and make him feel awkward. Try to be conserving and focus on self-control!

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Your Lifestyle And The Way You Think

Once the chit-chat about everyday stuff is over, you are ready to share more about your lifestyle and thoughts on everything. A decent man really enjoys it when a girl talks passionately about their lifestyle and the way they think. An attractive outlook draws men’s attention, but sharpness and life perspectives keep them from sneaking out.

Obviously, not all of your thoughts and styles match each other, but if he’s interested in you, he will respect them and try to relate. Again, be open about yourself and listen to your partner’s story. We’re sure that he will have a lot to share with you.

His Infatuation Takes Time

reasons a guy wants to spend time with you
Top 5 Reasons A Guy Wants To Spend Time With You

Reasons a guy wants to spend time with you come not only from yourself but from his side. He may be infatuated with your presence, but that process takes time. He might be considering when to make it official and how to make it right for you. When the time has come, and you have a good feeling about him, give him some green light!

Don’t rush things! Be patient and spare him some time for the feelings to take over. Don’t forget to be honest with him and show him respect. The most important thing to do is just be yourself. His passion for you won’t go away if you are the right girl for him.

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He Is Expecting Something From You

As cautious as you are, there is no way you can know what people really think deep down. That is why you must always prepare for bad situations before thinking of a good future with him. Figure out carefully whether he wants something from you or not; maybe he wants to befriend you so he can be closer to your friend, get an advantage at work, etc.

In these cases, you will have to get rid of him when he has ill intentions. Ask about him from his associates, learn about his past, and do anything necessary before getting to know him further. Remember that when some guy suddenly wants to hang out with you, sometimes it’s just people trying to get an advantage on you.

Certain Red Flags 

reasons a guy wants to spend time with you
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If you have found out that there is no ill intention coming from him at all, you still have to keep an eye out for other unnoticed potential problems if you plan to be with him. These problems include hatred, bad behavior, uncertain past, and so on. He might look friendly, but is he the right choice?

For example, if you hate the same things, that might be a good point. But if the only significant common trait between you two is hatred for something, that is a sign of a toxic relationship. Bad behaviors like swearing, overdrinking, and constant smoking are undeniable flaws. Being rejected too often in the past isn’t a good sign, either.

Of course, you can somehow overlook those red flags by signs of his efforts to change for the better. The proof of his will to bring happiness to you can be identified by his current behavior, his willingness to change, and the way people talk about him. Be selective!

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How Do You Know A Man Is Serious About You?

If a man wants to get into a committed relationship with you, the first thing he would do is make you his top priority. He will plan things ahead before asking you out, learn about your favorite food, drink, your preferred location, etc. He will not hesitate to put effort into making you happy.

On top of that, that man will make you feel special at all times. He will not let you down or suddenly ghost you. If you have a man like that, remember to give him some affection he deserves!

What Makes A Man Want A Relationship?

A sense of physical connection is the most common reason a man wants a relationship. Even the simplest action, like an embrace, gives a man the feeling of love and intimacy. While sweet words and kind acts attract women, men love the physical intimacy between him and the woman turning him on.

Obviously, it’s just the foundation of a relationship. Once they’ve known their woman for long enough, a man expects to know more, such as his woman’s desire, lifestyle, life perspective, personality, and, most importantly, honesty. Be yourself and love your man dearly!

How To Tell If A Guy Likes You More Than You Think?

There are specific signs to tell that a guy might have more feelings for you than you think! For example, he always gives you full attention; he acts awkward all of a sudden around you; he takes time to cultivate a good friendship with you; etc.

Remember, faithfulness is the starting point of a relationship. If he is honest with you about himself, he deserves a chance to get to know and befriend you before escalating to the romantic part. If you think this guy is your Mr. Right, don’t hesitate to take the first move!

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Final Thoughts

Though there are many reasons a guy wants to spend time with you, it is not easy to tell whether he is the right guy for you or not. If you are considering a nice guy you’ve just met, take a closer look at his expressions; maybe you will find some clues about this sweet man!

Thank you for reading!

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